Knowledge and power in union.


A symbol that has been associated with this Order in the past has been a dark blue archway surmounting a six-pointed star

Order of the Celestial Arch

The Manifesto

The Order of the Celestial Arch holds the following to be true:

  • Both politics and magic are the art of the judicious application of power
  • Magicians, by nature of their knowledge, discipline, perception and power are prepared for leadership
  • Negotiation with Eternals and diplomacy with Foreign Powers are comparable skills, and of comparable importance to the Empire

The Order of the Celestial Arch therefore exists to:

  • Ensure that the the major political decisions receive the benefit and insight of Conclave mages
  • Encourage those in positions of leadership and authority to hone their skill through study of magic
  • Ensure unity of purpose between the Conclave and the Senate

Nobler in the mind
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Membership of the Order

The Celestial Arch often works closely with Senators seeking a voice in the Conclave, and prepared to return the favour in the Imperial Senate. They lobby constantly for more magicians to take up political life, and make no secret of the fact that many of them support magicial training as a prerequisite of candidacy for the Senate.

They tend to make an effort to maintain good relations between the Empire and friendly Eternals, while being quick to identify Eternals who are enemies of the Empire and proscribe interaction with them. As with the Sevenfold Path they have a no-nonsense approach to magicians who fall back on curses and other actions likely to damage the standing of magicians as a whole in the Empire - a surprising number of threshers who are also magicians belong to his order.

The grandmasters of this order tend to wield magic and politics with equal aplomb. This order tends to attract a number of Urizen magi, which can often give them easy access to crystal mana.

They are likely to propose gambits that will garner political favours, either within the Conclave or with other Imperial bodies; when they have no gambit of their own to propose, they often arrange to propose an additional gambit for another order in return for favours or simple payment.