Following the liberation of Segura by Imperial troops in Spring 378YE, these resources were presented to the Military council for assignment as spoils of war during the Summer Solstice, 378YE following the assignenment of Segura to an Imperial nation.

House of the Two Moons

Congregation / Rank 3
This great hall offers both spiritual instruction and banking services to the citizens of Cerevado. It is named for the great silver disc that hangs at the eastern end of the hall called the Second Moon. Folklore claims that it was cast from thousands of pre-Imperial silver coins (the Freeborn silver moon) melted down when the new currency was established in the reign of Emperor Giovanni. It is often aligned with the Assembly of Prosperity, but also encourages the Ambition of both gamblers and ship captains who dare the dangerous rapids in pursuit of their goals. From time to time the congregation has been forced to root out the cults of hope that spring up like weeds in the gamblers' paradise.

The Golden Terraces

Farm / Rank 5
The Golden Terraces of Anozeseri are perhaps the oldest orange orchards in the Empire. The farmers surrendered to the Naguerro army rather than see their orchards burnt to the ground; by doing so they were able to exploit the orcs unexpected taste for their fruit and preserve not only their lives but also centuries of careful cultivation. Oranges and other citrus fruit have been grown here for centuries - there have been humans here since the time of Terunael. The orchards are carefully tended, and there are several hybrid fruit grown here that are unique to the Golden Terraces.

Ghita's Veils

Mana Site / Rank 35
Ghita's Veils is described in more detail here.

The Morning Swords

Military Unit / Rank 3
When the orcs invaded from the Lasambrian hills, displaced farmers from Anozeseri took to the westernmost hills of Morajasse, and fought a guerilla war against the barbarians. They scavenged the old battlefields in southern Anozeseri for usable weapons and armour left over from the last Iron Confederacy invasion. When Anozeseri was liberated, these freedom fighters joined the triumphant Imperial armies in sweeping the Lasambrians out of their home. Many farmers returned to their homes, but some - having had a taste of the warrior-lifestyle - did not lay down their swords and sought a suitable captain to lead them against the enemies of the Empire.

Kabalai Palace

Business / Rank 5 (Diversified)
In the hills above Anduz is a beautiful white-granite palace, built in a complex fusion of Faraden and Freeborn styles and surrounded by extensive gardens. Its grounds contain many flowers and incense-bearing trees imported from the western hills, scattered with brightly coloured pavillions and gentle streams. Standing at one end of a trade route through the Lasambrian hills, this famous parador it is both the first Imperial structure seen by traders travelling from Faraden, and the last seen by those leaving the Empire for the windswept western hills.
Production: The Kubalai Palace is a rank five business that has been diversified once - it produces 12 crowns, 12 rings and two ingots of green iron each season. Following the Summer solstice 381YE, Esteban i Ezmara i Erigo oversaw a significant expansion of the palace to take advantage of the influx of Faraden merchants involved with the Gloaming Road.

The Red Fields

Herb Garden / Rank 3
The Iron Plains have been a battlefield since before the Freeborn came to these lands; there is a saying that the fields are watered with blood more often than with rain. Established over three low barrow mounds from pre-Imperial times, the red fields are a series of will-irrigated gardens surrounded by a weirwood palisade. The gardens produce quantities of especially fine marrowort, and the herbalists who tend them are often called on to tend wounds sustained during the exploration of old battlefields.
Production: The Red Fields produce 6 doses each of true vervain and marrowort, and two each of bladeroot, imperial roseweald and cerulean mazzarine.

Turunca Distillery

Business / Rank 2
Segura is known for its farmlands, most especially its vineyards and orchards. The Turunca distilliery has been taking oranges and grapes from across the territory and turning them into fine brandies and liqueurs for nearly three hundred years. It closed its doors in 366YE, but with the liberation of Anozel its extensive cellars and distillation halls have been re-opened. The distillers of Turunca are notoriously dismissive of the practice of turning grapes into wine - "fancy fruit juice" is a common term used in Sorbal for even the finest vintages.

The Garden of Sighs

Mana Site / Rank 2
In south-eastern Anduzjasse, on top of a low hill, stands a garden surrounded by a low wall and littered with beautiful marble statues. The broad branches of the trees are hung with mithril chimes. The wind that whispers through the garden and sets the chimes dancing is said by some poets to be the breath of Hermana Suspirie, one of the three sisters - although the hakima who traditionally gather the bounty of crystal mana from among the trees never agree as to which of the three mothers of the Brass Coast Suspirie represents.

Sunsong Ranch

Farm / Rank 4
The Sunsong Ranch is a sprawling concern that covers many square miles of eastern Burnish between the tributaries of the Scorrero. Raided repeatedly by Lasambrians, the Freeborn stubbornly refused to give up their land or their herds of cattle, leading to numerous battles between orcish raiders and Freeborn defenders. The cattle breeders have carefully cultivated bloodlines of sheep, dodo, oxen and goats that can be traced back to the founding of Highguard and beyond. The ranch is famous for the succulence of its meat, fine cheeses and excellent wool and leather - and for the stubbornness of the people who work there.