The Imperial Senate governs the Empire, and its authority extends to all areas of Imperial life not already covered by the other houses of government. Each summit the senators meet several times to deliberate and vote on the motions they have raised.

After the summit the civil service enact those motions, and ensure a public record of each is made available to the citizens of the Empire. This page lists all the motions raised during the summit, along with the announcements made by citizens with Imperial titles. In each case, the motion and its effects are summarized including the wording; who proposed and seconded it; whether it passed or not; whether any funds were disbursed to support it; and what the outcome of the motion will be.

Many motions (especially the commissions) also have a Further Details section that provides a link to a wiki page dealing specifically with that motion in more detail, any commentary from the Constitutional Court, progress on commissions, or expanded information about the outcome of the motion.


  • Imperial treasury during this season announced by the civil service at 1990 Thrones.
  • Donation to the Imperial treasury of 28 thrones by Magdalena Teyhard von Holberg
  • Donation to the Imperial treasury of 60 thrones by the Parador masters of Cerevado

Administrative Motions

An administrative motion was raised by the Civil Service in response to events at the Winter Solstice.

Amend the Master of Rings

  • Motion: Amend the Master of Rings, the title associated with the Temeschwar University Department of Architecture, to remove references to it being revoked by the Imperial Synod
  • Raised by: Speaker of the Senate
  • Outcome: Passed

Amend Historical Research

  • Motion: To determine which title will continue to be supported by the Department of Historical Research, if any..
  • Raised by: Speaker of the Senate
  • Special: This motion will be presented at the Saturday evening session of the Senate
  • Note: The Speakers Office has asked that the Minister of Historical Research, Advisor on the Feni, and Advisor on the Vallorn speak with them on Friday evening to discuss how this motion will be presented.
  • Outcome: The Minister of Historical Research was chosen to retain the power of announcing historical research

Senate Motions

Appraise Black Canals

  • Motion: To request Naomi of Virtue's Rest appraise beneficial options by which the Black Canal would be integrated with the Blood Red Roads preferably in Sarcombe and Tassato Proposed: Upwold, Seconded: Mournwold.
  • Failed

Appraise Naval Supply

  • Motion: To send Graciana i Lopez i Guerra to appraise how we can enhance our maritime infrastructure to allow Imperial nations to increase the number of navies they can raise and maintain. Ideally by means that do not technically break the Grendel treaty. Proposed: Sarvos, Seconded: Weirwater.
  • Failed

Appraise Improving Ossium

  • Motion: To appraise an opportunity to remove the under threat quality from Echofell and the Drownbark Forest in Ossium. Proposed: Ossium, Seconded: Temeschwar.
  • Passed
  • Outcome: An appraisal will be published before the Summer Solstice 385YE

Assign Bregasland

  • Motion: To assign the Imperial territory of Bregasland to the Marcher nation. Proposed: Mournwold, Seconded: Upwold.
  • Passed
  • Outcome: The territory of Bregasland is now a territory of the Marches and can appoint a senator.

Support Expansion of Caitun

  • Motion: Motion to support the Faraden expansion of the port of Caitun. This expansion will allow fleets to trade with Caitun and hunt monsters in the Sea of Snow. We shall provide the Faraden with 15 wains of weirwood to support this work at an expense of 45 crowns in transport costs. I will be seeking funds. Proposed: Kallavesa, Seconded: Mitwold.
  • Passed at 70 thrones
  • Further Details: here. This is related to the Butterfly in reverse wind of fortune

Disburse funds for Temeschwar University

  • Motion: Disburse funds to the Senator for Temeschwar for the construction of the Temeschwar University Department of Architecture. No commission is required. Proposed: Temeschwar, Seconded: Therunin.
  • Failed

Disburse funds for military resupply

  • Motion: To disburse funds for military resupply. Proposed: Morrow, Seconded: Zenith.
  • Passed at 500 thrones
  • Outcome: 500 thrones disbursed to Senator for Morrow

Ratify Kaliact Treaty

  • Motion: To ratify the treaty between Salt Lord Kaliact and the Casinea Empire. Proposed: Holberg, Seconded: Redoubt.
  • Passed
  • Further Details: here

Abrogate Urdur Spy Network

  • Motion: To abrogate the motion to create a spy network in the territory of Urdur. Proposed: Segura, Seconded: Karsk.
  • Passed

