There are many important vales, cabals, and warden fellowships in Varushka. Despite the number, only a comparative handful are involved in the affairs of the Empire (that is, attend the seasonal summits at Anvil). Their influence can wax and wane, and involvement in Imperial affairs is not always a reflection of their prominence within the nation itself. This page presents in-character information about the groups that attend, or have attended, Anvil — the kind of thing that someone who asked about them might uncover from talking to their peers. In each case, the information is provided by the players and edited before being put on the wiki.

The majority of groups listed here are made up of player-characters. You should not create a character who is part of a group, or has personal history with one, without first clearing it with the appropriate players. You should also check before including other players' groups in your background. The background team are unlikely to approve a background that significantly impacts or involves another player character group without their permission. There are also a handful of prominent NPC groups included for completeness, but they are not intended for use by player characters.


Vales of Karov



  • Location: Wieliczka
  • Colours: Blue, red and black
  • Boyar: Jadwiga Orlovna

Beneath the southern mountains of Karov, along a stream rich in mana, lies the small Vale of Orlov. For centuries, the old Ushkan family who founded the vale lived in relative solitude. When the Vard fell from the sky, Orlov was slow to feel the aftershocks. Over the years, members left and fresh blood was drawn to the vale by the promise of mana and magic. The Mizerski family, the old Ushkans, were known to be great teachers of Winter magic. Some believed it to be the cause for the strong presence of the draughir lineage. Others thought it a gift from the Man in Blue and Red and Black - one of the two sovereigns of the vale.

345YE brought with it the first of the Jarmish refugees, rescued from Jarm by a pair of intrepid brothers. Every couple of years, more and more would come. Orlov grew in size and Prosperity as the Jarmish became Varushkans and settled in the vale that had given them a life. The Mizerskis were hesitant at first, but eventually warmed to their guests and eventual neighbours. Sometimes, the pack grows in unexpected ways. When he was too old to keep sailing to Jarm, one brother took over the Pale Lady Inn - named for the vale’s other sovereign.

Nowadays, there are many Dawnish yeofolk travelling through in their attempt to build a road to Delev through the mountains. Wardens often rest on their journeys too, defending the fledgling road and the travellers who use it.

Vales of Miekarova

Forest of the White Caves

Forest of the White Caves.jpg
Forest of the White Caves
  • Location: Mieriada

Deep in the heart of primal Miekarova, in the region of Mieriada, lies the Forest of the White Caves, named for its many painted caves, and claimed by the ancient Ushkan cabal: The Circle of Zulgan-Tash. The people of the Forest of White Caves come from ancient stock; they keep to themselves and they know the value of wisdom and tradition. The forest itself is as vast as it is dark, and as old as it is untamed. Amongst the pine, spruce, and larches, grow great oaks, as wide as a wagon, and as tall as a the towers of Urizen. The oaks provide a reminder that the lives of mortals are short and the forest will still be there long after they are buried in the body of moist-mother-earth.

Before the worst of the threats to humanity were pacified or driven out by the Circle, the depredations of wolves and worse led to isolation and poverty. These days, monsters are kept at bay by the wisdom and magic of the cabalists. Safety comes at a price of course, and only the Wise Ones know what bargains have been made with the Circle to gain their protection.

In the Forest of White Caves, people know they must work hard and remain vigilant to survive. They know that just because they cannot hear the wolf howl, it doesn’t mean it is not there, and they know that when you deal with a wizard there is always a price to be paid.

Night's Whispers

Night's Whispers.jpg
Night's Whispers
  • Location: Mieriada
  • Colours: Red, black, purple, blue, and white
  • Boyar: Silvia Rishkovich Danyleski

In the heart of the woods in Mieriada is a vale settled in the midst of the forest in a clearing. This is the vale of the Night's Whispers. Its inhabitants have an emphasis on the Virtues of Loyalty, Wisdom, and Vigilance above all others. There are a number of volhovs who lurk in their cottages in the vale, content to keep to themselves and use their skill as they wish without a coven. Storytelling, as in most vales, is important but in the Night's Whispers the focus of the stories during the day are lessons for children, but once the sun sets the stories become far more nightmarish. Stories are not just a warning and a lesson, but a way of understanding from a different level how important things are, like to stay on the roads.

