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This title became obsolete when the town of Overton fell during the Jotun offensive after the Winter Solstice 381YE.


This title was created when the old Overton garrison building was decommissioned and converted to a residence for a sheriff charged with protecting and supporting the people of Mournwold. The title was a sinecure, requiring minimal responsibility but offering a regular income of ingots from the people of the territory. The position was a Marcher national Imperial title appointed through the Bourse.

Initially the Overton garrison was used to provide protection from Jotun raiders, and as a base of operations for independent captains to help in the defence of the Mournwold. With the completion of Orchard's Watch the garrison fell into disuse and was eventually repurposed. When Orchard's Watch fell and Overton was razed to the ground, the sinecure was destroyed.


The Sheriff was expected to work toward the protection of the people of the Mournwold. In happier times a Sheriff might work with the magistrates to maintain law and order, and resolve disputes between citizens. With so many citizens of the Mourn being miners, or involved in mining, there was a particular emphasis on dealing with these people. They also have some responsibility for ensuring that the major roads between towns and villages remain free of bandits, and that threats from Feni or orcs are addressed quickly and effectively.

There was some expectation that the ores provided would be used in the crafting of magic items to help the Sheriff do their job, whether directly or through the recruitment of deputies.


The Sheriff of Overton was an Imperial title that grants custodianship of a sinecure.

Rewards for Hard Work

The Sheriff receives a small income of ingots. 12 ingots of green iron, 2 ingots of tempest jade, 2 ingots of weltsilver, and 2 ingots of orichalcum were received each season.

A significant proportion of these ingots were contributed by loyal Marcher folk living in areas under Jotun occupation, smuggled to Overton using contacts established under the prior garrison. If the Mournwold were freed, the same production would have represented voluntary donations from Marchers across the territory.


The Sheriff of Overton was a Marcher national position appointed through the Bourse. The Sheriff was appointed by citizens of the Marches who control farm personal resources. The larger the farm an individual had, the more votes they could allocate in support to a candidate. The voting was handled by the civil servants in the Bourse.

Only a Marcher character could hold the title. They did not receive a seat on the Bourse, and could not be revoked.

Winter Solstice 380YERobert Dunlain
Summer Solstice 380YEThomas Astwich

Recent Elections

This tile is no longer being elected as the Bourse seat it oversaw is not in Imperial hands. The table to the right shows the citizens who have been elected to hold this title in the years since Empress Britta died.

The Sheriff's House

The building itself was a squat two-storey tower within the walls of Overton, close to the central keep of Orchard's Watch. It showed its origins as a barracks fairly clearly - it had no ground floor windows, and the upper storey windows were cruciform arrow-slits. The conversion primarily consisted of splitting the two floors into multiple rooms - the lower floor as offices for the Sheriff and their deputies, and the upper floors as somewhat spartan living quarters.

During the short-lived occupation of Orchard's Watch by the Jotun (in Autumn 380YE), the Sheriff's house was used as a residence by the orc responsible for overseeing the castle. A powerful champion of the Tower of the North, the Jotun added decorations and trophies of his own, including a great rug made from the hide of a mammoth, several vicious warhammers, and a number of Imperial standards captured during the war in the Mournwold. The champion apparently died during the attack by Imperial heroes to help reclaim Orchard's Watch, and these trophies were left behind when the Jotun withdrew.

When Overton finally fell to the Jotun after the Winter Solstice 381YE, the defenders managed to hold the Sheriff's House for several hours before finally being overwhelmed. In the fighting, the structure was gutted by fire.