The battlefield is a throne, a location used in dramaturgy that represents both a setting and a Realm of magic.

Realm: Summer.

Setting: The Battlefield is most commonly presented as either a military camp, or as a castle or fortification. Themes of war, conflict, strength and the threat of death are all strengthened on the battlefield. The story might involve preparations for a battle, the arming of a mighty warrior or the fight itself (often a duel) and its aftermath.

Characters: The Captain and The Bishop are strong characters in this setting; they are often larger-than-life, taking on iconic roles as figureheads or representations of patriotic, political or religious themes. The Captain leads, and the Bishop inspires; it is here that they are at their most majestic.

Magical Style: This is often a location where someone is strengthened, or commits themselves to action.

Rituals that create enchantments of strength, endurance or that grant martial abilities such as The Hammer of Thunder or Alignment of Mind and Blade are made stronger here. Any ritual that targets a military unit, fortification, campaign army or banner may be performed in this setting.