To construct a sinecure, The Pilgrim's Rest, in Kallavesa Marsh, Kallavesa.

Costing ten wains of white granite and twenty crowns, to be self funded.

Creating the Imperial title Crow Keeper of the Rest, providing twelve votes in the Synod and 6 liao per season.

Appointment by Wintermark National Assembly.

Revocation by Wintermark National Assembly, General Assembly or the Assembly of Nine.

Proposed by Kallavesa, Seconded by Semmerholm



  • Autumn 380YE


  • 10 wains of white granite
  • 20 crowns in labour costs
  • 3 months to construct


  • 10 wains of white granite and 20 crowns provided by Kitsana after the Winter Solstice 380YE.

Campaign Outcome