The Imperial Titles of the Synod

At the end of the Summer Solstice, 381YE, the Imperial Titles in the Synod were held by:

Virtue Cardinal Gatekeeper / Conscience Virtue Inquisitor
Ambition Severin Teyhard von Holberg of the League Viviane de Coeurdefer of Dawn Ranae de Rondell of Dawn
Courage Jorma Steelhail of Wintermark Nina of Cantiarch's Hold Lucifer, Son of Cyrus of Highguard
Loyalty Caleb of Reumah's Redoubt, Highguard Tess of the Marches Corwin Leafstalker of Navarr
Pride Azekah of Highguard Astrid Fjellrevening Rezia di Tassato of The League Rane Jorunsdottir of Wintermark
Prosperity Ricardo Almieda Desmondo di Tassatto of the League Morgan Leafstalker of Navarr Vauraus Korppitkotka of Wintermark
Vigilance Irada von Temeschwar of the League Aarne Ceorling of Wintermark Adamah of Highguard
Wisdom Agnetha De Rondell of Dawn Amris of Varushka Sariel of Highguard
The Way Atla of the Imperial Orcs Ingrid Sigeing of Wintermark Yarrick Ursan of Wintermark

Other Synod-Appointed Titles

Title Held By Appointed By Renews
High Exorcist Solas of the Spire of the Waxing Sun, Urizen Assembly of Nine Winter Solstice
Auditor of Senatorial Accountability Zeno, Stallion's Sibling of Urizen Assembly of Nine TBC (likely Spring Equinox)
Imperial Inquisitor Martin Orchard of the Marches Assembly of Nine Summer Solstice
Custodian of the Imperial War Memorial Vacant Unknown Sinecure; until death, revocation or abdication
Imperial Chaplain Consular Bloodcrow Ergot of the Imperial Orcs Cardinal of The Way Spring Equinox
Seer of the Gateway Livia Cascade of Urizen Assembly of Nine Until death, revocation or abdication
High Bard of the Empire Kaywenn du Launcet of Dawn Assembly of Nine Spring Equinox
Voice of Barbs Corey Brackensong of Navarr Navarr National Assembly Winter Solstice
Curator of the Printer's Guild Museum Taddea Ginori of the League Cardinal of Prosperity Sinecure; until death, revocation or abdication. When a new Cardinal of Prosperity is appointed they may choose to name a replacement.
Curator of the White City Museum Apollos of Highguard Highguard National Assembly Sinecure; until death, revocation or abdication.
Watcher of Britta's Pool Eldeen Wulfssdottir of Wintermark Wintermark National Assembly Sinecure; until death, revocation or abdication.
Dean of Laroc Cathedral Odelina de Rondell of Dawn Dawn National Assembly Sinecure; until death, revocation or abdication.
Crow Keeper of the Rest Nils Bardstrom of Wintermark Wintermark National Assembly Sinecure; until death, revocation or abdication.
Guardian of Giselle's Tomb Casimir Marcellino di Sarvos of the League League National Assembly Sinecure; until death, revocation or abdication.


At the Summit, the following appointments were made by the Virtue Assemblies of the Synod:

Appointment of the Cardinal of Courage

Candidate Votes Received Outcome
Jorma Steelhail of Wintermark 162 votes Appointed as Cardinal
Nina of Cantiarch's Hold, Highguard 34 votes
Levitia of Urizen 22 votes
Rhishart of Urizen 8 votes
Eyzs of Varushka 0 votes
Cardinal Jorma appointed Nina of Cantiarch's Hold, Highguard as Gatekeeper - -
Cardinal Jorma retained Lucifer of Highguard as Virtue Inquisitor - -

Appointment of the Cardinal of Wisdom

Candidate Votes Received Outcome
Agnetha De Rondell of Dawn 154 votes Appointed as Cardinal
Sejanus of Urizen 104 votes -
Cardinal Agnetha retained Amris as Gatekeeper - -
The Civil Service is awaiting confirmation of the retention or appointment of the Virtue Inquisitor from Cardinal Agnetha

