That a sinecure be created in the city of Tassato "The Printer's Guild Museum of Wonders" to provide a permanent and fitting home for the printer's guild's collection of Relics and Artifacts, such that they can be displayed and researched by any interested citizen.

The Sinecure to be Appointed by the Cardinal of Prosperity

The Sinecure to produce votes in the Prosperity Assembly.

Proposed by Tassato, seconded by Semmerholm



  • Spring 379YE


  • Materials: 10 wains of white granite (Standard costs).
  • Time: 3 months to construct per 50 wains of materials used
  • Labour: 2 crowns per wain
  • Upkeep: None


  • 10 wains of white granite and 20 crowns supplied by Silvio de Tassato.

Campaign Outcome

  • When the The Printer's Guild Museum of Wonders was completed, it automatically created the title "Curator of the Printer's Guild Museum".
  • The constitutional issues that dogged this title were resolved during the Autumn 379YE summit.

Voting in the Synod will be performed by such assemblies as are rightfully able to weigh the virtue of an action or individual, in accord with their nationality and authority.

The Imperial Constitution


  • Sinecures are usually life-time appointments, but virtue appointments are normally available to be reappointed if a new cardinal is elected. The Senator for Tassato will need to provide these necessary details.
  • It is unconstitutional for an Imperial citizen to vote in a virtue assembly unless they are a member of that assembly. A sinecure that provides votes in the Synod or in senatorial or bourse elections must provide those votes for all situations where they are relevant.

In its original form, this motion was unconstitutional because it provided the potential for an Imperial citizen to vote in a virtue assembly when they were not dedicated to that virtue. In addition a sinecure that provides votes in the Synod should provide votes in all relevant assemblies. After discussion with the senator for Tassato, the Constitutional court recommended that the motion be modified as follows.


  • The sinecure is a lifetime appointed by the current Cardinal of Prosperity
  • The sinecure will provide votes in the appropriate assemblies based on the nationality and virtue of the recipient

These amendments were agreed by the Senate during the Autumn Equinox 379YE summit.