The virtuous are alert to all dangers; within and without.


These Imperial titles were established by a vote of the Imperial Senate in Summer 379YE. There are eight virtue inquisitors in total - one for each of the virtue assemblies, and one for the assembly of the Way. The virtue inquisitors were established as part of a larger plan to establish an inquisitorial court.

The powers and appointment method of the Virtue inquisitors were significantly amended by the Imperial Senate in Spring 382YE.


The intention of the Senate is that the Virtue inquisitors would form an Inquisitorial court in conjunction with the Imperial Inquisitor, to oversee inquistions and ensure their accountability and transparency. This inquisitorial court is also expected to work with the Imperial militia and the Imperial Synod to ensure inquisitions are performed correctly.


Inquisitor's Judgement

Once per summit, the Virtue inquisitor may propose a judgement of Inquisition that is in addition to the single judgement they may normally raise. The inquisition follows all the normal rules.


Each inquisitor is appointed by a judgement of Appointment in the appropriate virtue assembly. Selection is by a judgement of appointment raised by the Tribune in the standard manner.

Any Imperial citizen may hold this title. They can be revoked by the General Assembly, the appropriate Virtue assembly, and the Assembly of the Nine.

Reappointment Schedule
Winter Solstice Courage & Wisdom
Spring Equinox Loyalty & Pride
Summer Solstice The Way & Prosperity
Autumn Equinox Ambition & Vigilance