Appointment of the Imperial Inquisitor

Candidate Votes Received Outcome
Martin Orchard of the Marches 7 votes Appointed as the Imperial Inquisitor
Yarrick Ursan of Wintermark 1 vote -
Ephron of Adina’s Charge from Highguard 0 vote -
Amahel of Navarr 0 votes -

Appointment of the Cardinal of Loyalty

Candidate Votes Received Outcome
Caleb of Reumah's Redoubt, Highguard 62 votes Appointed as Cardinal
Ser Criseyde of Dawn 60 votes
Tamain of House Sepulcre of Dawn 44 votes
Uskolli of Wintermark 20 votes
The Civil Service has not yet received confirmation of the retention or appointment of Gatekeeper or Virtue Inquisitor. The incumbents retain the title until this point.

Synod Judgements

At the Summit, the following judgements were made by the Assemblies of the Synod:

Statement of Principle

Number Assembly Judgement Raised By Outcome
1 Courage Appointment of the Cardinal. Civil Service Jorma was appointed
2 Wisdom Appointment of the Cardinal. The Civil Service Agnetha De Rondell was reappointed
3 Nine Appointment of the Imperial Inquisitor The Civil Service Martin Orchard was appointed
4 Loyalty Appointment of the Cardinal. The Civil Service Caleb was appointed.
5 General Veto. To Veto the Senate proposal to abrogate the High Exorcist Stipend of 7 thrones per season from the Imperial Budget and grant them the power to withdraw 7 Thrones from the Virtue Fund without the Synod being at to vote or veto. Zastyt, the feeder Not upheld 180 - 286
7 General Rewarding. 5 Thrones to Livia Cascade for purchasing liao and other accoutrements for the tasks of the Seer of the Gateway.
As a power of the Seer of the Gateway this Judgement passes without a vote.
Livia Cascade Upheld automatically
8 General Rewarding. To provide 30 Thrones to Erasmo di Tassato to distribute to those Grandmasters who have of late offered aid to priests of the Synod regarding religious matters. Erasmo di Tassato Upheld 438 - 180
9 General Condemnation for heresy. In the persistent preaching of the rejected doctrine of The Beyond as Truth, Yael of Highguard has performed continuing acts of heresy. We, the general assembly of the Imperial Synod thereby condemn Yael of Highguard on charge of heresy; on account of active teaching and promotion of false doctrine. Aarne Ceorling Upheld 1286 - 404
Greater Majority
Imperatrix Lisabetta invoked the Throne's Power of Custodian of Virtue, making this judgement require a Greater Majority to pass.
Cardinal Irada invoked her power to extend scrutiny.
Yael plead guilty to the charge of heresy and was executed.
10 General Recognition of an Exemplar. Escalation of Judgement 26 from Spring 381 YE.
I propose that Anabela di Regario be recognised as Exemplar of Ambition for the following signs:
Benevolence: Ending petty disputes between princes rather than settling scores.
Salvation: Converting rival princes from vengeance in favour of ambitious competition.
Inspiration: Lasting mark on League national character and an example of virtuous statecraft.
Legacy: She is the founder of Tassato and left a legacy of aspiration and competition.
Dietrich Upheld 686 - 204
11 Prosperity Inquisition. I call Abel of Reikos Reborn, Bursar of the Conclave, to inquisition at 1pm on Saturday (Summer Solstice 381YE) at Lumi’s Tea House in Wintermark to investigate his actions on behalf of the Conclave with a view to commending his actions as Prosperous. Vauraus Korppitkotka Upheld 88 - 0
13 Courage Sanction: Vindication. Escalation of Judgement 69 from Spring 381 YE.
Madyn Bitterbark has suffered trial by inquisition and not found wanting. She acted and was not shamed by inaction.
Lucifer Upheld 88 - 0
16 General Rewarding. Seek contribution of 30 thrones towards the building of the fortification in Reikos on the border with the Druj. The construction should be finished as soon as possible in view of the impending war with the enemy. Lev Unbound Upheld 700 - 346
17 General Rewarding. Dunharth Hall has been destroyed in the sinkhole in Hanhnmark. The family were vigilant in saving lives but lost possessions and resources when the hall fell. We are asking 30 thrones to purchase white granite and other materials to build a market town in Hahnmark. This would help us rebuild, be stronger and more Prosperous as a family and in turn would enable us to then support the nation and the Empire. We have the Ambition to complete this and Pride in our family and nation. Without strong foundations we cannot rebuild. Edythe Dunne Not upheld 394 - 502
