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Imperial Roseweald.jpg
Artwork by Emmanuelle Midmer


The Imperial roseweald, also called the sanguine hibiscus, is a reddish-brown plant whose trumpet-shaped flowers are the colour of dried blood. The thick, woody roots of the plant are prized for their medicinal qualities. Dark on the outside, pale on the inside, they must be carefully prepared as they are naturally poisonous.

Imperial roseweald is easily confused with common roseweald. While the petals of that plant are often dried and used to make a tangy and flavoursome tea (popular both hot and cold), they have no medicinal properties. They are also a common component used in the preparation of sweets, jellies, and candies. It grows well in temperate climates, and if not carefully watched may end up taking over an entire herb garden. It is especially prolific in the Sarcophan Delves who not only use it both in medicines and in many of their foodstuffs, but occasionally as a mild recreational narcotic.

Properly applied, Imperial roseweald can be used to remove venom. It is also useful for treating illnesses of the blood, including minor curses that thicken, slow, or cool the vital life-giving liquid.

Incorrectly prepared it can induce symptoms including profuse sweating, reddening of the skin (like extreme blushing), temperature fluctuation and fever. A victim of Imperial roseweald poisoning will find that even superficial cuts bleed heavily. Extended periods of exertion can also prove fatal for someone poisoned with Imperial roseweald, but such poisonings are rare, and rarely fatal except in the old or those with weak hearts. A physician can easily identify the symptoms of Imperial roseweald poisoning, and the effect can be quickly removed with a purify spell, or application of an infusion of bladeroot.

An apothecary with access to an Wyrmstone Mortar can substitute two doses of Imperial roseweald for a single dose of bladeroot when preparing a potion.


  • Can only be applied by a character with the physick skill.
  • Using 30 seconds of appropriate roleplaying, the physick can remove the venom condition from a target.
  • The herb use fails if you or your target are hit or attack another character during application, but the herb is not consumed
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