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Adventurous apothecary Estrella of Feroz
Estrella of Feroz, a former Dhomiro of the Cinnabar Hills


The Dhomiro of the Cinnabar Hills is an Imperial title awarded to a Freeborn citizen. It is a national position appointed through the Bourse.

The Dhomiro of the Cinnabar Hills serves as an arbitrator and mediator charged with keeping peace between the often volatile families of Kahraman. In the process, the Dhomiro encounters plenty of opportunities to trade for orichalcum from the mines of Damata, tempest jade from the quarries of the Jade Range, and beggar's lye gathered from the beggarwood forests of western Gambit.

Some Dhomiro take their title very seriously, and spend their spare months actively travelling through Kahraman looking for opportunities to improve the lot of the Freeborn who live there. Others leave the job to agents - reaping the rewards of their position by proxy.

Prior to the popular change prompted by the Brass Coast National Assembly, only those captains of fleets that had engaged in privateering during the previous year could vote for the Dhomiro of the Cinnabar Hills. This changed shortly before the Spring Equinox 383YE and now every captain of a fleet in the Brass Coast has a say in who will hold the title.

In 385YE around the time of the appraisal into Kahraman, the territory faced significant problems with raiders during which the Dhomiro lost access to the top two ranks of their ministry. This problem was alleviated in Summer 385YE when the Senate opted to fund caravan guards to secure the territory.


There is a tacit expectation that the Dhomiro of the Cinnabar Hills will help ensure the economic stability of Kahraman - and where possible help increase the prosperity of the mine owners and artisans that make the hills their home. In practice, they are rarely called on to intervene directly but it is not unknown for inhabitants of Kahraman having purely economic problems to bring them to the Dhomiro before they bother a senator with them - even where the title holder is not themselves a Kahraman native it is assumed they have sufficient self-interest to remain concerned about the general economic welfare of the hill dwellers.

On occasion, the Dhomiro may be asked to help out with problems concerning the Great Mine of Briante or the Damatian Cliffs, especially where those problems have arisen from conflict between the Freeborn and the individual who holds the Imperial Bourse seat. Some politically astute Dhomiro of the Cinnabar Hills have invested the wealth they accrue from their title towards placing trusted family members in control of those valuable seats on the Imperial Bourse.



Bounteous Kahraman
9 Crowns7 ingots of tempest jade, 3 measures of beggar's lye and 3 ingots of orichalcum
17 Crowns10 ingots of tempest jade, 6 measures of beggar's lye and 6 ingots of orichalcum
24 Crowns12 ingots of tempest jade, 7 measures of beggar's lye and 7 ingots of orichalcum
30 Crowns14 ingots of tempest jade, 8 measures of beggar's lye and 8 ingots of orichalcum
35 Crowns16 ingots of tempest jade, 9 measures of beggar's lye and 9 ingots of orichalcum

As a ministry, the title of Dhomiro of the Cinnabar Hills allows the holder to purchase quantities of special materials at a set price. The Dhomiro spends their decision about how much money to spend during downtime from their character page. Money is removed from, and resources are placed into, the character's inventory when the downtime is processed.


This title is appointed during the Autumn Equinox. The Dhomiro of the Cinnabar Hills is appointed by citizens of the Brass Coast who control fleet personal resources. The voting is handled by the civil servants in the Bourse.

Only a Brass Coast character may hold the title. They do not receive a seat on the Bourse. As a title appointed through the Bourse, they cannot be revoked by the Imperial Synod.

Iñez i Azul-Mar i Erigo, Dhomiro of the Cinnabar Hills
Autumn Equinox 385YEIñez i Azul-Mar i Erigo431 Votes
Autumn Equinox 384YEAurélio i Valiente i Erigo167 Votes
Autumn Equinox 383YEAurélio i Valiente i Erigo112 Votes
Autumn Equinox 382YEDemetrio Taziel i Riqueza232 Votes
Autumn Equinox 381YEDemitrio Taziel i Riqueza
Winter Solstice 380YESagua i'Ezmara i'Murit i'Erigo
Autumn Equinox 379YEGalleo i Tazriel i Riqueza
Autumn Equinox 379YEJoaquin i Shartha i Riqueza
Autumn Equinox 378YEJoaquin i Shartha i Riqueza
Winter Solstice 377YEEstrella

Recent Elections

This title is currently held by Iñez i Azul-Mar i Erigo; it will be reelected at Autumn Equinox 386YE. The table to the right shows the citizens who have been elected to hold this title in the years since Empress Britta died.

The Title in Play

The role does not provide additional information about events in the Empire, nor allow the player holding it to request special reports or downtime actions. These details are assumed to be below the abstraction layer. The title holder is encouraged to create their own stories about their activities within reasonable limits and to get involved in events appropriate to their title during the game, but they do not have any powers beyond those explicitly listed in the section on powers.

These details exist partly to provide context and character to the role - and partly to allow our writers to use the title as a plot hook. Plot that involves the position will be rare - but all the campaign positions in Empire have these details to create the potential for it to happen.