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There are many important families and other groups in the Brass Coast. Despite the number, only a comparative handful are involved in the affairs of the Empire (that is, attend the seasonal summits at Anvil). Their influence can wax and wane, and involvement in Imperial affairs is not always a reflection of their prominence within the nation itself. This page presents in-character information about the groups that attend, or have attended, Anvil — the kind of thing that someone who asked about them might uncover from talking to their peers. In each case, the information is provided by the players and edited before being put on the wiki.

The majority of groups listed here are made up of player-characters. You should not create a character who is part of a group, or has personal history with one, without first clearing it with the appropriate players. You should also check before including other players' groups in your background. The background team are unlikely to approve a background that significantly impacts or involves another player character group without their permission. There are also a handful of prominent NPC groups included for completeness, but they are not intended for use by player characters.

This list was originally compiled by the hakima Bakar i Erigo shortly before the Summer Solstice 381YE, and maintained through to Winter 382YE. Original text provided by Tomas Marchington

Bloodgold Jackals.png

Bloodgold Jackals

Location: Kahraman

The original Bloodgold Jackals banner served with the Red Wind Corsairs during the liberation of Segura. It disbanded but was reformed in Autumn 382YE by Iñez and Raza i Azul-Mar i Guerra after visiting Anvil for the first time and facing an uncomfortable shadow from their past. The Bloodgold Jackals don’t care about their member's pasts, only who they are now and who they want to be. A shady past doesn’t matter to them, as long as someone wants to move away from it. The name of the game is redemption, and they aim to win. They want to forge new paths for themselves and their banner mates, putting past misdeeds behind them, and help others in the process. They Jackals want to be better, more virtuous, and are ready to fight for it.

Burning Sails

Location: The Jewelled Isles, Free Landing

The Burning Sails Corsairs was formed by survivors of the destruction of the Freeborn Storm and the sacking of Atalaya in 381YE. Their main goals seem to be the establishment of the Empire as the dominant naval power in the Bay of Catazar and the total destruction of the Grendel. They are made up of several families and prominent individuals but are headed by the i Marusa i Riqueza family, venerable sea-farers who operate from one of the Jewelled Isles off of Atalaya in Free Landing. At Anvil the Burning Sails operate a strong Spring Coven and also offer the services of well-regarded calligraphers and scriveners. Over the seasons they focus on countering Grendel raiding, piracy and slaving.

Casa Zabala

Location: Mora

Once, the Zabala family, of the Erigo line, were large and sprawling, with travelling caravans, outposts and family holdings across Segura and beyond. When the Lasambrians invaded Segura many Zabala travelled from across the nation to hold Anduz until the end, but very few survived. After the liberation some of those who still lived - mostly those too young to fight at the time and the ones who aided the war effort in other ways - set out to Anduz to see what could be done to restore the family name. In time they decided to send a delegation to Anvil to represent the family at the highest level. In Anvil the Zabala family are noted for being involved in external and religious politics, crafting items of the finest quality, representing the Coast on the battlefield, carrying out strong Autumn magic, and bringing song, music and joy to the Freeborn camp!

"First to heal and first to fight. First to break the orcish might. First to drink until first light. We Zabala"



Location: The mountains of the Gilded Peak
Tribe: Predominantly Guerra

The Celesti are an old order who follow the teachings of Ignatio y Guerra. They seek to preserve the knowledge and traditions of the Three Sisters and to master both body and mind. Hakima and kohan reside side by side in their observatory near the Gilded Peak, sharing responsibilities and teaching. They believe wealth should be used to better the Coast as a whole, whilst at the same time rewarding hard work. They have holdings in Kahraman and maintain a large fleet in Feroz. Their numbers were severely depleted when a large number died with Britta but have been working hard and have a number of achievements since that time: being instrumental in the election of one of the longest-serving senators, leading the first truly National ritual in recent memory, forming the hakima coven, and in Winter 380YE funding the Celesti Lighthouse in Oran.

