That the Synod's power of recognition shall be amended to conform to those defined in the statement of principles proposed by Hywel Summercrow and passed by majority of the General Assembly of the Synod in Autumn 377 YE.

Proposed by Therunin, seconded by Feroz.


“The General Assembly acknowledges that the current requirements to recognise an Exemplar of Virtue, being a Greater Majority of the a Virtue Assembly, are too easy to achieve with a small number of priests and, acknowledging that this cheapens the value of recognising an Exemplar, the recognition of an Exemplar of Virtue shall require both of:
1) A Greater Majority of the relevant Virtue Assembly, and
2) a Lesser Majority of the General Assembly.
Furthermore, no judgement to recognise an Exemplar shall be valid unless it specifies which of the Signs of the Paragon the candidate has displayed.

Hywel Summercrow of the Navarr, Priest of Wisdom


  • Winter 377YE

Campaign Outcome

  • The use of the Synod power of Recognition has been amended to include the new principles.


State Votes For Votes Against Result
In Principle 27 0 Passed