The surrounding forests are for the most part safe, and many draw wealth from the forests of the area, but wolves have had a history with this vale. Strange monsters often arrive and are never turned away. Ultimately the vale is strives for harmony and acceptance, being proud of who you are and Loyalty to your kin and vale.

The Singing Night

Vale of the Singing Night.jpg
Singing Night
  • Location: Mieriada
  • Colours: Blue, yellow, grey, iridescent
  • Boyar: Nadezhda Marzenanyn Navratil

Located deep in the forests and mountains in northern Mieriada and steeped in night magic from a nearby northern system of the Painted Caves is the vale of the Singing Night. An Ushkan vale once lost to wolves, potentially to deliberate sabotage if the passed-down tales of locals are to be believed, it was originally reclaimed as an outpost to provide supplies and a home to the Wardens of the Dancing Forest but over time grew to become a true vale as it drew in both scattered residents from the surrounding area and newcomers from farther afield.

Rich seams of weltsilver and orichalcum, along with more mundane metals, are common in the mines around the vale. The mountain they rest at the foot of and the forest that surrounds them is filled with both a multitude of iridescent butterflies that are partially responsible for its name and a startling number of medicinal herbs. This combines with a long tradition of healers to mean a large number of the residents are trained as chirurgeons and physicks. The close proximity to some of the Painted Caves and the night regio within also leads to a large number of night mages and is occasionally blamed for the sizeable naga population among those born in the vale.

Music is a vital component of the warding here, most visible and audible in the many wind-chimes hanging from buildings, trees and even the supports in the mines and in the large number of resident stzena. It is said if there is ever silence the vale will be lost once more.


  • Location: Perumaki

Named after the Strasyelka, the tyrant that once ruled the area, Strascovia is a fertile valley rich in mines and forests. The sound of hammers striking metal can be heard from craft halls as iridescent butterflies flit through the restless woodland. There is a dark lake down the spine of the valley, those who stroll its shore may come across the odd broken child’s toy or the sound of something slithering across stone. Brooding over the landscape at the head of the pass, towers the ancient Grimhold. While prosperous, Strascovia is a hazardous vale of hollowed hills necessitating continual vigilance. Its forests are rumoured to uproot and march to war, it is even said the trees of Strascovia can be heard whispering on certain nights about battle tactics and blood.

The locals are hard working with their own traditions born from generational endurance and a creed of hospitality. Strascovia has way stations on the main trade routes at either end of the Vale. Strascovia has two Boyars Vasiliy Krenyenkov Valeskai Strascovich and Nisha Melinka Rupelia Strascovich. Other Boyars have come from the vale to care for other regions. The nearby small vale of Bitter Fruit has recently come under Strascovia protection after the unprecedented eradication of the incumbent Sovereign and is now home to many from Miechernya.

Spider's Rest

  • Location: Perumaki
  • Colours: Green and white
  • Boyar: Father Drakov

This vale of Spider's Rest lies in Perumaki close to the border of Mierada. The vale was originally founded as a logging village during the reign of Empress Giselle as an offshoot of the Wulfen Reavers. The vale was lost in unknown circumstances when the population was found to have been massacred almost to the last during the winter of 341YE. The only survivor was a baby who was found days later and raised by the Vor’azi sect.

During the winter of 384YE, Drakov returned with many others to reclaim the vale. Having dealt with the sovereign and the wolves the vale is once again growing; its wards have been renewed and are being strengthened daily and the local roads repaired. Spider’s Rest welcomes those who wish to find a new home and provides refuge for those wanting to heal physical and spiritual wounds.

Vales of Volodmartz

Sovereign's Head

  • Location: Opascari
  • Colours: Red, blue, and white
  • Boyar: Vladamir Sasha Volkov

High up within the Opascari mountains, where the snow only melts during the summer months, lies the Vale of the Sovereign’s Head. The wealth of its mountains and woods keep the people of the vale busy, it was rare that they would travel much farther than the nearest market and trading towns.

One of the grandest buildings in the vale is the large inn in the centre of town. Its many roofs pointing high to the sky and nailed above the double doors; a giant skull, bleached white with age looking down the vale beneath it. Though the vale has been missing from the summits of Anvil for several decades, the boyar Vladamir Sasha Volkov now brings the best from his vale including famous Sovereign’s Head a bar often full of mystery, meetings, and mayhem.