18 Pride Inquisition. We call Franco i Erigo to inquisition to better understand their account last season regarding trade with Asaveans. This will be held 6pm (Saturday, Summer Solstice 381 YE), Sherard Hunters Hall, Wintermark. Rane Jorunsdottir Upheld 124 - 0
24 Wintermark Inquisition. Inquisition of Snori and Halfries of Rundhal Kalavasa at the Hub at 2pm Saturday at the Autumn Equinox 381 YE. They were given penance by Arania and Baldwin of Sussivar to create art in glory of Emperor Guntherm. They have not returned to report progress as agreed. This was given for their actions interfering with Guntherm's tomb while addled by their naga nature and the influence of the Night realm. Baldwin Upheld 142 - 0
28 Dawn Mandate. The National Assembly sends Odelina de Rondell with 25 doses of liao to repudiate the false teachings of Yael of Highguard. Those who have been deceived by her claim to be the First Empress Reborn and the hope of the Land Without Tears should renounce this false doctrine and return to their homes. Odelina de Rondell Upheld 116 - 70
32 Marcher Mandate. Land matters above all else. Marcher armies should always stand their ground to defend what is theirs. We send Mel of Mourn with 25 doses of liao to spread the word that no Marcher army should ever give ground. Mel of Mourn Upheld 62 - 0
33 General Rewarding. We the General Assembly wish to reward the Mournwolders for their actions of Loyalty towards their neighbours in the face of the extreme adversity inflicted upon them by the use of the ritual magics (The Hardest Choice & Rivers Run Red). We ask the Virtue Fund for 40 thrones to be given to Bedwin of Hay, to distribute the funds to the citizens of Mournwold. Jonah Yakovitch Upheld 504 - 136
36 Wintermark Mandate. No true hero of the Mark should stand with the Iron Helms - those who use their dogs for war have become dogs themselves. The assembly sends Gunnbrand Ironwill with 50 liao to urge every hero of Wintermark to show the heroism that a true hero of the Empire should aspire to. Gunnbrand Ironwill Upheld 108 - 68
38 Prosperity Sanction: Vindication. Escalation of Judgement 11.
Following the inquisition of Abel, Bursar of the Conclave, we recognise that Abel has been acting Prosperously for the Empire through ensuring that the mana ministries of the Conclave are utilised. This behaviour is to be encouraged and supported.
Vauraus Korppitkotka Upheld 56 - 0
41 Navarr Mandate. Mercy is a luxury that the Empire cannot afford when faced with enemies that seek to destroy it; we must not cast aside any weapon that may bring victory. The Navarr assembly sends Corey Wayfarer with 75 doses of liao to urge the Quiet Step to build on the opportunity presented by Arhallogen and find new and effective tactics for dealing with our enemies. Corey Wayfarer Upheld 138 - 0
45 General Change of Doctrine. In light of the rejection of the Land Without Tears, we propose a new doctrine.
The Doctrine of the Void: There is nothing beyond the Labyrinth.
Isaac di Sarvos Not upheld 30 - 1092
46 Varushka Mandate. The Iron Helms only do what is necessary to defeat their enemies quickly. We do not have the luxury of mercy when facing what comes out of the darkness. The assembly sends Amris with 100 doses of liao to urge every inhabitant of Varushka to seize the opportunity to support the Iron Helms and show the enemies of the Empire what real cruelty looks like. Amris Johan Merikovich Upheld 150 - 0
48 Marcher Inquisition of General Jack Flint to determine the Virtue of his actions as general, both on the field and in his orders. Time: As soon as convenient. Martin Orchard Upheld 60 - 0
50 General Rewarding. We award Astrid Rezia 5 thrones for historical research into a true liao vision which revealed information on the subject of the false virtue of purity also called hatred. Astrid Fjellrevening Rezia di Tassato Upheld 590 - 168
52 General Inquisition. The Inquisition of Gralka concerning the raising of a motion implying that orcs can perform the sign of the miracle. To be held at 10pm Friday of the Autumn summit 381 YE at the Highguard Chapel. Ephron of Adina’s Charge Upheld 710 - 202
