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Mother Varushka

The Varushkan Egregore spirit is called Mother Varushka, a familial indication of the high respect in which she is held. She epitomizes the Varushkan tradition of a wise one, making time for any who need advice or help.

The Egregore works hard to maintain the hearth magics that keep everyday Varushkans safe. She is particularly concerned to ensure that Varushkans celebrate properly once the sun has set, and likes to test any child she meets about the nation’s traditions and the meanings behind them.

The current host is a warden named Illya, usually known simply as "Warden". His brotherhood was ambushed by wolves whilst hunting criminals on the roads in Karov and he is the only survivor. Like most wardens he tries to be ready for any situation, aiding Varushka with his Summer rituals in addition to taking the battlefield as a light skirmisher and healer.

Just as all the previous hosts, Warden always carries a distinctive wooden staff painted with dozens of images of virtuous animals. At gatherings he usually wanders from tent to tent, listening to folk’s business and offering words of sage advice.