Third Brother

Third Brother.png
Third Brother
  • Location: Brez
  • Colours: Black and yellow
  • Boyar: Vidoslav Sosniok

After the Winter Solstice 384YE, three Varushkans were travelling home together. While making their way through the mountain passes of Volodmartz, they uncovered a series of rocks, unnaturally stacked on a large mound of dirt. A lone burial mound with no other sign of civilisation nearby. Intrigued but not daring to investigate up close, the trio set up camp. During the nights that followed they noticed interesting occurrences that prompted the trio to set up camp permanently and investigate the mystery.

Lysyryska has a somewhat unique shape. With regular walls facing outwards like any other vale would. But also walls facing inwards surrounding the burial mound. This gives the vale a unique O shape. The mystery surrounding the burial mound has given rise to superstition and paranoia.

One thing that has taken root is a reliance on blood magic. Many of the vale's inhabitants appear convinced of the importance blood when swearing oaths.

Vale of Carrion

Vale of Carrion.jpg
Vale of Carrion
  • Location: Opascari
  • Boyar: Alderei

Nestled within the Opascari mountains, the Vale of Carrion lies at the very edge of Varushka, bordering the land of Otkodov. Originally founded by refugees of Alderei's armies these messy borderlands have often been contested with the Thule, yet the Vale is so remote as to be a rare site of actual battle. Wardens are the main defensive force as they are fleeter of foot than their schlacta counterparts; no amount of armour will be enough if the wolves are hunting. The mountain passes are infamous for being snowbound during winter. Anyone who arrived at the Vale of Carrion would rarely find conditions safe enough to be able to leave. Stockpiling during the winter market is essential for survival and the Vale hosts a great midwinter feast during this dark and isolated time.

"Where the woods of Varushka grow darker, And bitterest cold makes pine sap shatter,
Here ice and snow act as palisade, The wind and blizzard as Boyar's blade,
Wolven howls chill the blood and turn cheeks pale, Why there lies Fairest Alderei's home vale."

-poem about the Vale of Carrion by a travelling priest


  • Location: Opascari
  • Colours: Red, gold, and white
  • Boyar: Ostrik Vulpe

Between the pines in the foothills of the Opascari mountains sits the vale of Vaslyuk. It sits in an artificial clearing, beneath a great maw in the mountain which the inhabitants mine for its rich reserves of weltsilver.

The town built beneath this mine has the peculiar quirk of seemingly being overrun by foxes: each building is built slightly above ground to allow fox burrows underneath. The inhabitants appear to keep the beasts; not as pets but as revered family members; not barring their entry from anywhere and dropping food from their tables to feed the animals. They seem more docile than their wild counterparts partially due to slight domestication. A pre-Imperial story of why the inhabitants keep foxes is commonly told here - titled ‘The Fox Oath’ - though some doubt its accuracy. According to this story a Vulpe must be Boyar of the vale or some undescribed calamity will occur; this tradition has not been broken in recorded history.

Just as the fox is the virtue animal of Ambition, so too do the members of the Fox Fangs of Vaslyuk (the vale’s delegation at Anvil) value Ambition striving to further project their vale’s power outward to Anvil and beyond. To this end, there are training grounds suitable to house and train fierce schlacta. There is a visually distinctive split between the pre-Imperial architecture and newly built homes, evidence that the vale had been isolated for some time before a very recent increase in population.

Vales of Karsk

Vale of Lost Souls.png
Lost Souls

Lost Souls

  • Location: Lestasny
  • Colours: Dark blue and green
  • Boyar: Amris Johan Merikovich

The vale is in an isolated and heavily forest area of Lestasny and sits next to a natural ford across a small river which runs from the deep forest to the north-east and snakes down to the Semmerlak. The vale is built on ruins left from the invasion of Karsk. This vale is now made up of outcasts and refugees looking for a new life, it will accept anybody (and some say anything) that will swear a binding oath to the vale and the empire.

Inhabitants of the vale are focused on second chances and new beginnings and is heavily tied to the virtues of Wisdom and Loyalty and the magical realm of Night. Those who reside in the vale are known to prefer the use of cunning, deception and diplomacy in favour of brute force.

Due to the vale still being relatively young it has no real traditions and most buildings are new and still being improved, however it a large number of wise ones and volhovs among its members.


