The cup is one of the instruments or dramaturgy. As such it often represents the method used in a magical ritual. A troupe will often have a specific prop that they use for the cup whenever it appears, and may in time come to treat the inanimate object a little like a member of the cast.

Appearance:A troupe's chalice may be represented by anything from a gem-studded goblet made of precious metals to a simple wooden mazer; the significance is that it holds liquid. It is also commonly presented as a potion, or as a magical liquid that causes a change.

Meanings: On its own, it represents prosperity and fulfilment, but as it is passed between the Personae its meaning changes.

When held by The Captain, the cup represents celebration and triumph; in the hands of The Prince, it represents prosperity on a national or Imperial scale. When held by The Bishop it represents purity and cleansing, especially in rituals such as Ascetic Star of Atun. In the hands of The Mountebank it signifies unleashed emotions, confusion and drunkenness. For The Doctor it represents assistance or aid - enchantments may be created by the doctor, or it might be a bitter medicine that inflicts a curse. Finally, in the hands of The Witch it represents magical potions, and the transformations they can bring or wine that encourages others to speak the truth.

For Hearthfire circle

The Bishop as Couros represents bonds, she gives the cup to The Captain as Scorrero and his band of warriors. Speech about being ready for battle tomorrow? Obvious. Did it last year during the battle at Karsk.

The Witch as Couros represents bonds, he passes the chalice around the coven. Bland. 'When shall we meet again' rubbish.

Scorrero is The Captain of a troupe of actors; the band have fallen ill and can't perform, so The Bishop in the role of the Prince's wife brings them a potion of healing (check with apothecary for details), allowing them to perform for The Prince. We actors are a synonym for magic, make one of them The Witch - Gregario doing his languid lush will do it if we stick him in the cowl. Like it. We'll do this one, as long as Gregario stays sober.