The Imperial Titles of the Synod

At the end of the Spring Equinox, 379 YE, the Imperial Titles in the Synod were held by:

Virtue Cardinal Gatekeeper / Conscience
Ambition Bishop Olek of the League Seraiah Armand of the Suns of Couros, Highguard
Courage Asher of Felix's Watch in Highguard Agnieszka Katrinova Prochnost of Varushka
Loyalty Jared of the Suns of Couros, Highguard Oberon Caeli Rezia di Tassato of the League
Pride Elka Nadyanova Gremani of Varushka Lady Josephine Novarion of Dawn
Prosperity Edythe Dunne of Wintermark Wilhemina Maryenkovich Poltova of Varushka
Vigilance Silas of the Suns of Couros, Highguard Nikolovich Drakov of Varushka
Wisdom Agnetha De Rondell of Dawn Livia Cascade of Urizen
The Way Beodun Snowlock of Wintermark Lisabetta Giacomi von Holberg of the League

Other Synod-Appointed Titles

Title Held By Appointed By Renews
High Exorcist Solas of Urizen Assembly of Nine Winter Solstice
Auditor of Senatorial Accountability Sargon of Felix's Watch, Highguard Assembly of Nine Until death, revocation or abdication
Imperial Inquisitor Severin Teyhard von Holberg of the League Assembly of Nine Summer Solstice
Custodian of the Imperial War Memorial Ira of Felix's Watch, Highguard Assembly of Nine Sinecure; until death, revocation or abdication
Imperial Chaplain Consular Hywel Summercrow, Navarr Cardinal of The Way Spring Equinox


At the Summit, the following appointments were made by the Virtue Assemblies of the Synod:

Appointment of the Cardinal of Vigilance

Candidate Votes Received Outcome
Silas of Highguard 63 votes Appointed as Cardinal
Irada Von Temeschwar of the League 52 votes -
Abraham of Highguard 42 votes -
Yimiska of Wintermark 18 votes -
Cardinal Silas appointed Nikolovich Drakov as Gatekeeper - -

Appointment of the Cardinal of Ambition

Candidate Votes Received Outcome
Olek of the League 87 votes Appointed as Cardinal
Dietrich Elias Von Holburghan of the League 0 votes -
Cardinal Olek appointed Seraiah Armand as Gatekeeper - -

Appointment of the Cardinal of Prosperity

Candidate Votes Received Outcome
Edythe Dunne of Wintermark 70 votes Appointed as Cardinal
Soratio of the Brass Coast 26 votes -
Cardinal Edythe appointed Wilhemina Maryenkovich Poltova as Gatekeeper - -

Synod Judgements

At the Summit, the following judgements were made by the Assemblies of the Synod:

Number Assembly Judgement Raised By Outcome
1 Vigilance Appointment of the Cardinal The Civil Service Silas of Highguard was appointed
2 Ambition Appointment of the Cardinal The Civil Service Olek of the League was appointed
3 Ambition Inquisition of Nikolovich Drakov. The outgoing Imperial Inquisitor levelled accusations of unvirtuous behaviour and "pettiness" against Father Drakov. These accusations require Inquisition to determine their truth or falsehood. Inquisition to be held on Sunday at 6pm; convene at the Hub. Severin Von Holberg Upheld 92 - 0
4 General Rewarding Achilles of Urizen with 20 Thrones for his prosperity at the last summit, realising potential accrued over a long time, without which success in Spiral and Reikos at that summit would not have been attainable. Solas of the Spire of the Waxing Sun Upheld 422 - 0
5 Vigilance Recognition of "Major" Joshua Benson of the Marches as Exemplar of Vigilance who, before the time of the Empire, showed Benevolence for the people of Marches and Dawn, Inspired the founding of a Monastery, did a Pilgrimage in participating in the rebel March, left a Legacy of a tower and shield and Saved Marcher and Dawnish souls. James Appleseeder Upheld 113 - 0
5E General Escalation of Recognition of "Major" Joshua Benson of the Marches to the General Assembly James Appleseeder Upheld 145 - 67
6 General Rewarding of 5 liao from the Virtue Fund to Solas the High Exorcist so that he can actually something useful with it instead of it sitting there, untouchable, gathering dust. Wyn of Exile's End Upheld 538 - 24
7 General Rewarding to further the Pride of the Empire, 10 Thrones is requested for the prize purse for the "Pride of Holberg" public art competition to be awarded to Holberg's Painter, the one who instituted this competition, Leonora Albertina van Holberg. This competition is to create a public work of art in Anvil to inspire Pride in Imperial Citizens. Tabor the Fool Upheld 322 - 105
8 General Rewarding 2 thrones to reward the winners of the "Beacon of Pride" Award. In order to help the growth of pride across the Empire. Sokollu Upheld 342 - 98
9 Ambition Recognition of Ratibor of Temeschwar as a truly virtuous man and Exemplar of Ambition. Regina Caeli Upheld 72 - 0
9E General Recognition of Ratibor of Temeschwar not yet escalated to General Assembly Regina Caeli Not yet escalated
10 Courage Inquisition of Axhind Dom of Wintermark, for giving the command to cut down General Tyus of Highguard during the Winter Battle of year 378YE. Eleanor De Rondell Upheld 142 - 20
12 The Nine Inquisition of Vahne of Wintermark. To see her virtuous reasons for becoming a candidate for the Throne. To be held in Wintermark on Saturday 5pm. Beodun Snowlock Upheld 56 - 0
14 General Rewarding of 40 thrones to Elka, Cardinal of Pride to create a Synod mission in northern Jarm that will allow us to trade liao for crystal mana. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to convert citizens of Jarm to The Way. Eadread Owinson Upheld 422 - 42
15 General Rewarding Jorma Steelhail of the Saker 8 Thrones to spread the prosperous Auras known as "The Miracle in Hahnmark" to Skarsind. The 8 Thrones are required for the auras to be spread. Spike Upheld 413 - 88
16 General Veto of the Senate motion to Allocate the Vigilant Swan Bourse position to the Imperial Orc nation. Shadorak Upheld 743 - 136 Greater Majority achieved.
18 General Rewarding of 5 Thrones for Ferrero of the League for his Loyalty to the Way (and in particular to the Gatekeeper of Courage in her work). At his own personal cost his actions have meant that an object of dubious virtue is no longer a danger to the population of the Empire. Agnieszkav Upheld 322 - 164