  • Location: Lestasny
  • Boyar: Fretek Sargava Slavomiryn

Originally established as an outpost in 384YE, the vale of Valakaulau has experienced steady growth amplified by the former slaves entering the territory in the wake of the Thule liberation. The Vale rests in Lestasny’s heart, where forests slowly swallow the battlefields of the Thule war. The vale's wealth comes from exploiting the rich deposits of dragonbone as well as deep veins of iron. Even river silt does not escape this enthusiasm, supplying a strong glassworking culture within the town which has developed a reputation for fine labour. These goods flow along Semmerlak tributaries and the crow roads into Ossium and further afield.

The people of Valakaulau hold a particular reverence for artisans and other craftsfolk. The boyar's power stems from their competence in maintaining the vale’s tools and armour, which are otherwise quickly blunted by industry. This prosperous outlook translates into versatile and intricate architecture, and a unique warding style, where gifts of beads, carvings, and refined foods such as sugar draw a boundary between those who accept hospitality and wolves.

Despite often humble origins, citizens of Valakaulau are known for strong relations of supportive prosperity and hatred for those that exploit them, as they say "The only beggar in Valakaulau is the lye". The Vale's leadership hold a particularly strong ambition to see Karsk brought back into heel, seeking to reclaim the lands of Isember in service of the vale, Varushka, and the Empire.


  • Location: Branoc
  • Colours: Blue, red, and gold
  • Boyar: Sulisav Menner, the Voice of Yarizov

Founded during the reign of Empress Varkula. Yarizov is a small vale constructed amidst the haunted hills in the southwest of Branoc. Yarizov was founded to be a strong defensible outpost willing to spread and expand its military might to protect neighbouring outposts, later assimilating the smaller outposts into it. Yarizov has always encouraged its inhabitants to fight for what they have and do not waver from that, to die for what they believe in and always stick to their loyalties.

The boyar of Yarizov was rumoured to make some form of bargain with dark powers during 368YE which allowed it to remain hidden from the invading armies of the Thule, surviving but hardly thriving. Because of this many schlacta of the vale spend their two years fighting as part of the Iron Helms.

The boyar of Yarizov is advised by a council of seven wise ones, each representing a Virtue, who aim to find the best way to progress the vale. There is a great respect for stzena within the vale, the boyar often being referred to as the Voice of Yarizov as a result.

Yarizov has often found itself taking in refugees, vagrants and lost souls, giving them a new purpose to work towards. These individuals when leaving Yarizov are found with strong resolve and a powerful sense of Loyalty, not only to Yarizov but to Varushka as a whole.

Vales of Ossium

The Wolves Hearth.png
The Wolves Hearth

The Wolves Hearth

  • Location: Echofell
  • Boyar: Belakov Zakharovich Prochnost

The Wolves Hearth is a small vale situated deep in the heart of Echofell. It is deceptively cosy, offering the expected warm fire and hospitality to all in an otherwise unforgiving and treacherous landscape. What visitors may be surprised to learn is that the inhabitants of the Wolves Hearth take the idea of ‘hospitality for all’ further than most Varushkans. Upon the founding of the Wolves Hearth the Boyar struck a deal with a nearby sovereign, The Father of Wolves, that human and wolf alike would be offered hospitality if requested. For this reason the vale’s inhabitants are able to live in almost perfect peace, as long as they are able to tolerate some unusual house guests.

Founded six months after the conquest of Ossium, the Wolves Hearth was built with the spirit of raising Ossium from the ashes. Led by the Prochnost family which has dedicated itself to building Ossium’s future and has produced the first two senators of the territory. The vale is a home for any who share the vision of a prosperous Ossium. In turn, they take very unkindly to anyone who threatens Ossium’s future, always maintaining a close eye on the border, they keep their citizens in constant readiness to fight potential invaders.

The people of the Wolves Hearth are fierce, principled, and militant. Their bond is to their territory and they will defend it no matter the cost.

Cabals and Fellowships


Cabal Lyktan.png
Cabal Lyktan

Cabal Lyktan

Cabal Lyktan is a coven that call on the brilliance of Day and the golden light of Autumn that shines from the lantern that is Cabal Lyktan - “Lyktan” meaning “Lantern” in one of the Sumaash dialects. Ritualists from across Varushka came together to found the cabal in 376YE, with an aim to support the nation and the Empire.

