The Imperial civil service support the Throne and all arms of the Imperial government, providing detailed reports for consideration by the Empire's leader every summit. For the most part these reports entail detailed assessments of the latest developments in the Empire, outlining what is known about the situation, what options might exist, and what the implications of those options are. The bulk of these reports are reactionary - the civil servants responding to current events as they are develop between summits.

However, during periods where civil service capacity to produce effective summaries is demonstrably greater than is needed to keep pace with current events, they place this additional capacity at the disposal of the Senate. Doing so allows the Senate to pass a motion of appraisal, instructing the civil service to investigate a specific area to see what opportunities if any exist for the Empire to take action.

Previous Appraisals

AppraisalDateSenate DecisionCivil ServantOutcome
Extending road networksAutumn 385YEPassedGraciana i Lòpez i GuerraRoad out of nowhere
Spider's Dream BridgeAutumn 385YEPassedEilian SweetwaterDreaming in strands
Defence against raidingSummer 385YEPassedNobody requested; Graciana i Lòpez i Guerra assignedRestraint
How the League can support Urizen in SpiralSummer 385YEPassedNaomi of Virtue's RestA question of loyalty
Integration of Barrens septsSummer 385YEFailedNaomi of Virtue's RestNo appraisal commissioned
Naval Supply IISpring 385YEFailedLutomysla NiegoslavaNo appraisal commissioned
Gardens of PallasSpring 385YEPassedDefault to Lutomysla NiegoslavaRestoration and renewal
Improving OssiumSpring 385YEPassedNobody requested; a prognosticator will need to be assignedCulling the threat
Naval SupplySpring 385YEFailedGraciana i Lopez i GuerraNo appraisal commissioned
Black CanalsSpring 385YEFailedNaomi requestedNo appraisal commissioned
KahramanWinter 384YEPassedNaomi requestedTime and time again
Pilgrims of the WayWinter 384YEPassedNaomi requested; Eilian Sweetwater of Storm's Run Striding was assignedBlood will thicken
Restore ZenithAutumn 384YEPassedDefault to NaomiWrite your own ending
Attract foreign pilgrimsAutumn 384YEFailedNaomi RequestedNo appraisal
Architectural University in TemeschwarSummer 384YEPassedGraciana assignedBack in the same place
Incite uprising in SarangraveSpring 384YEPassedGraciana assignedMake it happen
Identify people taken as slaves by the GrendelSpring 384YEFailedNobody specifiedNo appraisal commissioned
Appraise Urizen fortificationsWinter 383YEPassedDefaulted to Mladen EscovitchA place on a map
Appraise Sign of TamarAutumn 383YEPassedGraciana assignedSigns and sigils
Appraise TrodsSummer 383YEPassedGraciana assignedWoven as a weapon
ReclamationSummer 383YEFailedGraciana requestedNo appraisal commissioned
Mournwold Orc IntegrationSpring 383YEPassedDefaulted to NaomiHeart of gold
Trade SanctionsWinter 382YEPassedDefaulted to NaomiThe price of liberty
Disperse FeniWinter 382YEFailedNobody requestedNo appraisal commissioned
Legalize BiteWinter 382YEFailedNobody requestedNo appraisal commissioned