Precedence and the Font

  • The basic font at this summit was 80 mana.
  • The income from the Principle of Proportions was 211 mana.
  • The remainder from previous seasons was 3 mana.

The members of each order in attendance at the end of the previous summit determine precedence for the following summit according to the Principle of Precedence. The income of mana following the previous summit is listed above and was distributed as per the table below. This left 3 mana, which will be added to the font of the next summit along with the income from the Principle of Proportions at this summit.

Grandmaster of the Order of the Rod and Shield181643
Grandmaster of the Order of the Shuttered Lantern270553
Grandmaster of the Order of the Golden Pyramid366522
Grandmaster of the Order of the Sevenfold Path452412
Grandmaster of the Order of the Unfettered Mind544341
Grandmaster of the Order of the Celestial Arch629231
Grandmaster of the Order of the Silver Chalice728221

Friday Declarations

Concord – Support of Urizen Lore

  • Raised by: Andronikos
  • Declaration: Conclave supports the creation of Urizen Lore
  • Outcome: Passed

Concord – Motes of the Bronze Idol

  • Raised by: Simargl
  • Declaration: To gift Sung's motes of the Bronze Idol to Simargl the Empty One, Tarkek of the Sussivari Frost Coven and Pitchwalker Vek of the Imperial Orcs
  • Outcome: Passed

Concord – Invite mages of the Commonwealth

  • Raised by: Juha, the Cave Spider
  • Declaration: The Conclave invites the mages of the Commonwealth to visit us to learn from Imperial Lore
  • Outcome: Passed

Concord – Recognition of the strength of Wintermark against Jotun

  • Raised by: Odelia Nelda
  • Declaration: Conclave recognises the strength of Wintermark's stand against the Jotun
  • Outcome: Passed

Concord – Acceptance of the boon of Lashonar

  • Raised by: Laelius, Grandmaster of the Celestial Arch
  • Declaration: The Conclave accepts Lashonar's gracious boon
  • Outcome: Passed

Concord – Regarding dealing with the dead

  • Raised by: Zephaniah of Felix's Watch
  • Declaration: Conclave believes that those who summon or animate the dead, through Whispers through the Black Gate, or otherwise, must take responsibility for the outcomes which result, and that the Imperial Necromancer should be the authority responsible for ensuring prudent and acceptable uses of magic in dealing with the dead
  • Outcome: Passed

Imperial lore – Skar's Gentle Push

Endowment – Faraden bequest be granted to Celestial Arch

  • Raised by: Erasmo di Tassato
  • Declaration: That the Faraden bequest be assigned to the Celestial Arch
  • Outcome: Passed

Concord – Proviso for lineage madness

  • Raised by: Doctor Tolame
  • Declaration: There should be a health proviso for lineage madness
  • Outcome: Failed

Endowment – Faraden bequest be granted to Golden Pyramid

  • Raised by: Arsenio di Tassato
  • Declaration: That the Faraden bequest be assigned to the Golden Pyramid
  • Outcome: Failed

Concord – Conclave supports the troops in Broceliande

  • Raised by: Ser Fabienne De Miel
  • Declaration: We the Conclave know this is Broceliande's last chance and will use our power to strengthen our troops there
  • Outcome: Passed

Candidacy – Imperial Necromancer

  • Raised by: Enchantress Claudia Varkulova Remys, Issebel Vittoria Barossa di Tassato Regario, Baerwyn of Fjellreven, and Avea of the Silent Tide
  • Outcome: Enchantress Claudia Varkulova Remys becomes Imperial Necromancer

Candidacy – Archmage of Autumn

  • Raised by: Aurelio i Sarado i Riqueza
  • Outcome: Edmundo of Damakan's Forge remains Archmage of Autumn

Saturday Declarations

Concord – Encourage the use of Hunger of the Draughir

  • Raised by: Lutobor Branislavovich Glinka
  • Declaration: Conclave encourages mages of the Empire to use Hunger of the Draughir to save lives
  • Outcome: Passed

Amity - Sorin

  • Raised by: Syn Truthwalker Returned, Archmage of Winter
  • Outcome: Passed

Enmity - Skathe

  • Raised by: Solas of the Spire of the Waxing Sun, High Exorcist
  • Outcome: Passed

Concord – Ownership of The Nest in Webwood

  • Raised by: Simargl, the Empty One
  • Declaration: The Nest in Webwood, Ossium, belongs to Arhallogen
  • Outcome: Passed

Concord – Teaching the artisan arts to the Thule

  • Raised by: Eliza
  • Declaration: The artisans of the Empire should teach the free citzens of Otkodov their art on the condition that it secures the release of the Runesmiths they hold as slaves
  • Outcome: Passed

Concord – Recognising the military significance of Eleonaris

  • Raised by: Urien Novarion
  • Declaration: This Conclave recognises the military significance of the contributions made by Eleonaris, Queen of Banners in the recent campaigns of Semmerholm, Sermersuaq, and Ossium. We recognise her valuable assistance and Conclave expresses respect for her prowess.
  • Outcome: Passed

Concord – Request change to the timings of Conclave

  • Raised by: Arsenio di Tassato
  • Declaration: This Conclave requests the running order of Conclave be amended to consider declarations, then candidacy then addresses
  • Outcome: Passed

Concord – Supporting the building of the warmage's ministry

  • Raised by: Abel, Bursar of the Conclave
  • Declaration: This Conclave supports the building of the ministry for the warmage and requests senate takes action
  • Outcome: Passed

Amity - Arhallogen

  • Raised by: Saeros Splitroot
  • Outcome: Passed

Concord – Announcing a tournament for patronage of the Summer college

  • Raised by: Brother Luke, Archmage of Summer
  • Declaration: The Conclave wishes to announce a tournament for the patronage of the Summer College
  • Outcome: Passed

Neutrality – Irra Harah

  • Raised by: Asenath
  • Outcome: Passed

Imperial Lore – Secrets of the Soul's Desires

  • Raised by: Tanus of the Auric Horizon
  • Declaration: Secrets of the Soul's Desires
  • Outcome: Passed

Imperial Lore – Eyes of the Soul's Past

  • Raised by: Tanus of the Auric Horizon
  • Declaration: Eyes of the Soul's Past
  • Outcome: Passed

Sorcery – Jaylus and Levi of Zephaniah's Lament

  • Raised by: Solomon
  • Outcome: Passed

Candidacy – Warmage

  • Raised by: Emilia Ankarien, and Heilyn Bronwen's Rest
  • Outcome: Emilia Ankarien becomes Warmage

Changes of Title

The full list of Imperial Titles held in the Conclave at the end of the summit can be found here.

Changes of Amity and Enmity

  • The eternal Arhallogen was granted amity
  • The eternal Irra Harah was placed under neutrality
  • The eternal Skathe was placed under enmity
  • The eternal Sorin was granted amity

The full list of eternals that are under amity and enmity can be found here

Principle of Proportions

During the summit, 317 mana was collected in accordance with the Principle of Proportions.