Within Navarr, individuals choose which Striding to join, a choice which in theory they make anew each time they come to a crossroads. Navarr Stridings are fluid things, with individuals and families moving from one to another as the mood takes them. In practise most stay with the same Striding for years, but the Navarri encourage individuals to choose the Striding that is travelling in the direction they want to go, a philosophy that underpins their approach to life.

Throughout their history the Navarri have always adapted and followed the most suitable people required to meet the challenge of the time. A Navarr Striding is created when an individual chooses to go their own way. They become the Pathfinder, the leader for a new Striding formed of those who choose to follow them. While they have little need for other titles or positions, most Stridings appoint a Brand, an individual who can lead the warriors in battle and coordinate the defence of the Striding. When Stridings come together, the Brands either cooperate or appoint one of their number to provide overall military leadership if that is required.

The Steadings operate on a similar basis. Steadings select a Pathfinder to provide leadership and whatever government is needed. Individuals stay with a Steading as long as they agree with the direction the current leader has set. If disagreements within a Steading become irreconcilable, then the Steading splits, a new Pathfinder is nominated and he takes whichever Navarri wish to travel with them to found a new Steading.

Within the Empire there are three forests so large that they define a territory. Most of the Navarr Steadings are found within these forests. The lands are governed by the Navarri who appoint Senators by communal agreement. The Navarri use a simple process, gathering together everyone with an interest and then those who would speak for the territory step forward. Once the candidates are clear, the Navarri present choose who to stand behind. The process is very fluid, it is common for individuals and groups to move to coalesce support where it appears to be most effective. Once it is clear that everyone has made a choice, the individuals with the most support become senator for those territories being contested.

Navarr Senators have a reputation for careful and considered voting. They try to operate by accruing political capital from Senators of other nations which they use on key votes, either for the good of Navarr as a nation or for the Empire as a whole. Their reputation for impartiality predates the formation of the Empire and a Navarri Empress or Emperor is often chosen in times of internal strife.