54 General Inquisition. Using the authority of the Auditor of Senatorial Accountability I, Zeno, Stallion’s Sibling, call to Inquisition Lisabetta, Imperatrix regarding funds disbursed under the application of Hand of the Chancellor since her election.
Provisionally, by mutual agreement, to be held in the tent of the Seven Wandering Stars in Urizen at 1pm on Sunday of the Summer Solstice 381 YE.
As a power of the Auditor of Senatorial Accountability this Judgement passes without a vote.
Zeno, Stallion's Sibling Upheld automatically
59 Brass Coast Mandate. The cruelty of the Iron Helms is unvirtuous - it demeans our Empire to use such tactics and it betrays the ideals of our people to fight alongside those who do so. The assembly sends Constanza i Kalamar i Guerra with 25 liao doses to urge our soldiers to reject the Iron Helms and their cruelty. Constanza i Kalamar i Guerra Upheld 82 - 0
62 General Rewarding. Reward 5 thrones to Lucifer for research into historical Miracles. Lucifer Upheld 686 - 156
64 Nine Inquisition. The Assembly of Nine calls the Constitutional Court to Inquisition: Magistrate Karkovitch, Magistrate Abraham, Magistrate Cooper, Gerard La Salle Auditor of the Imperial Treasury Severin Teyhard von Holberg Upheld 6 - 0
65 General Inquisition. I call Irada Von Temeschwar to Inquisition in the Urizen Camp at 4:30pm on Saturday of the Autumn Equinox 381 YE, to clarify the circumstances surrounding the Whispers Through the Black Gate upon Emperor Nicovar Ankarien. Solas Upheld 786 - 136
66 Pride Inquisition. The Pride Assembly call the Freeborn of the Maw to Inquisition regarding their involvement in a cult dedicated to Siakha. The Inquisition will take place in Anvil at the Autumn Summit 381 YE. Franco i Erigo Upheld 140 - 0
67 General Rewarding. As High Exorcist, I withdraw 7 thrones from the Virtue Fund, pursuant to my duties. This is on the understanding that this reverts to a Senate Stipend as soon as economically feasible.
As a power of the High Exorcist this Judgement passes without a vote.
Solas Upheld automatically.
68 Wintermark Revocation. The Senators of Wintermark have displayed cowardice and a lack of Pride and demonstrated they do not represent the interest of Wintermark’s values by voting in favour of a trade route with the Thule. This route will pass through Crow’s Keep at the site that 500 Wintermark died who opposed the Thule. This is a betrayal of those that died. We revoke the senator of Kallavesa: Olle Markusson. Jorma Steelhail Not upheld 68 - 106
71 Urizen Sanction: Vindication. Subsequent to her Inquisition, we believe Medea Ruth to be a Virtuous citizen. Any who believe otherwise should discuss specific unvirtuous actions with Medea Ruth. Medea Ruth Not upheld 40 - 40
74 Pride Sanction: Vindication. Escalation of Judgement 18.
We find Franco i Erigo to have acted Virtuously. He has followed his Prosperity and Courage in the face of adversity, and represented and pursued the Virtue of his people. Let this be an example to citizens to hold to their Virtue in interactions with heretics and idolators.
Rane Jorunsdottir Upheld 130 - 10
75 Urizen Inquisition. The Disciples of the Tempest Jade Maiden wish a judgement on their Virtue. In order that as many members of the national assembly as possible may witness their statements about their philosophy and in doing so we gain true knowledge rather than hearsay, we summon senior brothers “Marcus” and “Atticus” to inquisition in the Endsmeet Tent on Friday of the Autumn Equinox 381 YE at 8pm. Edmundo Upheld 112 - 0
77 General Inquisition. To call upon Thanmir Hrafnar to answer to the Synod regarding statements made regarding the Synod and foreign policy.
As a power of the Imperial Chaplain Consular this Judgement passes without a vote
Bloodcrow Ergot Upheld automatically
80 Nine Sanction: Vindication. The Assembly of Nine finds that in the matter of the treaty with the Great Forest Orcs, the Constitutional Court has acted with Vigilance to preserve the Prosperity of the citizens of the Empire, and conducted themselves and their duties with Pride and Courage. The assembly renders a judgement of Vindication. Severin Teyhard von Holberg Upheld 7 - 0
82 Pride Inquisition. We call Akstis Eigulys (Gully) to Inquisition at 9pm Friday in the Glory Square in connection to the husk army in Weirwater. This is for the Autumn summit 381 YE. Lady Josephine Novarion Upheld 120 - 0

