This page lists all the details that are specific for this event. There is an additional page with event information which lists arrival and departure times and similar details that are common for all Empire events.


To attend the Winter Solstice you must be vaccinated or have completed a recent negative COVID test. Please read the Covid entry requirements carefully to make sure you understand what is required.

Additional safety measures governing operational aspects of this event may be announced on the run-up to the event. We'll continue to work with our dedicated health team, and we'll publish a definitive set of measures as early as possible, based on the identified COVID risks at that point in time.

IC News

See the 383YE Winter Solstice winds of fortune and the winds of war for all the latest in-character developments throughout the Empire. An event schedule that shows timings of IC activities common to all Empire events is also available. There is also a list of upcoming Imperial elections

Nation Force Weight
Brass Coast 12
Dawn 29
Highguard 15
Imperial Orcs 10
League 12
Marches 16
Navarr 29
Urizen 8
Varushka 6
Wintermark 46


At the event we will be running two large battles, one Saturday morning and one Sunday morning. The large battles will follow the normal rules for battles; you may only participate in a single battle as your character and you must monster the other battle if you decide to participate in one. The sides for the battles will be chosen by the generals in the Muster of the Imperial Military Council on Friday night. Each of the two battles must have at least 88 and at most 95 force weight sent on it.

The Sentinel Gate opens at 11:00 am - regardless of whether anyone is ready or not! If you are playing then make sure you arrive in plenty of time before this so your weapons can be checked.

If you are monstering then you need to make your way to the monster area between 9:30 and 10:00 am to give us time to get you into costume, made-up and briefed. If you turn up after 10:30 you will be turned away.

The winds of war now provides information about the battle opportunities at the forthcoming event.

Site Map


Toilet blocks are marked on the map with a T symbol. The main blocks are the ones near Mhorish, near God, and in the OOC player field adjacent to the crew area. All the larger blocks of toilet and hygiene facilities that are located around the site are split into male, female and gender neutral toilets. All our participants are entitled to use the facilities that they feel most comfortable using. You must not challenge other participants when using the facilities.

Site Map

The site map is opposite; the camp planner for each camp will have their own layout for their camp, showing where all the tents they know about are to be pitched. If you are bringing an IC tent, please make sure you contact your camp planner before the event to let them know what you are bringing. If you do not know where you are supposed to be camping, then please speak to the camp planner on arrival at your nation's camp.

Accessibility Camps

The areas marked with a wheelchair are the out-of-character camps that are for use by participants with additional accessiblity needs. We have increased the size of the main accessibility camp opposite the Marcher camp this year to try to ensure that there is enough space for everyone. In addition we will try to manage the space to allow participants with accessibility needs who are not stopping on site to park here when they come and go each day. Please let the crew know if you need to camp or park here.

There are five disabled toilet facilities, one near monster, one near each accessibility camp and one in the in-character area in the toilet blocks opposite Mhorish.

Drop Off Point

No vehicles are allowed on site after 6pm on Friday as the game has started by this point. We have created a vehicle drop off point near the main entrance to the League and Navarr camp. This is purely for vehicles that are not driving onto the site, but wish to park as close to the entrance as possible, so that they can unload from here. You must move your vehicle from the drop off point to the main camping/partking area once you have finished unloading your vehicle.


The following traders are already booked for the event. We anticipate that the majority of our traders who booked for the Autumn Equinox 2019 will book for the Winter Solstice in the coming weeks.

  • Chows Emporium Costume, leather gloves, products related to drinking and accessories.
  • Coelred Monger Suppliers of replica costume and artefacts.
  • Craeftigan Beautiful weapons and costume that are perfect for Empire.
  • Darkblade Leather Stuff.
  • Das Shoppe New and second hand costume, leatherwork, weapons, props and furniture. Trade ins welcome.
  • Eldritch Weapons and armour.
  • Gem’s Trading Co - Costumes and leatherwork. Fine quality tailored garments and LRP props. Also a wide range of hand made leather items and missile weapons supplied by Arrow Kaster available to order.
  • Hardy & Sweet Weapons and LARP supplies
  • Having A Larp Costume, weapons, armour and LARP accessories.
  • Honest Jim's Wandering Shop
  • In Your Dreams FX Weapons, armour, masks and arrows.-->
  • Irregular Props - Weapons, shields and mage implements designed especially for Empire.
  • Lamia Leather specialise in making leather Armour, jackets, and accessories for LARP.
  • Light Armouries Supplier of latex weapons and props.
  • Mandala Studios High quality latex prosthetics and masks tailor made for the Empire campaign.
  • McSkelly Leathers A fine range of high quality custom made leather goods.
  • Romany Robes A range of beautiful costume at reasonable prices.
  • Skian Mhor Latex Weapons and props. Costume, armour, leatherwork, chainmail, tents and all types of LRP supplies and essentials.
  • Twisted Gobling Armouries Crafty creations, funky finds, innovative LARP props, armour & costume, bespoke Twisted Goblin Kidz range
  • Umbra Armouries Custom leather goods.
  • Velvet Glove Costumes Costumes, make-up, prosthetics, jewellery with more to come!
  • Wonderlust Couture - custom made, individual jewellery and costume in various designs.