The Senate give permission to build the Barossa College of Imperial Strategy. That the prismatic ink produced by this College be divided between the League Generals.
Proposed by Tassato, seconded by Redoubt



  • Summer 383YE


  • This commission uses non-standard costs
  • 20 wains of white granite
  • 20 wains of mithril
  • 20 wains of weirwood
  • 120 crowns labour
  • Six months to complete


  • 10 wains of white granite, 10 wains of mithril, and 15 thrones provided by Severin Teyhard von Holberg of the House of Seven Mirrors after Summer Solstice 383YE.
  • 2 wains of white granite and 3 wains of mithril provided by Gabriel Barossa after Summer Solstice 383YE.
  • 8 wains of white granite, 7 wains of mithril, and 20 wains of weirwood provided by Rodrigo Barossa de Tassato Regario after Summer Solstice 383YE.


  • Once complete, the Barossa College of Imperial Strategy would provide 8 doses of prismatic ink each season, to the General of the Wolves of War and 8 doses to the general of the Towerjacks.