Statements of Principle

The Imperial Synod made the following Statements of Principle:

Number Assembly Statement of Principle Priest Outcome
12 Navarr Nice is not a Virtue. Wyn Upheld 138 - 0
Greater Majority
14 Highguard Cruelty is a weapon. In this time of trial, it is unwise for the Empire to discard any tool that can be used Virtuously. As long as the Iron Helms act as Virtuous tools of the Empire they shall have the full support of the Highborn Assembly. Able of the Shattered Tower Upheld 386 - 44
Greater Majority
20 Nine The Path of Wisdom is to ask the right question. I am minded to offer Yael the Throne’s portion of True Liao, so that Wisdom may be served. I seek not to undermine the Judgement of Heresy levelled against Yael. No one is above the law and we support the will and judgement of the Synod in pursuit of its constitutional duty; this judgement is to clearly show the will of the Assembly of Nine. There would be conditions to the grant - in the selection of an independent guide priest and the subsequent use of the relevant divinatory rituals. Empress Lisabetta von Holberg Upheld 8 - 0
Greater Majority
21 General People should be judged and supported based on the actions and Virtue of their current incarnation in this life rather than those of the person their spirit has previously incarnated as. Odanava Upheld 972 - 226
22 General Nina of Cantiarch’s Hold and a group of Academy children (and chaperones) will take 25 liao to preach Virtue throughout the Empire, and inspire The Empire to better follow The Way Nina of Cantiarch’s Hold Upheld 1206 - 28
Greater Majority
23 Varushkan That those who seek to hunt the monsters of Varushka, must understand and seek the Wisdom of Varushka. The Venatius Illustros of Dawn and Urizen are fools who lead others to their death and do not deserve the hospitality of Varushka, their leader the Grandmother of Laurel should speak to the national assembly of Varushka about this. Vukomir Maryankovich Zverokaz Upheld 144 - 0
Greater Majority
25 Navarr The Navarr nation wishes it to be known that the Loyalty and sacrifice of the Marchers to their land and the Empire inspires great Pride in us. This stands as an example to all Imperial Citizens. Tyrnan Upheld 108 - 0
Greater Majority
26 General Having been recognised by the Imperial Orc National Assembly, the General Assembly recognises that Skywise Rykana has achieved the sign of miracle for his actions at the steading of return - Winter 380 YE. Gralka Upheld 526 - 260
29 Dawn The glorious troubadours of Dawn support the generals of the Empire in waging war in light of Virtuous Counsel. Specifically, cruel armies are a tool to be used against our enemies. The Dread Princess Orlene Ossienne Upheld 116 - 60
Greater Majority
31 Highguard Highguard believes that the Empire is the best platform for Human Destiny. We believe that all those who study and follow the Way of Virtue have something to contribute towards its understanding. Accordingly we reject the Principle of Foundationalism. Jericho Upheld 320 - 34
34 Wintermark The Wintermark National Assembly believes that after the sinkhole’s catastrophic destruction of Dunhearth Hall, that Dunhearth Hall’s Ambition to build a new market town shows Pride and Prosperity as well as Loyalty to the Wintermark. Nils Bardstrom Upheld 180 - 14
Greater Majority
35 General We support the Symposiarch in the continuing organisation of sessions to discuss matters of immediate concern to the Synod, with a view to holding each session on the Saturday of each summit. Edward Watcher Upheld 856 - 52
37 Highguard We, the unveiled, chose unveiling. Unveiling is the active rejection of the taint of the realms by a lineaged human. Virtue is action, and the unveiling is meaningless unless the lineaged themselves choose to take that action. We are Proud of the choices we have made. Lilian Unbound Upheld 282 - 34
