This useful healing spell purges the target of harmful conditions, specifically those that cause weakness or are the result of venom. Both of these conditions linger until treated, and this spell is one of the most effective ways to treat them; the spell will heal either or both conditions. A physick by contrast needs to carry two herbs to achieve the same effect, and even an apothecary needs multiple herbs and specialist knowledge to duplcate the effectiveness of this spell. Indeed, not even ritualists can directly match the power of the purify spell - rituals in Imperial lore tend to remove either one condition or the other, not both

Easy access to this spell is one of the reasons that minor poisons are virtually unknown in the Empire - it quickly purges a target of minor poisons, but is unfortunately ineffective against the lethal prepartions of an unscrupulous apothecary.

All magical healing requires the magician to focus their attention on the patient, and anything that disrupts that attention causes the spell to fail. This spell can save someone's life in an emergency - especially if a patient who has been envenomed is critically hurt, but casting this spell on someone who is still embroiled in a fight is extremely difficult, potentially impossible. Several magicians know the value of having a burly companion or two on hand, either to drag their potential patient out of the fray or to protect them for the precious seconds it takes to complete casting purify.



If the target is affected by VENOM or WEAKNESS, then all such conditions are removed. It cannot cure more powerful poisons or curses.

Swift casting

When swift cast, in addition to removing VENOM and WEAKNESS, the purify spell will also remove the ENTANGLE or PARALYSE conditions, then all such conditions are removed.

Sample Spellcasting Vocals

  • "I hold this soul from the abyss / And burn away all its weaknesses / Purge the venom so it shall not die / I heal, I cleanse, I purify!"
  • (gesturing expansively) "Cavul's wing spreads across the sky, holding dominion over the pure air of the heavens. By my command, let it beat; let its cold, crisp air wash my patient free of all impurities. Let magic purify her!"
  • (tying a favour inscribed with Cavul or the Chalice to the subject) "Friend beloved of my heart / Despair you not of mortal life / Though tainted by blackest art, / Friend beloved. Of my heart / Take a piece and now depart / Mana'd love quells poison's strife! / Friend beloved of my heart / Despair you not of mortal life!"

Common Elements

  • Rune Magic: The rune Cavul has powerful associations with purification, and the rune of blood is generally useful for healing and is especially appropriate when dealing with venom. Some magicians combine the two runes together, as this spell could be seen to literally "purify the blood". The slightly darker runes of ending or weakness might also be used - in both cases, the imagery would revolve around ending or weakening the negative condition.
  • Astronomancy: As with the heal spell, magicians might invoke the Chalice with this spell, but they are just as likely to call up imagery associated with the cleansing water of the Fountain, or the strength and fortitude of the Oak or the Stallion.
  • Dramaturgy: The persona of the Doctor is often used with this spell; while she is not connected to traditional healing, removing impurities from the body (especially venom) supports her themes. Removing weakness has strong resonance with the Captain, although some magicians might take on the role of the Witch, especially if they have the time to prepare a "magical draught" to serve as a prop.
  • Other traditions: The firebird is sometimes evoked with this spell; her flames purify flesh and spirit alike. Water and fire imagery are a good fit, but so is the shedding of blood; Navarr magicians might inflict a minor cut on the patient, using the symbolism of the flowing blood to draw the venom or weakness out of the body. Marcher magicians often eschew fire and bloodshed in favour of a handful of fresh soil with which they seek to absorb the impurities causing the negative condition.
  • Realms: Purity is strongly thematic for the realm of Day, while restoring bodily integrity calls on themes of Spring. Restoring strength - removing weakness specifically - is a strong theme for the Summer realm.