A symbol of dragonbone is a common piece of jewellery worn by the devout. It is popular with adherents of the Way who are not themselves priests. While its power is limited, it provides spiritual strength in time of need. It is popular with devout warriors, and with those who face constant peril on the battlefield, as it helps them replenish their reserves of inner strength.

The most common form for one of these symbols to take is an amulet, medallion, pendant or badge marked with a symbol associated with one of the virtues, a paragon or exemplar, or with the Way as a whole. The symbol is always crafted with tiny amounts of dragonbone, which help create a connection between the wearer and a consecrated aura. The amulet is commonly hallowed with an aura that complements the dedication or anointing of the wearer.

The Way tends does not encourage too much introspection. While it is possible to draw on the power of a dragonbone symbol through quiet meditation, it is much more common to engage in spirited debate about the nature of the virtues, or to prevail on a suitable priest to deliver a sermon, offer spiritual advice, or lead a discussion about ways that the virtue can offer spiritual strength. Indeed, a priest with heroic reserves of their own might engage in a sermon or preaching to restore their own inner strength rather than that of their congregation.


  • Form: Talisman. Takes the form of a piece of jewellery. You must be wearing this item to use its magical properties.
  • Requirement: Any character can bond to this item.
  • Effect: Once per day, if you are Dedicated or Anointed, if you spend ten minutes of appropriate roleplaying an area consecrated to the same virtue, you recover all your hero points. You cannot use this ability if you are on a battlefield or in a similar stressful environment. You cannot use this ability if you are under an effect that prevents recovery of hero points overnight (such as Dreamscape of the Endless Hunt and similar curses).
  • Materials: Crafting a Dragonbone Symbol requires no special materials. It takes two months to make one of these items.