39 Highguard The fortification being built in Reikos is a Virtuous undertaking. Yarona of the Chantry Upheld 190 - 0
40 Wintermark The Battle of Ikka’s Tears has lived in the hearts of the folk who fought and those whose stories ended upon that field of battle. The Wintermark National Assembly believe that a great memorial should be constructed upon the site of the battle so its story shall be forever sung. Osfrid of Lonelychapel Upheld 190 - 0
Greater Majority
42 Highguard We the people of Highguard, believe that any persons who follow Yael solely on the basis that she is believed to be the First Empress reborn, rather than following her on her teachings on faith should return home and seek guidance from a priest outside of Yael’s Congregation to ensure that they are acting for Virtuous reasons. Sela of the Suns of Couros Upheld 284 - 26
43 Courage Hear the words of Yael. I call upon my Dawnish followers in the Congregation of the First Empress who are of martial skill to return to their homeland so they might take up arms against the Army of Husks that plagues Dawn. Yael Upheld 216 - 0
Greater Majority
44 Dawn We think that a coordinated group of exorcists should go to Weirwater to assist the souls in the husks to returning quickly to the Labyrinth. They should be led by a nominated priest with at least 50 liao. Anna Fetch Upheld 160 - 0
Greater Majority
47 Varushkan The people of Varushka are all Vard and all Ushkan. None of us are solely one or the other. Alderai Upheld 130 - 0
Greater Majority
49 Urizen The Military Council should have access to Cruel Armies, Rivers Run Red, Mountain Remembers its Youth and any other tool that it needs in order to be effective. However a campaign is won when an enemy is unwilling or unable to continue fighting. Using these tools in a way that increases our enemies’ resolve such that they bring more resources to bear than the action destroyed is unvigilant and unwise. We expect our Generals to calculate the optimal approach in all circumstances, not to be swayed by emotional arguments and to be held to account when they fail to do so. All tools should be considered and it is the view of the Urizen National Assembly that friendly and civilian casualties bear the same weight whether they are an immediate direct consequence of our action or a long term indirect consequence of our inaction. Tarquinius Upheld 124 - 10
Greater Majority
51 Dawn Although their actions in stealing Bourse resources were criminal, the actions of the Witches of Applefell in defending the people of Weirwater from rampaging husks were Vigilant and resulted in Glory. Ser Thomas Aurelius Upheld 118 - 22
Greater Majority
55 General The Synod recognises Sunhammer Kirrik for organising the Empire-wide Artisan’s Guild as a legacy of Prosperity and her path of Virtue is watched for Signs of the exemplar. Chaplain Atla Upheld 470 - 222
56 Pride The Pride Assembly recognises that Gerallt Brackensong has demonstrated the Sign of Legacy in the form of the nightly songs and stories which he began and has continued in his name following his death. This judgement serves as a precursor to a potential future judgement of Recognition. Brodi Brackensong Upheld 132 - 10
Greater Majority
57 Varushka The Varushkan National Assembly support our allies in Wintermark. The rumours of assault and mutilation on the bodies of Wintermark citizens have been investigated and found to be the work of a common enemy bound to create division between our nations. Varushka stands with Wintermark, proud citizens of the Empire, Loyal allies. Rooslan Stanvich Prochnost Upheld 120 - 10
Greater Majority