19 Prosperity Appointment of the Cardinal following the heroic death of Peter Keeper. The Civil Service Edythe Dunne of Wintermark was appointed
20 General Rewarding of 5 Thrones to Levitia of Endsmeet Spire of Urizen 5 Thrones for her Courage and Loyalty during a retreat from the field of battle 2 seasons ago. She stayed behind to heal a number of Imperial citizens, including two Highborn, and was captured and tortured by the Druj in view of the Sentinel Gate. She did not break and bears her scars with pride. Asher of Felix's Watch Upheld 440 - 42
21 Brass Coast Revocation of General Manny i Sayap i Guerra of the Fire of the South due to the forsaking of duties. Cristoff i Erigio i Ezmara Upheld 36 - 0
23 General Rewarding the Orc Nation with the balance of the Virtue Fund as 2pm Monday for their countless acts of Virtue when fighting for and supporting the Empire as recognition of all they do for the Empire. Bloodcrow Ergot will hold this for them as a Bonesetter. Irada Von Temeschwar Upheld 441 - 188
24 Imperial Orc Revocation of Irontide Bruk, the Advisor on Orc Affairs. Chaplain Atla Upheld 20 - 0
25 Imperial Orc Revocation of Irontide Braka, General of the Summer Storm, for gross disloyalty to the Empire. Committed by the unnecessary withdrawal of the orc armies. Stormcrow Thraka Upheld 20 - 0
26 General Rewarding of 5 Thrones to Lady Eleanor de Rondell, the Inquisitor of Courage, for Courage Inquisitorial matters. Isaac Carlino di Sarvos Upheld 164 - 119
29 General Inquisition of the Imperial Orc Assembly for their lack of Wisdom in revoking Irontide Bruk from his position as Advisor on Orc Affairs and Irontide Braka as General of the Summer Storm, as they were revoked for actions they had not taken, and lack of Vigilance for failure to confirm these actions. A lack of Courage for not confronting those they revoked. A lack of Loyalty for not consulting the orc people. A lack of Prosperity for leaving the Summer Storm leaderless. Serrusto Caeli Rezia Not Upheld 199 - 221
30 Ambition Recognition of Thrace as an Exemplar of Ambition. Benevolence - Sacrificed their life for the Rebellion. Legacy - Thrace's Boot Knife is an item of great worth. Inspiration - Imperial Orc Nation. Salvation - Responsible for the ending of slavery. Hector de Rondell Upheld 80 - 0
30E General Escalation of Recognition of Thrace to the General Assembly Hector de Rondell Upheld 277 - 68
31 General Rewarding 2 Thrones to Kai of the Citadel of Phoenix's Reach for Loyalty on the battlefield. He stayed close to the person he had been encouraged to guard constantly, but for one occasion: to withdraw and regather a larger force to rescue them and the line that they had fallen with. These actions were despite an Ambition to distinguish himself as a sentinel that led him to wish to place himself in places on the battlefield that are more conductive to recognition. Anna-Valeria Cascade Upheld 266 - 100
38 General Rewarding 5 Thrones to Wilhelmina Fitztalbot of Tykes for her work to retrieve the bodies of the dead after Sunday’s battle at Reikos, ensuring the souls of Marcher fallen in particular are not impeded by their Hearth Magic in entering the Labyrinth. Agnetha De Rondell Upheld 311 - 40
39 The Nine Inquisition of Irontide Bruk as a candidate for the Throne, at twelve noon on Monday at the Civil Service Hub. Silas Upheld 6 - 0
40 Vigilance Inquisition of General Tanwyn Ankarien of the Magisterium of Urizen (at her own request) to prove her virtue in light of accusations made by "The Spider". To be conducted at the next summit. Vitomir Upheld 85 - 0