Cabal members from more than fifteen vales from across every territory of Varushka travel to Anvil each summit to perform curses and rituals. Ritualists with training in the realms of Day and Autumn are welcomed into the cabal with support and true Varushkan hospitality.

Heirs of Pakaanan

The Heirs of Pakaanan were formed at the beginning of 383YE, when a small group of volhovs, wardens and wise ones united over a desire to seek out knowledge and protect Varushka, beginning with a magical ward over the camp’s hearth at Anvil.

Heirs of Pakaanan.png
Heirs of Pakaanan

The Heirs is a diverse coven, representing traditions and practices from across Varushka. They have a range of interests and opinions, involving themselves in other people’s business as they see fit, but united by common aims. Membership interests range from Conclave, to Synod, to Senate. Despite Pakaanan’s membership of the Rod and Shield, the coven as a whole is apolitical, although individual members might not be.

The Heirs seek out knowledge and lost lore of Pakaanan, drawing on the pragmatic, vagabond spirit of Varushkan magic that the volhov embodied. The coven is not ancient and as far as they know, no members have any direct ties to volhov himself, but this does not matter.

They honour the duties of the wandering magicians of yore. They are predominately a Winter coven, respecting that realm’s resonance with Wisdom, and Oaths and Wards, and to a lesser extent Weakness and Punishment. Despite this, the coven appreciates Day’s resonance to Divination and Revelation, and Night’s resonance to Intuition and Obfuscation, for imparting and concealing knowledge respectively.

Warden Fellowships

Wardens of the Dancing Forest

  • Location: Mieriada, Miekarova
  • Warden-Captain: Iskra Marzenanova Navratil
Wardens of the Dancing Forest.jpg
Wardens of the Dancing Forest

The Wardens of the Dancing Forest were formed when a small band of wardens, battle-mages, schlacta and battle-physicks from northern Mieriada decided to reclaim their ancestral home, the Dancing Forest and the vale that was once within it. A large undertaking given the size of the area in question and the time it had been since it had fallen they nonetheless set to rebuilding and warding the roads and buildings that had fallen into disrepair, dealing with the wolves and bargaining with the two sovereigns that called the area home. As they laboured and began to show results they grew in number of both warriors and supporters, setting the foundations of what would one day become the Vale of the Singing Night.

Many, many years after they had begun their labour they achieved their goal and with the sovereigns placated, the wards in place and the wolves killed or held at bay they continued to grow and expand their operations to help replace and maintain the wards of the northern reaches of Miekarova, heal the sick and injured and defend the Varushkans there from orcs and the many wolves that still plague the deep forests and mountains. The large number of physicks, a well-maintained tradition from when they were first formed, means the less medically-inclined are sometimes jokingly accused of being nothing more than bodyguards for the healers and a fair few stzena are also counted among their ranks.

A small group attend Anvil regularly to protect both Varushka and the Empire on a larger scale than they could achieve at home

Wardens of the Grateful Hearth

  • Location: Srodkoja, Miekarova
  • Warden-Captain: Jaromir Ostrovyn Kostka

The Wardens of the Grateful Hearth took up their duty to the roads of their nation as a calling given amidst disaster. A band of traveling schlacta found themselves overmatched by wolves one grim winter, yet were saved from doom only by a chance discovery of shelter; a half-collapsed hillfort of aged stone. The overgrown structure they found should have done little to keep the monsters at bay, and yet within they found the place warded, with living herbs in sheltered gardens that allowed them to tend to their wounds. Most unusual of all was the hearth in the great hall of the keep, which was piled high with dry wood and leapt to life at the touch of the softest flame.

Wardens of the Grateful Hearth.png
Wardens of the Grateful Hearth

Through these gifts, they survived, and there they named their refuge Hearthguard. When spring finally came, an oath was made; grateful for their survival, the schlacta would dedicate themselves to the warden’s path, and Hearthguard would be their stronghold from which they would range out against the dark.

In the many years since, the Wardens of the Grateful Hearth have grown in both numbers and influence, a rise which has been matched by a widening perspective on who they should be working to protect. This has culminated in their regular attendance at Anvil, where they see to the protection of not just their home of Miekarova, but the rest of Varushka and the Empire beyond. Under their watchful eyes, all shall have a safe place to call home.