58 Wintermark The Wintermark Assembly support our allies in Varushka. The rumours of assault and mutilation on the bodies of Wintermark citizen have been investigated and found to be the work of a common enemy bound to create division between our nations. Wintermark stand with Varushka. Proud citizens of the Empire and Loyal allies. Ylmiska Ferbow Upheld 178 - 0
Greater Majority
60 League We acknowledge the Loyalty and Courage of the people of Sarvos in defending their home. We encourage them to show their Pride and Prosperity by rebuilding their city with vigor. Josephine Von Temeschwar Upheld 174 - 0
Greater Majority
61 Dawn The troubadours of Dawn believe that True Virtue leads to Glory, Legacy and Transcendence. Glory is a product of Virtue, not greater than it. Pursue Virtue above all other goals. Viviane de Coeurdefer Upheld 150 - 10
Greater Majority
63 Dawn The Queen of Dawn holds authority over the Dawnish people. However if the Queen wishes to take part in a senatorial tourney, she may do so in the way of other nobles, by standing behind a candidate and bringing her authority to bear in that way. Tamain Sepulchre Upheld 130 - 30
Greater Majority
69 League The use of cruel tactics by any army is unvirtuous. Cruelty is designed to break the spirit and install fear. The use of the False Virtue of Fear as a weapon is unvirtuous. We urge all Synod members to provide spiritual guidance to the generals of their nations that use said tactics. Cesare Enzo Di Trivento Upheld 100 - 96
70 Ambition Constructing the physical form of a Horse, and introducing a Horse soul to that form, would be an Ambitious act. Medea Ruth, as a Physick with Arete in Ambitious Chirurgery, and a Priest of Ambition, should do this. The statue containing horse souls should be given to Medea Ruth to use for this purpose. Medea Ruth Upheld 76 - 52
72 Nine I ask that the Silent Bell look into the creation of a covert organisation in Redoubt by the Grendel. Irada Von Temeschwar Upheld 6 - 0
Greater Majority
73 League I encourage the people of Sarvos to show hospitality to the freed Jarmish slaves at the College of the Liberated, but to be vigilant to the possibility of Grendel infiltrators. Casimir Marcelino di Sarvos Upheld 162 - 0
Greater Majority
76 General In light of the large loss of life from war, steps have been taken to produce the next generation. It is Virtuous to continue on this path and continue procreating. Gwendolyn Athansdottir Upheld 284 - 256
78 Imperial Orc To state that this motion is to end proxy slavery is virtuous. This motion will make an amendment to the Constitution in the senate section. At the end of the following sentence, “The Senate will assume responsibility for relations with other nations,” insert the following “ensuring that Prosperity is not at freedom’s cost”.
”Prosperity” is in this case is to be defined as Imperial Trade with Foreign nations, and “freedom” is the guarantee to their people not to be subjected to slavery by their nation.
Bloodcrow Ergot Upheld 48 - 0
Greater Majority
79 Nine The Assembly of Nine welcome Axou scholars to visit the Empire and share their spiritual understanding in the following places of learning:
Citadel of Phoenix Reach
The Library of Mourning Hollow
Bronwen’s Rest Wayhouse, Therunin
Any branch of the Anvil Public Library
College of Summer, Miekarova
The Chantry of the Silver Skull, Highguard
Printer’s Guild Museum, Tassato,
The Legion’s Rookery, Gildenheim, Skarsind
Where all religious debate will be welcome in the same manner as the recent Symposium.
Agnetha de Rondell Upheld 7 - 0
Greater Majority
81 Nine The Assembly of Nine approves of the proposed improvements to the transparency and communications of the Constitutional Court. Azekah Upheld 7 - 0
Greater Majority