Ignorance is the bane to civilisation. Knowledge is the beacon that guides us. We stand between these two forces. But we must not be content to simply huddle ourselves about that beacon. We must stoke its fires brighter and brighter still. It is we who shall bring its light to the peoples of this land

Ignatio y Guerra

Fires at Midnight.jpeg

Fires at Midnight

Location: Segura
Tribe: Erigo

The Fires at Midnight are a militant order of hakima believed to have been founded roughly a generation after the exodus of the sisters, in a response to banditry and other threats to the tribes’ new home. Throughout its long history in Segura, the coven has been primarily made up of battlemages who were well versed in Winter magic. The Fires accepted that the great power of the chill realm comes at a steep cost, which they have been prepared to pay for the Coast’s protection. The coven was massacred in battle alongside Empress Britta when the coven's leader, Anne i Erigo, sought to gain the Empress' attention in the interests of bringing Imperial armies to Segura. They were reduced to a handful of apprentices that had stayed behind, each of whom had differing views on how to best serve the Coast. They went their separate ways but were no less dedicated to the defence of the coast, its magical lore, and its stability. Now as 381YE is drawing to its end there are whispers that the Fires at Midnight may rekindle their bonds and come together once more.

Everything has a price.

A slightly altered Freeborn proverb, used by Anne i Erigo with regards to the Winter realm

Flames of the Coast

Location: Scattered across the Brass Coast

Flames of the Coast were founded at Anvil for all kohan and hakima who wish to join it.

It was made to be a common banner to enable those Freeborn without family banners to take full advantage of group enchantments, and to offer support for the causes of its members. The main focus is on preserving the old ways and traditions of the hakima and kohan. Many, both within the Coast and among other nations, have seen those ways decline since the death of Britta when many who followed them perished. This banner is a symbol of that those ways aren’t lost and to show strength in whom they are.

The banner has little presence outside of Anvil. At the end of each seasonal summit, the kohan and hakima of the banner often go back to their own homes and lives. In 381YE the banner started talks about building a garrison and small fort in Kahraman as a common meeting place outside of Anvil where all kohan and hakima will be welcome.

Several kohan cohorts make up the banner, including the Painted Ones, the Golden Harpies, Erigo's Masks, the Tides of Zemress, the Red Sun Scorpians, and the Tears of Flame.

Freeborn Flame Cartel

  • Location: Midport
  • Motto: Our lives for the crown, our souls for the horizon

The Freeborn Flame Cartel is a group of families based out of Midport who spend their time relaxing, pursuing success, and promoting the victories and glory of the Brass Coast nation, as well as dedicating itself to the continuing strength of the Freeborn. There are several predominant families in the group namely the Radah i Guerra family whose current dhomiro is Jeziah i Radah i Guerra and the Carno i Guerra family whose dhomiro is Khalil i Carno i Guerra.

In battle, they fight as corsairs under the banner of the Flame of Anduz. Outside of battles, they operate a large Spring and Night coven, Sails of the First Flame, which specialises in enhancing the potency of their fleets and various fortification rituals.

They are also home to a number of active businesses, including the Umbars Star Bar and Bazarr, the Stargazer meeting rooms, Sails of the First Flame ritual services and many more.

Handful of Dust

Location: Segura
Tribe: Erigo

This group is no longer active. An ancient line of hakima from Segura who were versed in the lore of Night, the Handful of Dust had long preserved Freeborn traditions. Many of their number fell with Britta, but the remnants were among the few hakima to make the journey to Anvil in the confusion that followed. They were resolute in defending the traditions of the Brass Coast and represented a significant proportion of the hakima at Anvil, up until their recent deaths. There are as many rumours about the circumstances of their deaths as there are grains of Dust in the wind, but any of the Freeborn present at their execution will tell you the honest truth of it... For a price, of course.

House Kalamar

House Kalamar was founded by two orphans, looking to make a name for themselves with displays of skill and a thirst for profit. They are always seeking new information or opportunities to show themselves off or make a prosperous deal, with magic, art, dancing, good coffee or trade. In recent years they have been firm holders of the Glass Parador, enjoying the trading benefits of the title. House Kalamar is the home of the Thrifty Squid, Anvil’s only daily price newsletter. Freshly scrivened every morning the Squid summarises prices gathered by the Houses' traders, reflecting the transactions they have witnessed. Its accompanying journal, the Inky Depths, covers matter political, economic and magical as well as containing a summary of historical prices. House Kalamar is the home of Constanza y Kalamar y Guerra, first artist for the new Renaissance and judge of the Pride of Holberg. A priest of Pride, Constanza is a famous force within and without her nation, and is keen to see her House prosper. The House is a powerful Autumn coven which specialises in the Lure of Distant Shores to empower personal fleets for trade. Nearly every member can perform the Winged Messenger and all their rituals are accompanied by music, dancing, or songs specially written for that ritual.

Would you like to buy a copy of the Thrifty Squid?

Any member of the Kalamar family.