Declare War on Asavea

Appraise Gardens of Pallas

  • Motion: Motion to appraise the Gardens of Pallas in Zenith being restored to their former splendour or beyond. Proposed: Conscience of the Senate, Seconded: Semmerholm.
  • Passed
  • Further Details: An appraisal will be published before the Summer Solstice 385YE

Appraise Naval Supply II

  • Motion: To send Lutomysla to appraise how we can raise, maintain, and fund additional navies across the Bay of Catazar. Proposed: Miekarova, Seconded: Segura.
  • Failed

Amend Manifesto of Sevenfold Path

  • Motion: Motion to amend the first item of the Sevenfold Path's Manifesto, detailing "This order exists to", to read: Encourage use of magic in understanding, and supporting, human destiny and the destiny of orcs and other peoples. Proposed: Casinea, Seconded: Conscience of the Senate.
  • Passed

Amend Election Season of Ambassador to the Iron Confederacy

  • Motion: Motion to change the appointment of the Ambassador to the Iron Confederacy such that it is appointed in the autumn rather than the winter. Proposed: Semmerholm, Seconded: Sarvos.
  • Passed

Constitutional Court Response
After lengthy consideration, the Constitutional Court advise that it is not actually possible to change the election season of an ambassador (or indeed any other senatorial appointment). This is because all of these titles as appointed by the Imperial Senate serve for a maximum of four seasons from the date of their election. Moving a date doesn't resolve the central problem - because the date will continue to move in the future at any point where a title is elected unexpectedly (which could easily happen if the title holder is revoked, steps down or dies).

However, it is entirely possible for the Imperial Senate to hold an election for less than a year if they wish to do so and if they make that clear in the Senate motion they raise. There are limits are on how long a position can serve for, but the Senate can elect someone for a shorter period than this if they wish to do so.

We have updated the civil service guidance to make this clear. There is no need to submit motions to change the election dates of Imperial titles, the Senate can make this choice at any time when they submit a motion to elect.

Amend Imperial Master of Works

Amend Witness of Conclave

  • Motion: Motion to amend the duties of the Witness of Conclave to include: Identifying those who use magic to the detriment of the Empire and to identify those who treat with eternals to the detriment of fellow Imperial citizens. Proposed: Reikos, Seconded: Bastion.
  • Passed
  • Outcome: The responsibilities of the Witness of Conclave have been adjusted, and additional regalia is available.

Assign the Barrens

  • Motion: To assign the Barrens to Dawn. Proposed: Astolat, Seconded: Tassato.
  • Passed
  • Outcome: The territory of the Barrens is now a territory of Dawn and can appoint a senator.


Ambassador to the Sumaah Republic

  • Motion: Elect the Ambassador to the Sumaah Republic
  • Raised by: Speaker of the Senate
  • Outcome: Accalon of Felix's Watch
  • Special: This motion was initially raised during the final Senate session of the Winter Solstice summit, and was appointed as first order of business during the Spring Equinox

Ambassador to the Commonwealth

  • Motion: Elect the Ambassador to the Commonwealth
  • Raised by: Speaker of the Senate
  • Outcome: Lucia Sanguineo Rezia di Tassato
  • Special: This motion was initially raised during the final Senate session of the Winter Solstice summit, and was appointed as first order of business during the Spring Equinox

The Throne

Ambassador to Otkodov

Imperial Spymaster

Ambassador to Faraden

Commissions (Senate)

Construct Runeforge in Hahnmark

Construct Smokehouse of Atalaq

  • Motion: To commission the Smokehouse of Atalaq, a great work in Atalaq, Sermersuaq, consisting of a vast smokehouse in Atalaq and a network of supporting structures around Sermersuaq, returning prosperity to the farms and hunters of the territory. As well as supporting the recovery in Sermersuaq from Jotun invasion, this allows the imminent fourth Wintermark army to receive training in the ways of the Suaq, further restoring pride to the people of the ice. The people of Sermersuaq request funds from the Empire for this ambitious endeavour. Proposed: Sermersuaq, Seconded: Hahnmark.
  • Passed at 215 thrones
  • Outcome: This is related to the Write the lines wind of fortune
  • Further Details: here.

Construct Lowther's Lift

  • Motion: To commission the folly "Lowther's Lift", within the Singing Caves, near Overton in Mournwold. This folly would enable the extraction of greater quantities of mithril in the form of a ministry. This will cost 10 wains of weirwood and 20 crowns. This is self funded. Proposed: Mitwold, Seconded: Kallavesa.
  • Passed
  • Outcome: This is related to the Wildest dreams wind of fortune
  • Further Details: here.