The Imperial Synod did not make the following Statements of Principle:

Number Assembly Statement of Principle Priest Outcome
6 General Pride, Courage, Loyalty: The Virtuous inspire others to greatness. They neither demean them, nor debase them, nor seek to inspire the cowardice Virtue bids us to despise. The Imperial Synod condemns the use of cruel orders in warfare as an act of vice. Clarice Novarion Not upheld 446 - 932
15 General It is unvirtuous to condemn a priest for their conviction. Courage compels Yael to preach and Courage compels us to other options than condemnation. The penalty for the conviction of heresy is death. As priests of Virtue do we really condemn a priest of conviction to death? We may not agree with her vision, but condemnation is unvirtuous in this example. As priests we must chose Virtue over law. Rhisiart Ankarien Not upheld 210 - 904
19 Dawn The Virtuous seek to inspire Virtue. The Dawnish Assembly holds the use of cruel orders in warfare to be an act of Vice which debases the soul, and urges the citizens of Dawn to condemn such conduct. Lord Marcus Drommond Not upheld 50 - 86
27 Urizen The Urizen National Assembly strongly encourages and supports any effective action to annihilate the Druj presence in Zenith, and reminds that Loyal suffering under the consequences thereof is commendable. The anointing “Price of Vigilance” reminds us that morals are distractions that prevent us from acting. This life is not a test. Virtue is for the Labyrinth. Sophus Cascade Not upheld 40 - 100
30 General We who vote in favour;
Endorse the rebirth of the First Empress’ paragon spirit into the mortal form of Yael.
Believe her vision of a Land Without Tears describes new knowledge of the doctrinal concept of transcendence.
Understand that Pride in beliefs, Courage in hard tasks, Vigilance of errors in past understanding, Wisdom to expand knowledge and our Loyalty to your own precious spirit, lead us here.
Uphold, proclaim and illuminate what we know.
And call those who name us “heretic” cowards and fools if they so think and yet condemn us not.
Ser Criseyde Not upheld 260 - 898
53 General As only human souls are capable of reincarnation and journeying through the Labyrinth. I propose all cardinals of virtue must possess a human soul. Magdalena of the Shattered Tower Not upheld 206 - 886
Imperatrix Lisabetta invoked the Throne's Power of Custodian of Virtue, making this judgement require a Greater Majority to pass.

Judgements to be carried forwards

The Imperial Synod has not raised a Veto for the following summit.

Synod Funds

The following represents the Virtue Fund of the Synod:

Starting Value 50 Thrones / 0 Crowns / 0 Rings
Income 80 Thrones The price paid in the Bourse Auction for the dose of True Liao
10 Thrones Donation from several Faraden families in recognition of judgement 40 from the Winter Solstice 380 YE.
Rewards 5 Thrones Rewarding made to Livia Cascade, Seer of the Gateway.
30 Thrones Rewarding made to the Grandmasters who have aided the Synod.
40 Thrones Rewarding made to Bedwin of Hay to aid the citizens of Mournwold.
30 Thrones Rewarding made for the building of the fortification in Reikos on the border with the Druj.
5 Thrones Rewarding made to fund historical research into a true liao vision regarding the false virtue of purity.
5 Thrones Rewarding made to fund historical research into historical miracles.
7 Thrones Rewarding made to Solas of the Spire of the Waxing Sun, High Exorcist.
Closing Value 18 Thrones / 0 Crowns / 0 Rings


The following individuals received visions of their past lives:

  • Nihm Farkas, Navarr
  • Thanmir Hrafnar, Wintermark
  • Garth of Renwaerd Hall, Wintermark
  • Sagua i Ezmara, Brass Coast

Assembly Strength

At the start of the summit the voting total of the General Assembly was calculated to be 2014

The final voting total of the General Assembly was estimated to be 2418

The Civil Service reminds citizens that determining whether a judgement has achieved a Greater Majority counts from the estimation of the assembly strength when scrutiny on the judgement closes, not the final assembly strength at the end of the summit.

At the end of the Summer Solstice 381 YE the voting strength of the Virtue and national assemblies were estimated to be:

Virtue Assembly Initial Voting Strength Final Voting Strength Final Greater Majority
Ambition 222 222 112
Courage 262 308 155
Loyalty 304 364 183
Pride 190 220 111
Prosperity 298 340 171
Vigilance 198 306 154
Wisdom 238 268 135
The Way 302 380 191
General 2014 2408 1205

National Assembly Initial Voting Strength Final Voting Strength Final Greater Majority
Brass Coast 100 100 51
Dawn 196 226 114
Highguard 506 684 343
Imperial Orcs 50 78 40
Navarr 168 194 98
The League 228 268 135
The Marches 72 102 52
Urizen 210 232 117
Varushka 164 174 88
Wintermark 320 350 176
General 2014 2408 1205