Create a new imperial title; the High Exorcist. .
  • Has right of Address to the Military Council
  • Is appointed by the Assembly of the Nine
  • Serves for one Year
  • Can be revoked by a Simple Majority of the General Assembly
    Proposed by Kallavesa, Seconded by Temeschwar



  • Winter 377YE


  • Stipend: 3 Thrones

Campaign Outcome


It is possible for the Senate to grant the High Exorcist the right to vote on the Military Council - doing so would automatically allow the holder of the title to be present throughout the a Military Council session and to speak freely. The Warmage operates in such a way at present. However this would be a substantive change to the working of the Empire, so would require the approval of The Throne.

The Constitutional Scholars wish to point out that if the Synod elect a High Exorcist who has control of a congregation, then the High Exorcist will automatically benefit from the Right of Witness, and cannot then be excluded from a Military Council session. Moreover the holder of the title is welcome to request permission to speak and can do so at the sufferance of the Council. The Adjutants appointed by each General operate in such a way at present.

It was initially ruled that it was not possible to give the High Exorcist the Power of Address in the Imperial Military Council. This Power of Address gives the holder the right to address the Senate (Conclave members have a similar power for the Conclave), but there is no equivalent power in the Military Council and the structure of the Military Council sessions does not allow for citizens to make addresses. Further examination of this decision lead to its reversal in 378YE.


State Votes For Votes Against Result
In Principle 26 0 Passed
At 1 Throne 26 0 Passed
At 2 Throne 25 1 Passed
At 3 Throne 22 4 Passed
At 4 Throne 13 13 Failed