Summer Magnitude 2

Performing the Ritual

Performing this ritual takes at least 2 minutes of roleplaying. This ritual targets a character, who must be present throughout.

The ritual fails if you or the target are hit, or attack another character.


This ritual removes the weakness condition from the target.

The ritual will not treat more powerful curses, but target receives a burst of energy and vitality that also helps alleviate roleplaying effects that cause weariness or exhaustion. (such as that which may come from some traumatic wounds).

Additional Targets

This ritual can affect additional characters. The magnitude increases by one for every two additional targets. All targets must be present throughout, and the ritual fails if any of the targets are hit, or attack another character.


Renewed Strength of the New Day restores the victims of low-power curses such as those caused by the weakness spell or a strike from a Duelist's scales. While the purify spell is more versatile this ritual is very effective at alleviating this condition from a number of people such as the victims of Howling Despite of the Yawning Maw or those who have been fighting deadly creatures such as trollwights or spectres. A single competent ritualist can restore nearly a dozen injured or dying people with a handful of mana crystals; a coven can restore a small army of targets.

The ritual is also useful when a group of explorers encounter a source of weakness unexpectedly. Any circle of Summer ritualists can spontaneously perform Renewed Strength of the New Day, and while this may be expensive for them to do so it can swiftly restore a number of suffering warriors to the front line without seriously depleting valuable healing resources.

Common Elements

Fire is a common element in this ritual; the warmth of an open flame, or the symbolic warmth of things that look like or are associated with fire (especially red, orange or yellow cloth, gold or orichalcum.

Fortifying food and wholesome drink are also appropriate, and it is common for ritualists in Wintermark and Dawn especially to include a toast at the beginning of the ritual and conclude with a rousing cheer. As with many enchantment rituals, the ritualists often mark the targets in some fashion, whether by painting runes or other symbols on their skin; tracing a tattoo or brand important to the target; or giving a small token such as a favour or a braid.

As with a number of rituals with healing effects it is common to use fresh water as a component, washing a wound or quenching the thirst of the target to symbolically wash away weakness.

In The League this ritual is often associated with the character of The Doctor or The Witch, and the use of The Chalice; in Dawn, some cabal of weavers make use of the hearth magic of girding to restore strength to a victim.

The Verys rune is an obvious symbol evoked in this ritual, as is the rune of purity; the constellation of The Oak is another common element, and any number of creatures with great strength such as the gryphon or unicorn, mammoth or bear might all be evoked to restore vitality to the targets of this ritual.