That for the next two seasons (Spring and Summer) three towns or regions within the Empire to be fortified. The towns or regions to be chosen by the Senator for Upwold.

Proposed by Upwold, seconded by Sermersuaq.


  • Fortify the towns of the Empire.
  • Passed at 60 Thrones with 9 votes against, money distributed to Upwold


  • Passed Spring 377YE (Event Two 2013).


  • 600 wains of white granite


Legal Ramifications

  • This motion does not follow constitutional protocol

Senate motions should only contain a single item. The motion was not struck down by magistrates at the time and the construction has now begun.

The civil service opinion is that this objective could have been achieved by creating an Imperial position with responsibility for constructing fortifications in the Empire. This position could have been granted the legal authority to order the fortification of a region and a stipend from the treasury to achieve this.

Campaign Outcome

Partial fortification does not confer a military advantage. It is sufficient to redress any banditry problems in those areas, but not sufficient to class as a separate fortification. It would require a total of 261 additional wains of white granite to complete the three fortifications.