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That the Senate ratifies a treaty with the Faraden. That the Empire removes trade sanctions with the Faraden and moves to a mercantilist trade policy. That "the Gloaming Road" would become a Imperial title, appointed by auction of the seat in line with the well worn path. This will require the Faraden to cede the facility to the Empire and will incur a cost to the Empire of 5 thrones each season to maintain roads and bridges.

Proposed Karsk, Seconded Miekarova



  • Autumn 384YE.


  • The treaty has been enacted by the Civil Service and new trade status has been assured.
  • The Overseer of the Gloaming Road title is now an Imperial title, appointed by Auction of the Seats, and will be appointed for the first time at Winter 384YE. Therafter it will follow the usual appointment cycle for a seat or ministry that provides mithril, being auctioned during the Autumn Equinox.
  • The Senate has undertaken to upkeep roads and bridges that support the trade route, with costs of 5 Thrones per season