Miracle in Hahnmark

Ville paused to wipe the sweat from his brow, and stretched his back. Instead of the ache of his muscles, they felt almost as though they glowed. A warm sensation filled Ville and it felt good. Somehow, Ville knew without knowing how, that the harder his muscles ached, the better it would feel. Alongside that, it was almost as though he could hear the weltsilver calling to him, inviting him to free it from the grasp of cold, unyielding, stone.

Ville looked to his left and he could see that Needa felt it too. Grinning the pair hefted their picks and struck again and again.

Word is spreading of weltsilver mines in Hahnmark spontaneously generating auras consistent with the Virtue of Prosperity. Miners have reported feeling enervated and enjoyment from mining the reddish glistening ore, which has increased their enthusiasm for the work. Consequently, these miraculous auras have significantly increased the productivity of those mines. As a byproduct of this, there has been an increase in religious zeal in the area, and attendance - and associated influence - of congregations has also increased.

There have been some complaints from businesses across the territory who have found that there has been a migration of labour to mine working, which has left them short-handed an affected output. The shift in labour is credited to a mixture of a belief in the more virtuous nature of the work, and the positive sensations generated.

Events of this nature, whilst uncommon, are certainly not unheard of and attest to the positive benefits of the Virtues in this life, and all others. There is talk that these aura stem from a forgotten Wintermark Paragon of Prosperity, who perhaps displayed signs of benevolence and legacy through the mastery of weltsilver. There are no surviving records of such. Following recent events, this has caused some debate over whether they were Kallavesi, Steinr or Suaq.

Based off similar events in the lifetime of the Empire, the civil service predicts that if no action is taken, then the effect will be a major increase in the productivity of Weltsilver mines[1], and moderate increase in the attendance and influence of congregations in Hahnmark[2], but a moderate downturn in Hahnmark businesses[3]

There have been times in the Empire's history when the citizens have wanted to take action, and examples of this have included:

  • Back in the time of the Emperor Giovanni the Peacemaker, the decision was taken by the Senate that as one group of citizens was blessed, another should not be short changed. A Senate motion disbursed funds to offer a subsidy for recruitment that allowed businesses to compete. The civil service estimates that this would cost 47 Thrones and the effect would be that the mines would only benefit by a moderate amount[4], but that the impact on businesses would be negated, and the effect on congregations would remain. Theoretically, the General assembly of the Synod could also make such a payment using the Synod power of Rewarding.
  • Although the spontaneous auras are confined to the weltsilver mines, in similar situations the Assembly of Prosperity has been able to capitalise on this and - using priestly auras - spread the benefit more widely. A Statement of principle from the Assembly of Prosperity could name a person - capable of raising consecrations - who could coordinate the consecrations of other mines so that the auras demonstrate the value of all mine working. The civil service estimates the named priest would need around 24 liao to spread this benefit sufficiently. The effect would be that the major benefit experienced by weltsilver mines would apply to all types of mine[5].
  • Spiritual events also lend themselves to opportunities for missionary work to spread, and reinforce, the benefits of a Virtuous Life. A disbursement of 8 Thrones from a Senate Motion or Virtue Fund Rewarding could support this work so that the effect can be spread to include a single named territory adjacent to Hahnmark. The territory would need to be named in the Motion or the Judgement of Rewarding.[6]
  • More controversially, during the reign of Empress Varkula, a Cardinal of the Way - an Urizen Illuminate suspected of Lucidianism - called for the exorcism of a spontaneous aura of Ambition as actually being disruptive to the functioning of the Empire. This would require a Statement of Principle from either the Wintermark National Assembly, or a Virtue Assembly, which would name a person who would take responsibility for the exorcism of the auras. The named person would need around 14 liao to ensure the exorcism of the auras ensuring the current effect be nullified.[7] Note: The exorcism of a spontaneously arising virtuous aura is currently classed as the religious crime of Desecration and individuals doing so may be condemned by the Synod if they do not have an legal exemption from the Senate

The above options are the lessons learned across the history of the Empire. The civil service does not expect that this is an exhaustive or absolute list. Costings for Senate Motions, Conclave Gambits or Synod Rewardings can be requested from the civil service at the Hub. Other actions taken by Imperial citizens may also be taken into account.


A judgement of Rewarding was raised by Spike in the General assembly and upheld; Jorma Steelhail was charged with taking the money and spreading word of the miracle in Hahnmark to neighbouring Skarsind. A further judgement was raised in the Prosperity Assembly by Ealstan sending Soratio Seseer Del Toro to spread the virtuous word so that all mines in the effected territories would benefit.


  • [1] +4 resources to Weltsilver mines in affected territory
  • [2] +1 liao and +2 influence to congregations in affected territory
  • [3] -33 Rings to affected businesses
  • [4] Benefit to affected mines falls to +2 resources, but no impact on businesses
  • [5] +4 resources to all types of mines in affected territory; not just weltsilver
  • [6] The effect also covers a territory adjacent to Hahnmark
  • [7] No impact on mines, businesses or congregations