Other Groups

Other Player Groups

Hearth & Honey.png
Hearth and Honey

Hearth and Honey Tea Shoppe

  • Location: Delev, Duzekani, Karov
  • Boyar: Nikolai Yaropolk Borislav

The Hearth and Honey Tea Shoppe is the lasting legacy of Grandma Ida, who founded it beneath the shade of the brooding oak known as the blood tree. Once simply a stopping off point for traders to and from Karov, over the years it has grown into a thriving waystation for travellers of all stripes. Famous not only for its selection of teas and the quality of its cinnamon rolls, but also the ferocity of its schlacta, it is a place that any who visit once are sure to seek out again.

Grandma Ida was a keen apiarist, and with several hives dotted around the Shoppe, huge black bees are often seen around the vale on their own business - or that of the vale's sovereign. Each family in the vale goes once a week to the blood tree, an ancient deep red oak, and makes an offering of blood and tears to keep the Vale's sovereign placated. Most of the vale carry around vials of fresh blood for this reason, and anyone sworn to the banner in the field is gifted the blood and tears of the "Keeper of the Tithe", to keep them safe on the road until they can offer their own to the blood tree.

Predominantly following the Virtue of Prosperity, the Tea Shoppe also maintains a presence in Anvil, sending its greatest warriors through the Sentinel Gate. It counts several mages and fighters amongst its number, as well as at least one priest and one apothecary, whilst the current Boyar is an artisan of no small skill.

Karov Mercers' Compact

Karov Mercers Compact.png
Karov Mercers Compact
  • Location: Karov
  • Boyar: Triska Markova

The Mercers are Varushkan citizens who live in various towns across Karov. They have come together to push for the interests and importance of the territory to be recognised amongst Varushka and the Empire.

They feel that Karov’s problems are two-fold: it is often overlooked by other Varushkans due to its more “civilised” nature, while also being overlooked by other Imperial citizens as just being another part of the “wild” and “uncivilised” nation. The truth is, it is both of these things.

The Mercers feel that each Varushkan territory is unique; this is why the Compact includes volhovs and priests as well as traders and aims to connect with other local groups so that the best Karovian solution – be it for politics, magic, fighting or more – can be found for Karovian problems.

The group does not intend to disconnect or distance themselves from the rest of Varushka, simply to highlight the differences (and similarities) found within the nation.

Once upon a time, Delev and Temeschwar were rivals – the Mercers hope that, given time and effort, they can once more bring Delev to rival a Leagueish city. They are working with other Karov groups to invest in the territory; politically, economically, and socially.

Kurstrozi Outpost

Kurstrozi Outpost.jpg
Kurstrozi Outpost
  • Location: Drownbark Forest, Ossium
  • Colours: Red
  • Boyar: Krasivit Bhukova

The Kurstrozi outpost is a logging company that moved into Ossium when the territory was conquered and works to improve the Prosperity of the vale, and the territory, as a whole where it can. They are known in Anvil for bringing samples of the wood that makes up their living and splitting it in camp whilst wearing their distinctive little, red hats.

The vale is made of a mix of Varushkan settlers and natives of Ossium who are focused on making their homeland truly their own. There are a large number of merchants, and the vale is swiftly becoming recognised as a trading hub.

Razoradze Wagon Raiders

Razoradze Wagon Raiders
  • Location: Drownbark Forest, Ossium
  • Colour: Purple
  • Leader: Aksel Reznov Razoradze

The Razoradze Wagon Raiders were founded by Aksel after realising there was money to be made in the Mallum; he left his homeland of Karsk and headed to Ossium to begin raiding the Druj, helping the imperial armies loot storage caches and attacking Druj remnants. Once Ossium was fully liberated they set up a base near the Stinking Market, despite the grumblings of some who wanted to remain completely itinerant, to have easy access to sell their looted wares and to raid deep into the Forest of Ulnak.

The siblings of the Razoradze are mostly made up of Karsk Varushkans and natives of Ossium with a surprising number of priests found among their contingent for a group of wagon raiders, leading to a great number of anointings and hallowed objects. All Razoradze strive to increase the prosperity of themselves and Ossium, and to help bring a final end to the Druj; with some members now going to Anvil to further these goals.


  • Location: Roads of Varushka
  • Uncle: Borys

While most Varushkans share the idiom “Stay on the Path”, the Vardovich live by it. The Vardovich rolled out of Strascovia centuries ago, and have not left the road since. These people number as many as a small vale, but they have no permanent home. They travel the roads of Varushka and beyond.

