Autumn Magnitude 2

Performing the Ritual

Performing this ritual takes at least 2 minutes of roleplaying. This ritual targets a business. The character who controls the target personal resource must be present throughout.

This ritual is an enchantment. A target may only be under one enchantment effect at a time.


The business provides an additional 24 rings over the next season, in addition to normal production.

If the owner of the resource does not attend the next event, then the additional production provided by the resource is still added to that character's inventory.

Additional Targets

This ritual can affect additional businesses in the same territory. Each additional business increases the magnitude by 1. The character who controls each business must be present throughout the ritual.


As with Rivers of Gold, this ritual subtly influences the flow of trade, gently warping the effects of chance and synchronicity to encourage people to visit, and spend money in, the target business. The effect of the ritual is difficult to spot without magical means, unless one knows it has been cast.

Some covens, especially in The Brass Coast and The League specialise in this simple spell, arranging to perform it on multiple businesses in the same territory in return for an amount of the anticipated extra wealth - usually payable in advance, of course. As with most such rituals, the more targets can be encompassed by the spell the more economically advantageous it becomes to the ritualists.

Common Elements

This ritual moves wealth around, and the performance is often accompanied by coins and other precious items. In The Marches and The Brass Coast, coins taken from the previous season's profit are often used as a way to 'prime' the enchantment and attract more wealth. The targets often share a goblet of wine among themselves, and the ritual often begins or ends with a symbolic (or literal) payment to the performing coven. The rune Pallas is often evoked, but so are subtle rune of plots and the serendipitous rune of chance. Symbols of Prosperity are also common, often with an invocation highlighting the rewards of hard work.

The magic item known as the Mercantilist's Mask can be used to make this ritual easier to perform.