A Horn Resounding allows a priest to use a musical performance to draw on the power of the consecration of Pride to inspire their audience. Listeners are filled with a profound sense of self-esteem, their inner strength revitalised and empowered to face the challenges that are to come. The power of the magical musical instrument itself is only part of the process that brings about this spiritual experience - the performance itself helps connect the spirit of the audience with the power of the potent consecrated aura.

These items often take the form of a brass instrument - horns or trumpet especially - although any musical instrument is appropraite. The metal used to create them is infused with orichalcum and polished with tempest jade with dragonbone decorations or keys. A more traditional artisan may make the instrument from the horn of a mighty beast, inlaid with dragonbone and with an orichalcum mouthpiece. In Wintermark, Pride is represented by Feresh, and this rune is often worked into the decoration of the instrument.

The loud, resounding tones a musician coaxes from these powerful instruments stirs the heart of the audience, filling them with pride and confidence. Often, a priest will intersperse their performance with short readings or recitations of poetry specifically chosen to inspire their audience - tales of Paragons and Exemplars are common but as an instrument of Pride it is just as effective to evoke the names of cultural heroes and the work of beloved poets. A Horn Resounding is often employed by soldiers to greet the dawn and the dusk, and to sound the mournful dirge at a warrior's funeral. In Wintermark and Highguard particularly there is a belief that notes played on this instrument at twilight are audible to the dead; a reminder of what they gave their lives for and an assurance that their deeds are never forgotten.

As with many religious magic items, it is common for a Horn Resounding to be hallowed. A popular choice is the Hallowing of Lepidus, which inspires the bearer to inspire others, or the Hallowing of Richilde which inspires the bearer to strive to create beautiful music.


  • Form: Weapon. Takes the form of any kind of musical instrument. You must be performing music with this item to use its magical properties.
  • Requirement: You must have the dedication skill to bond to this item.
  • Effect: You must be dedicated to Pride to use this item. Once per day, while you are in an area consecrated to Pride, you may spend ten minutes of appropriate roleplaying that includes playing this musical instrument. Any listener who was in the area for the entire period recovers all hero points. You cannot use this ability if you are on a battlefield or in a similar stressful environment. A listener who has lost the ability to recover hero points overnight is not effected by this power.
  • Materials: Crafting a Horn Resounding requires 7 ingots of orichalcum, 9 ingots of tempest jade, and 5 measures of dragonbone. It takes 1 month to make one of these items.