To grant permission to Asavea to build a major temple in Feroz, to their gods. Under the understanding that it is for the usage of Non-Imperial citizens only.

Proposed by Kahraman, seconded by Madruga


  • Passed


  • Spring 380YE


  • Time : 6 months to construct


  • The Asaveans have begun work on constructing this temple in the bustling port-town of Oran, on the northern coast of Feroz. Further details about how this will work can be found here.

Campaign Outcome

  • When complete, the Temple of Balo and the Black Bull will create a non-Imperial Title responsible for liasing with the temple priests. The Asaveans have indicated that they will be guided in this appointment by the temporal power of the area the temple has been built - in this case the decision of the Senator for Feroz. The Imperial Synod will have no ability to revoke this title; rather the Asavean priesthood will have the ability to refuse to deal with their liason effectively removing them from their position.
  • Work has begun on building the major temple and it is believed it will be completed shortly before the Autumn Equinox 380YE.
  • Due to significant delays fostered by the interference of the imperial Synod, the temple will be completed shortly before the Spring Equinox 381YE.