To raise a Cathedral to Courage in Astolat to fortify the virtue of the Dawnish people against any malign influence and auras.

This to be a sinecure to provide votes in the synod. The Dean to be decided by the National Assembly of Dawn.

Funding sought by Senate, to be discussed on the floor.

Proposed by Weirwater, Seconded by Semmerholm



  • Summer 380YE



  • 25 thrones disbursed to Senator Weirwater
  • 10 wains of white granite and 20 crowns provided by Valentin Ivarovich Severyan after Summer Solstice 380YE.

Campaign Outcome

  • There are certain necessary details missing from this motion, Senator Weirwater may decide on these.
  • A small cathedral has been built close to the tourney grounds of Laroc in The Chase region of Astolat.
  • The cathedral is overseen by the Dean of Laroc Cathedral.