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To construct the mithril Block to ward the spires of Spiral.
Proposed by Spiral, seconded by Bastion.


  • Commission The Block in Cinion as laid our by recent proposals
  • Passed at 0 Thrones


  • Winter 382YE


  • This commission uses non-standard costs.
  • 40 wains of mithril
  • 80 crowns
  • Three months to complete.


  • 22 wains of mithril provided by Edmundo of Damakhan's Forge after the Winter Solstice 382YE.
  • 18 wains of mithril and 10 thrones provided by Maximilian after the Winter Solstice 382YE.

Campaign Outcome

  • When complete, the current penalties suffered to the production of mana sites, congregations, herb gardens, mines, and forests owned those living in Spiral would be removed.
  • Furthermore, the protection offered by the block would mean that people would be feasibly able to live in Spiral despite the curse of the Black Plateau, allowing for a slight increase in the rate of recovery for the territory and its contributions to Imperial coffers.