Explore the unknown and master it.


The Order of the Unfettered Mind has used a range of symbols across its history, including an open and unblinking eye, and a ray of light.

Order of the Unfettered Mind

The Manifesto

The Order of the Unfettered Mind holds the following to be true:

  • The Empire's rich understanding of magic is one of its great strengths
  • As the Empire's knowledge and use of magic increases, so does its power and influence
  • The Empire must stay at the apex of magical knowledge and power and not cede this ground to another force

The Order of the Unfettered Mind therefore exists to:

  • Expand the body of magical lore, theory and practice throughout the Empire
  • Challenge any constraints to the practice and expansion of such knowledge
  • Boldly consider possibilities and opportunities that others may not consider

Membership of the Order

Researchers, theoreticians and magicians for whom magic is both a mystery and the greatest calling flock to the Unfettered Mind. Members are often frustrated that other orders do not appreciate the joy of pure research, or the way that everyone is enriched by greater understanding of the theories of magic. Members tend to be ritual magicians rather than spellcasters, as ritual magic offers the greatest opportunity to expand the power and knowledge of Imperial magicians. They are second-only to the Celestial Arch in their interest in the eternals, and they compete regularly with the Rod and Shield for the position of Dean of the Lyceum.

It would be wrong to consider them naive or politically weak; they have a great need for crystal mana and other resources, and in the past they have been ruthless in acquiring it. Their membership includes a number of magicians interested in understanding magic specifically to gain more personal power, or more power for the Empire, and critics claim they are more interested in novel uses of magic than in wise uses of magic. Their tendency to reach for their crystal mana rather than seek more mundane solutions to vexation are well known and it is undeniable that more members of the Unfettered Mind have been declared to be sorcerers than any other order. The order was very nearly dissolved in 264 YE following the unwise application of a major curse to an entire delegation of visiting dignitaries from the Principalities of Jarm.

The magicians of this order are often at odds with both the Celestial Arch and Sevenfold Path because they oppose all efforts to censor or limit Imperial magic. As they often point out, the enemies of the Empire are under no such constraints. They sometimes find unlikely allies in the Shuttered Lantern and even the Rod and Shield in this regard.

The order generally has far more ideas of things to try and do than it knows what to do with. It carefully guards its own Conclave vault and often enjoys periods of surprising wealth - it is one of the orders most often chosen to receive bequests from retired or deceased magicians, especially ex-members of the Lyceum. Despite the suspicion with which the Order is viewed by the more politically savvy orders, it has also been regularly responsible for discoveries that have proved of great value to the Conclave and the Empire as a whole

Conclave vault

Each summit, the Conclave vault of the Unfettered Mind garners the following resources;