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Ettercap is a catch-all term given to the insect-like abominations that thrive in areas infested with the vallorn. They demonstrate a great deal of diversity, some scouts claim that no two ettercaps are exactly the same. They range in size from small, fast, stealthy killers to large, lumbering monsters larger than a bear. Some incorporate obvious non-insect characteristics (fur and patches of scales are most common). Some have demonstrated considerable cunning, while others have simply charged the nearest target in the area as soon as they were spotted.

One characteristic all seem to have in common, and share with the vallornspawn husk, is that they are not debilitated by the vallorn miasma. Indeed, they appear to thrive within the miasma - there are reports that some ettercaps fought in the confines of a vallorn-infested forest have demonstrated incredible regenerative capabilities.

Recent developments - within the last few years - have shown what appears to be a disturbing increase in the level of cooperation, planning, and cunning among the ettercaps. There's also reports of them using tools - weapons and armour salvaged form defeated opponents. They have also been reportedly using more complex tactics than ever before, cooperating together to take down more dangerous foes, using ambush, traps, and distractions to kill intruders. No thorough investigation has yet been made of this phenomenon, but there are many theories as to what might be causing it including the fact that a new vallorn heart was added to the network of trods with the addition of the city of Emrys in Sküld.

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