The Vardovich are road builders, traders and mundane artisans. The wardens amongst them rarely fight monsters, but are first when it comes to building a path to ward against wolves. As a village on wheels they are prized for their addition to any army with their logistics and support. Having no actual vale, they have no Boyar. They pay respects to the Boyar of Strascovia, and call their own leader, simply, “Uncle”.

Wick's Rest Outpost

  • Location: Crowslook, Karsk

The outpost of Wick's Rest is built near the ruins of the old vale of Candlehearth. The old vale was destroyed before the Thule occupation by some unknown tragedy. The outpost is home to many who once lived in the old vale who took the opportunity of the Thule retreat to attempt to reclaim their home from the wolves.

The people of Wick's Rest are survivors, many of them wardens or cabalists gifted in the magic of Winter. They are eager to establish themselves as a vale once more but the threat of wolves and ruined environs make that a challenging prospect.

In the centre of the outpost stands a watchtower. The only building of the old Vale that remains intact once marking the very edge of its borders.

Wulfen Reavers

Wulfen Reavers.png
Wulfen Reavers
  • Location: Mieriada and Bittershore
  • Colours: Red and cream
  • Boyar: Vuk “The Wolfeater “ Belydržiakbalebos

The Wulfen Reavers formed from the survivors of the Vale of Belyvolk Pass. Their vale was lost one night when the wards failed and husks stormed the settlement. The survivors fought their way out and left their vale behind. They travelled the roads of Varushka being joined by those who also had no home. During the Summer Solstice 380YE the Reavers were able to travel through Sentinel Gate alongside their allies and retook the Vale, becoming the Wulfen Reavers of Belyvolk Pass.

With their home reclaimed, rebuilding began and the Boyar invited any who wished to come and resettle the vale, building a home for anyone without a hearth, a tradition they continue to this day.

At the end of 383YE some Reavers left Belyvolk to form a new Vale in Ossium, at the end of the Golden Causeway; these are the Wulfen Reavers of Causeway’s End. This led to the Reavers becoming the core leadership of several vales and outposts across the nation all following the same ideas and bound to the same oaths. Belyvolk lies primarily in Mieriada near to the borders with Perumaki and Brez. The northern end of the vale leads towards the path to Otkodov. The pass was at one time guarded by a simple palisade wall to deter Thule raiders.

Causeway’s End is in Bittershore just at the end of the Golden Causeway. It is a new vale ready to assist any those who seek to spread Prosperity in their journeys.

NPC Groups


Any player character group in Varushka can submit an entry for this page. The entry should come from the out-of-character group leader and be emailed to plot@profounddecisions.co.uk.

It should contain the following information:

  • Group archetype (vale, cabal, or warden fellowship). If your group doesn't have one of these archetypes, it will be listed in the "other" section.
  • Territory and region where the groups lands are physically located. Vales are based around vales, but both warden fellowships and cabals will be tied to a physical location that serves as their base of operations.
  • If your group has specific colours, you can mention them here.
  • The name of your boyar if you are a vale. If there is someone in your warden fellowship or cabal that serves as the in-character leader of the group, you can mention them and their title here

You should also include up to 250 words of description, detailing the kind of things that other characters might know about your group. Have a look at the description for a vale, or at the archetype pages for cabalists and wardens for ideas on the kind of information that is useful. You must also include a few sentences of history, especially around the circumstances of the vale's formation or origin.

Some other questions to consider include:

  • Are there one or more particular archetypes the group is particularly associated with? Obviously warden fellowships will contain wardens, and cabals are expected to have cabalists among their number, but is there a noteworthy archetype that might be unexpected or has a special role?
  • Does your group have a particular ambition which helps unify your members?
  • Is there anything notable about the lands you claim, or about the physical buildings that serve as your home?

Things to avoid include:

  • Too much worldbuilding detail — this represents information other characters may know about your house. It's not a place to define elements of the game world
  • Lists of character names — this isn't a place for getting your name on the wiki
  • Too much emphasis on the past — while it's useful to have a few lines of history, what matters in Empire is what your house does on the field at events

It's possible to update the information on this page over time (for example if your boyar changes) with an e-mail to plot@profounddecisions.co.uk.