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A mine represents a worked holding. It could be a small but profitable shaft mine, a series of underground tunnels, or it could be something as small as a panning operation.


Upon taking a mine, you must choose one of green iron, tempest jade, weltsilver or orichalcum. A mine produces 12 ingots of the chosen material.

Downtime Options

It is possible to obtain additional materials from a mine during any given season. You may spend 6 crowns to have the mine produce an additional 5 ingots of the same material as it would naturally produce.


A mine can be upgraded using mithril obtained from the Bourse. Each time a mine is upgraded, the owner receives an additional 2 ingots from then on.

To upgrade a mine requires Imperial wains of mithril equal to the level the mine is being upgraded to. So the first upgrade of a starting level 1 mine costs 2 Imperial wains of mithril, from 2 to 3 costs 3 Imperial wains, etc.


A mine can be diversified to sacrifice production of one material for another. To diversify a mine costs one throne. Each time a mine diversifies, the owner chooses a different resource from the list for mines; the mine produces 2 ingots of the new material at the expense of 2 less of the original material.


The table below shows a list of the rituals in both Imperial lore and Urizen lore which can affect the production of a business.

Ritual Effect Realm Magnitude
Delve Deep, Beneath the Mountain Produces an additional 100 rings and six ingots over the next season Summer 12
Revelation of the Jewel's Sparkling Heart Produces an additional 8 ingots over the next season Day 8
Raise the Dragonsworn Cohort(1) Functions as a military unit with 100 extra strength if defending a fortification Summer 20
An Echo of Songs(1) Uses ilium to permanently upgrade the mine Night 30
Hammers of Fury(2)(3) Produces a pouch of warm ashes but reduces production by 2 ingots over the next season Autumn 80
Like Water Through Your Fingers Reduces production by three quarters for a year Autumn 30
Winter's Ghosts(3) Reduces production by a quarter over the next season Winter 50

  1. This ritual is in Urizen lore
  2. This ritual is a mystic scroll of Estavus
  3. This ritual affects an entire territory