Spring Magnitude 7

Performing the Ritual

Performing this ritual takes at least 2 minutes of roleplaying. This ritual targets a character, who must be present throughout.

The ritual fails if you or the target are hit, or attack another character.


At the completion of the ritual, the target recovers all lost hits. Each limb crippled by impale or cleave is restored, and the effect of venom or weakness is removed. The target may also ignore the roleplaying effects of any traumatic wounds they are suffering until the end of the battle.

Additional Targets

This ritual can affect additional characters from the same band. The magnitude increases by five for each additional target. All targets must be present throughout, and the ritual fails if any of the targets are hit, or attack another character.


This potent spell restores an individual to full health. It is more costly than similar rituals such as The Hands of Sacred Life, Blood of the Hydra, or Renewed Strength of the New Day, but much more comprehensive in its effect. In addition to the immediate health benefits it provides, it also allows the patient to temporarily overcome the immediate effects of certain serious wounds - at least in the short term.

Common Elements

This ritual is very old; in pre-Imperial times it was widely practiced by covens of many nations, especially among the Steinr, Marchers and the Varushka. The ritual often includes things that evoke or symbolise ideas of safety, home and the hearth. Consequently fires, wholesome food, drink and music are all common elements used in the performance of this ritual. Where food and drink are used, they are often passed from person to person among the coven-mates, sometimes in an intricate pattern reminiscent of a dance, before being given to the targets to consume.

A coven of Marcher landskeepers might include a bushel of grain taken from the recent harvest, or even good beer made from the same; a circle of Hakima are likely to engage in drumming and singing together with favoured friends and families and, where possible, their patient; a school of cabalists will share dark bread and honey; a League Troupe or band of mountebanks may repeat their coven oath and touch rings together to reinforce the strength provided by their guild, and then transfer that strength to their target; and a coven of Navarr vates are likely to use small amounts of blood or red paint to trace designs on the hands or faces of their target.

The important thing is to evoke healing power through such elements as the runes Rhyv, Cavul or even Queros.