Guidelines for Traders

Due to the popularity of the event, we regret that at present we are unable to accept any new requests to trade at Empire events.

All traders who attend our events are required to comply with our trader guidelines.

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Links & External Resources

'Soft' Costume

LRP Weapon Manufacturers


Metal Specialists

Leather Specialists

Polyurethane & Alternative Materials

Padded Jacks and Gambesons

Prosthetics and Masks

General Online Shops

  • Armstreet Chemises and undershirts (doublets not really suitable for Empire).
  • By the Sword Armour and clothing, including replica costumes from the TV series The Borgias.
  • Character Kit sells weapons and costume.
  • Chow’s Emporium Best supplier for LARP Costumes and Accessories at reasonable price.
  • Dein LARP Store has a large range of appropriate dresses, trousers and tunics. Note their page has a translate button and they ship to UK.
  • Get Dressed For Battle General armour, costume and accessories.
  • Gems Trading Quality custom tailor made costumes and armour.
  • Having a Larp Everything you need for Larp and some things you just want.
  • The Knight Shop Historical costume, armour and general LRP weapons and accessories.
  • LARP Fashion General costumes, leatherwork and LRP weapons.
  • LARP Inn General costumes, weapons, armour and prosthetics.
  • LRP Store General LRP supplies from weapons and armour to costumes and accessories.
  • Matuls Clothing, armour tents and camp accessories from Poland (English language website).
  • Medieval Merchant General costume and some accessories.
  • Mysticum De German LRP shop whose products include great LRP footwear with rubber soles.
  • Mytholon General costumes, weapons, armour and prosthetics.
  • Mega Medieval Armour Store Armour and accessories.
  • Sew-mill Medieval clothing, tents, furniture and accessories.
  • StahlGilde General armour, costume, leatherwork and accessories.
  • Velvet Glove General costume, accessories and make-up supplies.

Miscellaneous Items

Flags, Banners and Livery Badges

Fur and Traditional materials


Leather Accessories (including Shoes)

Pewter and Cast Goods

Tents and Camping Accessories

Wooden items