A set of Jade Hammers are often a one-handed mace or warhammer and a sturdy rod, both inlaid with decorative tempest jade. By weaving the two items together, a warrior-magician can unleash a burst of powerful magic that sends an opponent sprawling. Many wielders make a point of striking their target with both the weapon and the implement simultaneously, but this is not actually required for their magic to function.

Attempts to create this "thundering blow" through traditional spellcasting have so far been unsuccessful. It seems that the complex crystalline structure of the tempest jade used in their creation harnesses the magic energy of the wielders in a way either too complex for a mortal to duplicate, or amplifies it in a way that cannot be duplicated by a human magician. Indeed, to date, nobody has succeeded at creating a rod that can achieve this task alone - the closest anyone has come is the Witches' Hammer which releases magical energy in a barely contained burst, and even then is only useful to someone who has already mastered the repel spell - though it is worth noting that the rod in question also uses a large amount of tempest jade in its construction.


  • Form: Weapon. A pair consisting of a one-handed weapon and either a rod or a wand. You must be wielding both the weapon and the implement to use the set's magical properties.
  • Requirement: You must have both the ambidexterity and magician skills to bond to these items.
  • Effect: When wielding these arcane weapons, you may spend 1 mana to call STRIKEDOWN. This ability follows all the rules for casting an offensive spell with the exception that the call can be made with either the weapon or the implement.
  • Materials: Crafting a pair of Jade Hammers requires five measures of dragonbone, five ingots of tempest jade and five measures of iridescent gloaming. It takes one month to make a pair of these items.