ItemPowerMonthsGreen IronOrichalcumTempest JadeWeltsilverAmbergeltBeggar's LyeDragonboneIridescent GloamingTotal
Circlet of Falling SnowYou may expend a point of personal mana at any time to justify remaining calm and collected when exposed to a roleplaying effect (as if you had spent a hero point). This expenditure of mana has the same restrictions as casting a spell.2000000000
Dragonbone SymbolOnce per day, if you are Dedicated or Anointed, if you spend ten minutes of appropriate roleplaying an area consecrated to the same virtue, you recover all your hero points. You cannot use this ability if you are on a battlefield or in a similar stressful environment. You cannot use this ability if you are under an effect that prevents recovery of hero points overnight (such as Dreamscape of the Endless Hunt and similar curses).2000000000
BondringThis item allows the create bond spell to be cast to connect you to a single willing target; you can be bonded to only one person at a time, and if you stop being bonded to the bond ring, this additional bond breaks. Once per day you may use either stay with me or get it together on the other person that you have bonded the ring to, without spending a hero point.1000000707
Shackle of the UnvirtuousWhile wearing this item your aura is concealed from the insight skill and similar effects. You cannot use any Liao ceremonies or use imperial liao while bonded to this item, and you either do not dream or do not remember your dreams.1004000509
Alderman's EdgeYou gain the weapon master skill.10090003012
Greensteel BraceletsYou gain the shield skill.19300000012
Chrysalis PendantYou may spend a hero point and engage in five seconds of appropriate roleplay to restore the use of a limb that has been ruined by the cleave or impale call. The roleplaying must include manipulating the ruined limb. If you or your target attacks another character or either of you are hit then the attempt to use this ability fails. The hero point is not lost but you must begin the roleplaying again.10008530016
Troubadour's RingYou may spend a hero point to use the stay with me skill as if you know it. Once per day you may use the stay with me skill without spending a hero point.15000407016
Pauper's KeyTwice each day with thirty seconds of appropriate roleplaying you may open a portal as if you had cast the operate portal spell. You may use this power if you are wearing armour.10006070922
Bloodfire PeriaptWhile under the effect of VENOM, you gain three additional ranks of endurance. You lose three hits from your current total if the VENOM is cured, or you lose this item.137011070028
Abraxus StoneWhen hits are restored to you by any means then you are also cured of the venom condition. This item will not work if the purify spell would fail to remove the VENOM for any reason. In addition, while wearing his talisman you are not subject to the venomous effects of the vallorn miasma. You will not contract green lung, nor will you become a vallornspawn husk if you die while wearing this talisman.1007100130030
Circlet of CommandWhenever you activate the Get It Together skill, you may use it on two characters at once for the cost of 1 Hero Point. You must have one hand on each target.1475150011042