There is one port on the Broken Shore known to characters with the fleet resource; Dubhtraig on the northern shores of Attar, the landmass on the other side of the Bay of Catazar. Dubhtraig - and the Broken Shore as a whole - is dominated by the orcs of the Grendel tribe. There are certainly other Grendel ports in the Broken Shore, but their whereabouts and identities are unknown.

Privateering against the Grendel rarely involves direct attacks of Dubhtraig - the port is well defended and swarms with Grendel vessels and warriors. Normally, an Imperial fleet tries to catch a Grendel vessel on its way from Dubhtraig out into the bay; the best prey are those vessels who are on their way back to Dubhtraig, holds full of stolen loot.

Trading with the Grendel is a criminal act, but used to prove quite lucrative before the Senate implemented a network of civil servants to monitor Imperial shipping. Unlike many barbarian tribes, the Grendel seemed unconcerned about the idea of trading with Imperial citizens - but they kept a close eye on them to ensure they were not assassins or spies.

Dubhtraig (Northern Broken Shore)

Sprawling Dubhtraig is dominated by the Grendel and their many subject tribes. it is an absolutely wretched hive of scum and villainy, where the strong oppress the weak at the command of the wealthy. Ruled by an utterly ruthless Salt Lord, Dubhtraig appears to be a centre of Grendel trade and piracy - and for their politics, such as they are.

Privateering against Dubhtraig is a common calling of the Freeborn corsair fleet. The Broken Shore is rich in tempest jade, but most of the profit for a fleet that attacks Grendel vessel comes in the recovery of goods stolen from other traders - especially valuable goods such as silk, jewelry, barrels of fine spirits, furs, precious metals and mundane ore. All such luxury goods raise a pretty price for a resolute captain. As with any privateering voyage, a fleet owner will never know exactly what their production is likly to be in advance.Control of the Imperial Bourse seat known as the Broken Shore Bounty is determined by Freeborn fleets raiding the Grendel in the Bay, and along the shores of Attar.

Trade here is a risky proposition - not only is it illegal, but there is very little law here. The Grendel rule, and the other orcs and humans who throng here jump to obey their commands. Aye, humans - there are humans who consider themselves subjects of the Grendel orcs; misguided fools who view the Empire as their enemy and the orcs as their rightful lords. Still, dangerous as trade in Dubhtraig is, it used to be very profitable before the Senate took measures to prevent it entirely.

Trade with Dubhtraig

It is not currently possible to trade with Dubhtraig; the Senate has placed civil servants aboard all Imperial ships making this action impossible.

Apulus (South-Eastern Urizen)

Sometime after the invasion of Spiral by the orcs of the Broken Shore, the port of Apulus became a centre of Grendel operations and was used to resupply the armies occupying the territory. In 378YE, the port was ravaged by a preternatural storm that shattered the quays and sank many Grendel ships. At the same time, Imperial ships launched significant raids against any vessels travelling to or from the ex-Urizeni port. In combination, these twin disasters reduced Apulus to ruins - by the time the storm finally cleared, the port was in ruins and Grendel vessels began to avoid the area.

Trade with Apulus

It is not currently possible to trade with Apulus; in addition to the actions of the Senate the port has effectively been destroyed.