House Paloma.png

House Paloma

Location: Echasia, an island in Free Landing

Based out of the island of Echasia in Free Landing, Madruga, the Paloma i Guerra family are known for their successful shipwriting business. Once just specialising in repairs and the trade of supplies, the venture grew to be a full-fledged shipwrighting company, helped in part by the contributions of Emperor Barabbas. The business has since outgrown the docks of the family’s island home and work is carried out at the Atalaya Shipyards with an increasing frequency. The most notable work in recent years is the construction of an array of ships for the Brass Coast navy, the Freeborn Storm.

The family also operates an Autumn coven, House Paloma, which sees the boost of seafaring trade as its main focus.

The Paloma i Guerra family has links with the Krakenfire Armada and the Sol-Devorador i Erigo family through contract, membership, and a friendship that has lasted for many years.

House Sol-Devorador

Location: Predominantly Siroc, with a small branch in Bramar
Tribe: Erigo

The Sol-Devorador family is largely a corsair family, and was the founding family of the Krakenfire Armada. A number of commodores of the Armada have been members of the Sol-Devorador family, the current one being Lilith i Sol-Devorador i Erigo. Once a large family, a large proportion of them were lost in the founding days of the Armada. They forge ahead with their determination to protect the Brass Coast and each other, despite suffering continual losses.

While almost all of the family take to the seas, there is a mixture of fighters, physicks, ritualists and more within the family. The family always welcomes friends and allies, and has been known to adopt those in dire need of a new family.

The current dhomiro is Florina i Sol-Devorador i Erigo.

House Souza

Location: Isle de Souza, near Shantarim

The Souza maintain a long history of maritime warfare and gain most of their resources via constant raids upon their most hated enemy, the barbarian Grendel. The House Souza saying; “No-one can bargain with the Sea” reflects the family's position on the noble corsair lifestyle versus one of trade.

The magical tradition of the Island is very narrow. The family hosts a small Spring coven nearly entirely dedicated to enchanting their fleets to better hunt their prey.

Every hero that makes it to Anvil from House Souza is a captain of at least one vessel. Though they are not all seaborne swashbucklers, every last one writes a mighty reputation upon the seas with their deeds.

House Taziel.jpg

House Taziel

Location: Oran

House Taziel i Riqueza is a family of corsairs from Oran in Feroz with a sizeable fleet, looking for fun, profit, and military standing in the Empire. They recently joined with the family Ruiloba i Guerra when the two dhomiro married. They are famous for hosting lavish parties, singing, music and dancing, as well as writing and performing plays.

They also field a number of ferocious fighters to fight for their nation, under the banner of the Promiscuous Dodos. Recent famous family members include Admiral Edgardo i Ruiloba i Guerra of the Freeborn Storm, the first Admiral in many years, and Ana i Taziel i Riqueza, sutannir and hostess.

New Promise Cartel.PNG

New Promise Cartel

Location: Oran and Joharra

The New Promise Cartel was founded in 342YE by two families with a long running trading relationship, the Zaydans and the Sharthas. The Zaydan i Riqueza family is a corsair family who operate out of Oran, transporting goods across the Bay of Catazar. The Shartha i Riqueza family is based in Joharra, and trade goods within the Empire and to its foreign neighbours. The Cartel has now grown with other members joining from outside the two core families, though they still make up the majority of Cartel members.

The Cartel is still based predominantly out of Oran, but they operate throughout Feroz trading by both land and sea. They maintain a strong corsair fleet which has won the Broken Shore Bounty a number of times in recent years. In Anvil they operate the New Promise Teahouse.

The Cartel’s organisation means its members are independent to follow their own Prosperity wherever it should (legally) take them, but with the support of the Cartel who are eager to invest in new ventures.

The Ambition of the Cartel remains to grow its name and reputation, build on the Prosperity of Oran, Feroz, and the Empire.

The Saltborn Collective.jpg

Saltborn Collective

Location: Primarily Quzar

Formed by three close friends, each a notable member of their communities, the Saltborn Collective is a well respected family banner that provides business and services of all types to the Quzar city bay. The most notable of these services is the Saltborn Surgery, run by two of the Saltborn's founders, Eulàleio i Hernán i Erigo and Vervain i Dorado. Though small and less influential, those who bear the symbol of the sun with seven rays setting over a sea with seven waves have the respect of many common citizens of the city they call home. Their focus is primarily on honing their own skills, growing their family and influence, and doing all they can to spread health and Virtue not only within their communities but all over the Empire. Alongside their community and family-focused mindset, any of those who have lost parents via any route or find themselves at a loose end with nothing to do and nobody to turn to will almost always be welcome amongst the Collective, whether they want to become a permanent member or not-- so long as they don't mind being made useful.

