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Family is the most important thing there is.

Children on the Coast are often given a piece of over-sized clothing that belonged to someone from an older generation, usually long since departed. The clothing, designed to be grown into, carries the memory of the lost relative and is believed to help the child develop wisdom, audacity and courage of their forebear. The clothing is usually tied up in some way, to ensure it does not drag in the mud.

Freeborn like children to learn the value of money. Those who are not poor give their children a Ring every morning, to carry with them during the day. The child is expected to give the Ring back at night, or to justify why they spent the money if it is gone. Any money that the child makes using their Ring is theirs to keep.

If a child loses their parents, they will always find a home somewhere among their extended family. However, because of the strength of Freeborn family bonds, if a child is truly orphaned without another family member to take them in, they may end up destitute and face a grim future unless taken in by another family, a Navarr striding, or the Church of the Little Mother.

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Things every child should know

  • A little lie makes a lot of strife. If you tell a lie, you lose a little bit of your soul. Be truthful to yourself and to others.
  • Your family is your greatest treasure. Family is the most important thing there is. Always be there to help your family and they will be there to help you.
  • Words are fine jewels to be picked up and shown off. Tell stories and find stories, and if you hear an interesting tale or rumour, make sure you tell it to your family.
  • Each small thing is worth a Ring. Never do anything for free, unless it's for your family. You need not be paid in coin -- people often have more interesting things to trade.
  • Only sell your own goat. You must never trade something which isn't yours.

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