The Academy Student Council draws its members from students attending the Imperial Academy. One member is elected from each nation. It serves both as an educational experience in the political processes of the Empire and as a decision-making body on behalf of all Academy students.

The council's activities are overseen by the Advisor to the Student Council, a member of the Academy Faculty who advises the council on how they may use their powers and the motions they present in council meetings.


Elections are held twice a year, at the Spring and Autumn Equinoxes. Any student attending the Academy may put themselves forward, and elections for each nation are conducted according to national traditions. Each Student Councillor may appoint a proxy.

Meeting times

The Student Council meets at 12pm on the Saturday of each event in the Senate. Meetings are conducted by the Speaker for the Senate.


The council's powers are designed to empower the students to make decisions about the use of resources available to the Academy, including the stipend provided to the Bursar by Senate, any other charitable donations, and the produce of the Faculty's herb gardens, mana sites and mines.

Councillors may present one motion at each meeting. If passed, the Faculty will make all efforts to see that the motion is carried out. Previous motions have included the construction of magic items for the use of the Academy or as gifts to worthy people or groups, donations in support of organisations such as the Anvil Field Hospital, and suggestions for new classes or activities.