From the salt we rose as strangers; to the salt we'll fall as friends.

The Saltborn Collective oath.

Scales of the Salt-Water

Location: Quzar

Nestled amongst the white spires of Quzar lies the dock-side temple of the Scales of the Salt-Water. A place of learning and magic, but without a hint of bookishness. The front of the house operates much like a paradour, with merchants and captains discussing business over fine foods. The rear of the house is reserved for the coven members. Specialising in Autumn rituals of Ephisis and Estavus, the many bejewelled chests and boxes are frequently changing contents.

For those who leave the temple to visit Anvil, both trade and warfare are a pressing concern. Healers both magical and medicinal join the field, protected by the temple's fearsome guardians.

House Kemen.png

The Kemen Family

Location: Kemen Cove, Madruga

The Kemen family are self-described as an odd bunch. To many outside the Brass Coast they have been seen as lunatics or fools who follow odd practises and engage in reckless endeavours. But those within the Coast who take the time to know them would say they are ambitious, courageous, and fiercely proud of their own ways. They are a modest family who follow long respected traditions and beliefs, not only those common to all Freeborn but also those unique to the Kemen family. They refer to these traditions as The Old Ways (not to be confused with The Way) a reference to how their forbearers have lived and the traditions and beliefs that the family has held for generations.

The family spends its days having a good time and enjoying the short but bright lives they have as Freeborn. They partake in anything that would spark joy and they revel in adventure, while welcoming any who seek to join them in living life to the full.

Tempest Flame.jpg

The Tempest Flame

Location: Calvos Sound

The Tempest Flame have a deep connection to Zemress and her ship, the Kraken’s Bane. The Valiente family claim heritage from the crew of that ship, descending from those members who did not embark on the ship’s final voyage. They view Zemress as a spiritual grandmother figure to the family. They have a particularly strong association with the summer realm, with the greatest of the Valiente captains usually exhibiting changeling or cambion lineage. Their ambition and exuberance is born out of the desire to be the best sailors, strongest corsairs, and emulate the storm they take as a name - above all, the Tempest Flame wishes to follow in the legacy of the Kraken's Bane. The Flame is currently one big inter-married family comprised of both a Summer coven and a banner, allowing each family to engage in trade or privateering as they deem necessary - and giving everyone an opportunity to increase their effectiveness through ritual magic. In all decisions the family comes first, and the contracts of marriage are resigned yearly to remind every partner of both their individual responsibilities and their wider support. No member of the Tempest Flame should ever have to act alone.

Sea, Sand or Flame! We Will Not Be Tamed!


The Chimera

Location: Madruga currently
The history and creation of The Chimera goes as far back as Empress Deanne the Fair, fourteenth Imperial Throne of The Empire. First Dhomiro Ranmil I Malan I Erigo, founder of The Chimera fought alongside her in the battle of Necropolis, and during that battle is where The Chimera were formed.

Nothing can be said about The Chimera beyond that if you see a sea of black dancing across the battlefield, then The Chimera are probably to blame, as the years passed they kept to their morals, bringing in orphans and those without family into their “family” giving them a place to live, and something to live, or die, for. As Dhomiro’s come and go, as to The Chimera’s founding contract, the third of their core beliefs changes, some fight more toward battle, some toward knowledge and using knowledge to better the banner, but every Dhomiro is voted in for having the interests of the family at heart.

Sea Drake Cartel

Location: Calvos Sound, Madruga
Motto: Faster alone, further together
United in loyalty and vigilance the Sea Drake Cartel support the Freeborn people exclusively: Freeborn first, last and always. Each a member of the Erigo tribe, the focus of the siblings of the cartel is to protect the Brass Coast and build on its strength. Known by their familiar Sea Drake imagery and rings, they offer safe harbour for those who share in their ambitions. Whilst pursuing the ultimate goal of protecting the Freeborn people at any cost, with no deed being too unsavoury, they have had regular run-ins with Imperial Law as they pursue the goal for a brighter future. Embracing life's pleasures, as all Freeborn are wont to do, they aim to ensure the betterment of the coast they cherish along the way.

Home to several businesses, including Amador's Parador, bringing exotic foods and drinks from across the known world and the trade of unique goods liberated from the enemies of the Empire.