Construct Palace of Flowers

  • Motion: Construct a folly. Palace of Flowers. Solvihill, Skarsind. 60 wains weirwood, 120 crowns. Folly to be ceded to the Yerende sept. Proposed: Skarsind, Seconded: Morrow.
  • Passed
  • Outcome: This is related to the All too well wind of fortune
  • Further Details: here.

Expand Academy of Arms

  • Motion: Commission to expand the Academy of Arms in Siluri. This would create the title "Prelate of Adelmar's Shrine" granting 10 liao and 20 Synod votes and allowing one basic military unit to be upgraded for free each season. Proposed: Redoubt, Seconded: Madruga.
  • Passed
  • Outcome: This is related to the Build up my body wind of fortune
  • Further Details: here.

Construct House of Healing

  • Motion: To construct 'House of Healing' in Therunin to create the title of 'Hand of the Healing' appointed by Conclave. This house brings access to much needed magical items to keep our heroes fighting our heroes fighting. Help make Therunin the Heart of Healing in the Empire. With all the responsibilities as required by Ossegrahn. Proposed: Therunin, Seconded: Reikos.
  • Passed
  • Outcome: This is an opportunity detailed in the Rain king wind of fortune.
  • Further Details: here.

Rebuild Roads of Kahraman

  • Motion: Commission to rebuild the roads in Kahraman and to build a series of Kamkrag across the territory to allow improved troop movement and defence. This will require 100 white granite, 50 weirwood, and 300 crowns. if the Empire ever cuts trading ties with the Faraden, the Senate will reimburse the Faraden families for the materials they contribute. Proposed: Kahraman, Seconded: Volodmartz.
  • Passed at 200 thrones
  • Outcome: This is related to the Time and time again wind of fortune
  • Further Details: here.

Construct Urdur Spy Network

  • Motion: To create a spy network in the territory of Urdur using the opportunity presented by the sovereign the Charnel Lord. Proposed: Karov, Seconded: Skarsind.
  • Passed Abrogated
  • Outcome: This was in relation to the Daylight fading wind of fortune. This motion was abrogated later in the summit

Construct Garden of Glory

  • Motion: To build the Garden of Glory a liao sinecure in Therunin and the title of Keeper of the Garden. This is taking advantage of an opportunity from Spring 382YE to build at reduced cost of 8 weirwood and 16 crowns labour. This will produce 6 liao and no Synod votes. To be assigned by Navarr National Assembly, revoked by Navarr National Assembly. This is a self funded motion. Proposed: Tassato, Seconded: Astolat.
  • Passed
  • Outcome: Creates a sinecure that only produces liao. This was related to the Long walk home wind of fortune
  • Further Details: here.

Construct Hall of the Seven

  • Motion: Motion to build the Hall of the Seven. This creates the position of Spear of the Seven, a military counter point to the advisor to the vallorn. This position to be elected annually by Navarr senators. This allows Navarr military units to explore Terunael ruins, and gain information about the seven Terunael ruins occupied by the vallorn. Proposed: Miaren, Seconded: Casinea.
  • Withdrawn

Construct Holberg's Melodious Cascade

  • Motion: To commission a sinecure "Holberg's Melodious Cascade" in Holmaeur in Holberg to produce nine mana per season. Sinecure to create the League National position "Custodian of Holberg's Melodious Cascade" to be appointed annually by Senators of the League. Revocable by the Assembly of Nine, the General Assembly and the League National Assembly. Cost 10 wains of mithril and 20 crowns labour, 3 months to construct. Self funded by Bernhard and Lula Kelist von Ennerlund. Inspired by Abigail Ashill, Theodora von Holberg and our shared love of our great city. Proposed: Bastion, Seconded: Holberg.
  • Failed

Improve Orieb

  • Motion: To fully improve the town of Orieb and the stinking market within, establishing the first true vale of the Drownbark Forest. Full self funded by Varushkan prosperity, requiring a single commission, not two. Proposed: Volodmartz, Seconded: Karov.
  • Passed
  • Outcome: This construction will not begin. It was allowed to be proposed as there was a veto sought in the General Assembly for a different commission.