Statements of Principle

The Imperial Synod made the following Statements of Principle:

Number Assembly Statement of Principle Priest Outcome
11 Ambition The Assembly of Ambition believes the Virtue Fund should be used to fund ambitious projects in addition to rewarding virtuous deeds. Antônio Raul Calogne di Trivento Upheld 54 - 0
13 Wintermark The standard of Woven Rings Banner is an inspiration to Loyalty. It is a sign of our strength together, that the loyalty to each other as a nation is stronger than any curse. Veli Garwaltiosn Upheld 112 - 0
17 Pride The Assembly of Pride recognises the greatest work of magic of Imperial magicians in casting the permanent enchantment "Bound by the Common Cause" and recognises the Pride of all those who contributed crystal mana for this achievement. Nikodemus Upheld 72 - 0
22 Highguard Highguard, as part of the Empire, should give to the Imperial Orcs recognition for their virtuous efforts on behalf of the Empire, and offer them material reward at least as large as the full output of the Vigilant Swan. We should prioritise conquering them a home of their own, as all Imperial Citizens should have. Ephron Upheld 98 - 27
27 Varushka A patriarch or matriarch should be elected by the National Assembly. They will organise and chair meetings of the Varushkan National Assembly. Nikolovich Drakov Upheld 126 - 0
28 Varushka That Chernobog of Varushka, for his courage on the battlefield, his prosperity in sharing with and strengthening his nation, his loyalty for carrying the Mark of the Wolves. For this and acting as an example to others he is to be commended. Vukomir Upheld 136 - 0
32 General An Exemplar is an individual demonstrating exceptional virtue, and fulfilling at least 4 of the 8 signs of the paragon, but without doctrinal status. While it may be the first step to transcendence, the Exemplar is defined above all by their capacity to inspire. Yael of Felix's Watch Upheld 339 - 30
33 Brass Coast No individual or group has the right to sign a contract that is binding to individuals who are not yet born, as this is tantamount to slavery. Soratio Upheld 26 - 0
34 Prosperity The Virtue Assembly of Prosperity, with the consent of the National Assembly of Wintermark, invites Soratio Seseer Del Toro to extend the spontaneous aura of prosperity known as the miracle of Hahnmark to all mines in that region and the adjacent region of Skarsind, using liao generously donated from the supply of Soratio Seseer Del Toro, Pendrad of Bjornholt and Jorma Steelhail of the Saker. Ealstan Upheld 64 - 0
35 Loyalty The recognition of the virtuous acts, behaviour and conduct of Atla, Orc Chaplain of The Way, and her understanding and propagation of Loyalty within the Empire. Lunetta Sanguineo Upheld 131 - 10
36 General The Gatekeepers Council feel very strongly that Imperial Orc Citizens should be recognised for their virtuous conduct and actions. As they are unable to experience a past-life vision through the allocation of a dose of Imperial Liao, we feel that they should be recognised for their Virtue by the appropriate assemblies. Oberon Caeli Rezia di Tassato Upheld 418 - 78
37 The Nine The Assembly of Nine supports the creation of an embassy of the Sumaah Republic. Elka Nadyanova Gremani Upheld 7 - 0
41 Prosperity That the Imperial Crown, in the absence of an Empress to wear it, should remain available to be seen and used by the citizens of the Empire to Inspire them to greater Virtue and for use in service to the Empire. We reject the Conclave's interdiction that the Imperial Crown be placed in the Conclave Vaults, as this would remove its availability to citizens, and magic going unused is unprosperous. Edythe Dunne Upheld 60 - 24
42 General Rewards from the Virtue Fund should be made with a public announcement or presentation ceremony. Palladius Upheld 264 - 48
43 Varushka To recognise the outstanding loyalty shown by the Winterfolk to the Orcish nation by their benevolent offer of Skarsind as a home nation for the Orcs. Rooslan Stanvich Prochnost Upheld 116 - 0

The Imperial Synod upheld all Statements of Principle raised at the Spring Equinox, 379 YE.

Synod Funds

The following represents the Virtue Fund of the Synod:

Starting Value 119 Thrones / 0 Crowns / 2 Rings / 5 liao
Income 30 Thrones The price paid in the Bourse Auction for the dose of True Liao
10 Thrones Donation by Nebuchadnezzar
Rewards 20 Thrones Rewarding made to Achilles of Urizen.
5 Liao Rewarding made to Solas of the Spire of the Waxing Sun
10 Thrones Rewarding made to Leonora Albertina van Holberg.
2 Thrones Rewarding made for the "Beacon of Pride" award.
40 Thrones Rewarding made to Elka, Cardinal of Pride to create a Synod mission in northern Jarm.
8 Thrones Rewarding made to Jorma Steelhail of the Saker.
5 Thrones Rewarding made to Ferrero of the League.
5 Thrones Rewarding made to Levitia of Endsmeet Spire
5 Thrones Rewarding made to Lady Eleanor de Rondell.
2 Thrones Rewarding made to Kai of the Citadel of Pheonix's Reach.
5 Thrones Rewarding made to Wilhelmina Fitztalbot of Tykes
5 Thrones Rewarding made to Imperial Chaplain Consular Hywel Summercrow
52 Thrones, 2 Rings Rewarding made to the Imperial Orc Nation.
Closing Value 0 Thrones / 0 Crowns/ 0 Rings / 0 liao / 0 drake's eggs


The following individuals received visions of their past lives:

  • Clarice Novarion
  • Sveta Stoneheart
  • Mari Linkforge
  • Baba Ana
  • Leonora Von Holberg