Written by Irina Akulinovna Kotor, in the position of High Bard of the Empire, for the celebration to commemorate Empress Lisabetta’s first year on the throne.

A .pdf of the music and lyrics can be found here.

Oh heroes of the Empire As your great deeds you do. Remember ye well the little folk who work and fight for you

The virtuous priest of Highguard His cleansing bell shall toll. With each new day he shows the way. He guards the Empire’s soul.

The bannerwoman of the Wintermark Her head held high and proud With strength of arm she weathers the storm Courageous and unbowed

The Urizeni magus So subtle deep and wise Seeks without fail secrets to unveil Plucks knowledge from the skies

The joyful Freeborn sailor The tiller firm in hand So bright and brave she skims the waves 'Til she safely comes to land

The staunch and loyal Navarri They walk the trods so wide No soft warm bed to lay their head Their spear is by their side

The brave Varushkan Warden She bears a heavy load In broad daylight or gloom of night She watches over the roads

The glorious Dawnish noble Calls all to pay him heed Proclaims aloud, so clear and proud His great and mighty deeds

The orc in the hills of Skarsind Watching the clouds roll by See how she roams her newfound home As free as the wind and sky

The Leaguer in their counting house Takes care of every ring And all can see the prosperity Their wise investments bring

The Marcher in her garden Her hands deep in the soil She tills the fields and the land she heals With good and honest toil

So heroes of the Empire As you march off to war Remember ye well the simple folk Who you are fighting for

(Optional) And I ask thee Imperatrix O patron of beauty and art The people of each land you hold in your hand Hold also in your heart.