Commissions (Announcements)

Construct Temeschwar Otkodov Mana Exchange

  • Motion: To construct the Temeschwar Otkodov Mana Exchange in Hanuri, Temeschwar at a cost of 10 white granite, 10 mithril, and 40 crowns in labour costs. The ministry will be overseen by the Keeper of the Tome appointed by tally of the votes of business owners of the League. They will serve with tenure and can not be revoked as a position in the bourse.
  • Announced: by Elsha Bertolf, Chair of the Wolf
  • Outcome: Constructs a mana ministry in Temeschwar, as detailed in the Don't blame me wind of fortune.
  • Further Details: here.

Construct Steel Rings of Sarvos

  • Motion: I, Sagua i'Ezmara, Master of the Koboldi, hereby announce that this season's project will be the Steel Rings of Sarvos, utilising the Chain against Chains opportunity to protect Sarvos from naval attack. This will also make them better able to build and protect a navy if the Naval Arsenal is also built. The funds are being gathered by Merchant Prince Shauni di Vergo, Senator of Sarvos
  • Announced: by Sagua i'Ezmara, Master of the Koboldi
  • Outcome: Constructs a fortification in Sarvos, as detailed in the The parents of security wind of fortune.
  • Further Details: here.

Construct Kragg's Hollow

  • Motion: To construct Kragg's Hollow, a mana sinecure in Skarsind costing 10 wains. Funded with the prosperity of Ashborn Kragg, with thanks to the Imperial Spymaster. Will create the Imperial title Scholar of Kragg's Hollow, to be elected through Conclave.
  • Announced: by Aleksandr Zoravich Novosad, Arcane Architect
  • Further Details: here

Construct Anvil Library Scriptorium

  • Motion: The Anvil Library Scriptorium is a self funded sinecure (12 wains of white granite and three thrones in labour using standard costings). The sinecure will provide liao and votes in the Imperial Synod. The sinecure of the Scriptorium and the sodality of the Anvil Library will be governed by the Armarius of the Anvil Library, an imperial title appointed by judgement of the Wisdom Assembly, and revoked by the Wisdom Assembly. The Armarius has tenure serving until they die, resign or are revoked. The sinecure will be built in Rodez, Foracci, Sarvos
  • Announced: by Claus Friedrich von Holberg, Bearer of the Second Imperial Wayleave
  • Further Details: here

Construct Hall of the Seven II

  • Motion: To construct the Hall of the Seven in Miaren. This creates the position of Spear of the Seven, a military counterpart to the Advisor on the Vallorn. Elected annually by Navarr senators, for revocation by National or Imperial Synod.
  • Announced: by Bertrand, Bearer of the First Imperial Wayleave
  • Outcome: Constructs a ministry in Miaren, as detailed in the The bones of what you believe wind of fortune
  • Further Details: here.

Construct Hall of the Hunters

  • Motion: Construct sinecure. Hall of the Hunters. Sermersuaq, Suaq Wastes, Lake Atkonaroq. 12 white granite, 3 thrones, 3 months. Creates title "Banner-bearer of Atkonaroq"
  • Announced: by Groza, Legion Engineer
  • Outcome: Constructs a sinecure in Sermersuaq, as detailed in the Watching my mistakes wind of fortune
  • Further Details: here


Wittal Grove

  • Motion: Healing House of Wittal Grove will focus on growing cerulean mazzarine for the coming season
  • Announced: by Branwynn Rynne, Grimnir of Wittal Grove
  • Further Details: Though the announcement states that the focus is for the coming season the gardens will continue to grow cerulean mazzarine until the Grimnir of Wittal Grove announces otherwise

Research Jaggah

  • Motion: I, Jared of the Suns of Couros, instruct the Lepidean University to investigate the life and virtue of Jaggah, Thrace's mother. She was instrumental in sending dreams of rebellion to the orc slaves of the Empire preparing them for the fires of Thrace's ambition. She was present in the Isember mines with her son but when he escaped she was no longer with him. Her fate and lesson are unknown and I wish to rectify this.
  • Announced: by Jared, Lepidean Librarian
  • Outcome: The researchers of the Lepidean Library will learn about Jaggah

Research Tower of Solokha

  • Motion: Following up on our connections with the library of Maykop in Axos; to research the origins, purpose and history of the Tower of Solokha and the reasons for its destruction by Emperor Nicovar
  • Announced: by Vaclav Mladenovich Kosti, Minister of Historical Research
  • Outcome: Historical research on the matter will be delivered to the Minister at the Summer Solstice 385YE

Assign Guerdon