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These great two-handed swords are very impressive when wielded by a knight in a harness of full plate, striding across the battlefield driving their enemies before them. It is common for them to be granted by a Knightly Order to a new member who has just passed their Test of Mettle. When given in such a way they are traditionally decorated with the heraldic symbols of the errant’s new order.

They also have some popularity in The Marches where Yeomen with a sense of irony commission great green iron poleaxes called Dawn’s Folly.


  • Form: Two-handed Weapon. Despite the name any two-handed weapon may be a dawn's glory.
  • Effect: You gain one additional hero point.
  • Materials: Crafting a dawn's glory requires twelve ingots of green iron. six ingots of weltsilver and six measures of beggar's lye. It takes one month to make one of these items.

Lord Bohemond held out the great two-handed sword towards Annice.

“Annice, have you been to all nations Imperial and saved the life of one citizen of each in turn as was your Test of Mettle?”

“That I have, sir” she replied solemnly

“Then arise, Lady Anise.Take this blade as a sign of membership of the Order of the Spring Colt”

Lady Annice rose from her knee, plate clinking into position. She turned to face the rising sun. A cloud of dust had risen over the lip of the hill. She held the new sword aloft and smiled, the Weltsilver horse’s head glistened in the light. The assembled host cheered and roared, louder even than the approaching barbarian mass. Lady Annice stepped forward against the orc charge. The crude battleline broke like a wave upon the cliffs.

~ from The Tale of the Battle of Knightmaker Hill by Troubadour Sibylla Pridesvoice