There have been twenty Empresses and Emperors since the Empire was founded.

Reign Name Title Nation Number
1YE - 22YE First Empress the First Highguard 1
23YE - 34YE Emperor Giovanni the Peacemaker League 2
36YE - 69YE Empress Richilde the Sun Queen Dawn 3
71YE - 91YE Empress Teleri the Pious Navarr 4
(91YE-103YE) n/a First Interregnum n/a n/a
103YE - 120YE Empress Aenea the Builder Highguard 5
125 YE - 167 YE Empress Varkula the Undying Varushka 6
168YE-179YE Emperor Frederick the Philosopher League 7
180 YE - 198 YE Emperor Barabbas the Mariner Highguard 8
200YE - 209YE Emperor Nicovar the Mad Urizen 9
212YE - 234YE Empress Mariika the Cunning Wintermark 10
239YE - 248YE Emperor Guntherm the Bold (or the Bloodthirsty) Wintermark 11
249YE - 257YE Empress Brannan the Relentless Navarr 12
258YE-281YE Emperor James the Wise Marches 13
(278 YE - 300YE) n/a Second Interregnum n/a n/a
300YE - 318YE Empress Deanne the Fair Navarr 14
324YE - 329YE Emperor Ahraz the Liberator Brass Coast 15
331YE - 346YE Empress Giselle the Unwise League 16
348YE - 368YE Emperor Hugh called the Ill-Prepared Dawn 17
371YE - 373YE Emperor Walter called the Ham-fisted Marches 18
374YE - 376YE Empress Britta called the Young Empress Wintermark 19
380YE - 383YE Empress Lisabetta of Flowers League 20