To construct a cargo dock in Cargo in order to purchase white granite from the Sarcophan Delves.

Proposed by Madruga, Seconded by Segura



  • Winter 380YE


  • 10 White Granite and 40 Weirwood
  • Labour: 12 Thrones 4 Crowns
  • Time: 3 months


  • 40 Weirwood, 10 White Granite and 12 Thrones, 4 crowns provided by Thanmir Hrafn after the Summer Solstice 381YE.

Campaign Outcome

  • There are necessary details missing from this motion, Senator Madruga may decide on these.
  • Completion of the docks creates the title Bewaarder van het Vandersar dok
  • When complete the docks will create an Imperial title that will function as a ministry, but allow the purchase of white granite from the Sarcophan Delves. The agreed rate is:
    • 32 crowns each wain for the first 8 wains
    • 29 crowns each wain for the second 8 wains
    • 26 crowns each wain for the last 8 wains
  • The well worn path for appointing the title associated with these docks you be as an Imperial or National title appointed through the Bourse
  • As a ministry, these docks do not have an upkeep - the suggestion that they did was in error.