Lady Igraine Novarion (Megan Williams) demonstrating the use of an infusion.
Scented steam or smoke, inhaled by the visionary, provides occult insight.

These mystic infusions grant those who inhale them supernatural insight. They are intended to be poured into hot water and the resulting steam drawn into the lungs, from where its semi-narcotic effect flows throughout the entire body. Extensive use of these infusions can have a detrimental effect on the peace of mind of the user, and they are best employed sparingly.

These potions are, unsurprisingly, popular with the Kallavesi and with mystics of all nations. The modern recipes used to brew the infusions were refined over centuries in the swamps of Kallavesa, but the Navarr used similar preparations for centuries, and can claim the credit for first developing the Ravenwing Infusion at the very least.

Magpie Infusion

This volatile oil dissolves quickly in warm water, or can be thrown directly onto hot coals or open flame to create a small cloud of strongly scented steam. Taken deep into the lungs, it allows the drinker to perceive magical auras, or gain an instinctive feel for the qualities of a ritual being performed nearby.

  • Form: Infusion.
  • Description: This oily blue substance smells of summer flowers. When exposed to the air, it begins to evaporate. A tiny amount on your fingertip immediately begins to bubble and soon evaporates into a thin blue-tinted cloud.
  • Roleplaying Effects: Your tongue and lips are numbed, meaning your speech is slurred. You find yourself blinking rapidly, or suffering from watering eyes. Any spell that you hear being cast causes you to perceive dramatic displays of colourful light that can be quite distracting.
  • Mechanical Effects: Inhaling the steam from this infusion grants you the ability to use the detect magic spell once during the next ten minutes without requiring you to know the spell or expend any mana.
  • Recipe: Two drams of Cerulean Mazzarine.

Ravenwing Infusion

This pale red concoction produces a thick, lingering steam that hangs in the air for several moments unless actively inhaled. It causes a momentary dizziness, and then the individual who has partaken of it can perceive auras around living beings. Be closely examining these auras, the imbiber can potentially gain useful insights. The infusion also causes the user to have exceptionally vivid dreams for up to a full day after using it, and many mystics believe that there are hidden messages in those dreams, either hints of the future or insight into the nature of the skein.

Initially, this preparation was of most use to mystics who interpreted the information gained from auras in various esoteric ways. With the slow spread of the Imperial faith, Ephraim, son of Miriam, a Highborn archivist, discovered that the preparation also allowed the user to perceive the effects of certain religious ceremonies, without the use of liao.

  • Form: Infusion.
  • Description: This crumbly red substance smells strongly of exotic spices. When rubbed between finger and thumb, the spicy scent intensifies dramatically.
  • Roleplaying Effects: You feel suddenly dizzy, and then lose the ability to see colours; everything becomes visible in shades of grey. The exception is that you can see colourful auras around living creatures, with the colour and intensity reflecting how you feel about that person. The night after taking this infusion, you will have exceptionally vivid dreams.
  • Mechanical Effects: Inhaling the steam from this infusion grants you the ability to use the insight skill once during the next ten minutes without requiring you to know the skill or expend any liao.
  • Recipe: One dram each of Cerulean Mazzarine, Imperial Roseweald, Bladeroot and Marrowort.
I've Seen Things.jpg
Sometimes the Infusions of Feathers reveal more than the user expects.

Goosewhisper Infusion

This midnight blue liquid hisses and bubbles when exposed to heat, and releases a cloud of shimmering, barely visible steam. If it is inhaled deeply, a chill sensation emanates from the chest through the whole body. After a moment, the imbiber enters a hypnogogic trance during which they receive symbolic visions concerning important events. These are visions of things that may come to pass in the near future, or have recently occurred, or which are currently occurring. There is no way to focus these visions towards specific topics of interest.

  • Form: Infusion.
  • Description: This midnight blue solution is a thick, resinous liquid. It has a sweet, sharp scent that causes your nostrils to tingle and chills your lungs. The unpleasant, acrid flavour makes drinking it unappealing.
  • Roleplaying Effects: For around an hour after experiencing this infusion, you see things out of the corner of your eye; anyone you are not looking at directly appears to be surrounded by a shimmering multicoloured halo. You tend to see things in symbolic ways, and may see weird images hanging around people you know, relating to how you feel about them. These effects are very pronounced if you are a member of the naga lineage.
  • Mechanical Effects: Inhaling the steam from this infusion causes you to enter a trance during which you suffer a brief but intense vision. This vision is provided by a referee, and will contain information about things that are happening, have happened or may happen at the event. There is no way to direct this vision towards a specific topic. These visions are the same as those received from the Signs and Portents ritual; you will receive the same vision if you are part of that ritual, have already performed it, or have already taken a dose of Goosewhisper Infusion.
  • Recipe: Two drams of Bladeroot and one dram each of Marrowort and True Vervain.