ItemPowerMonthsGreen IronOrichalcumTempest JadeWeltsilverAmbergeltBeggar's LyeDragonboneIridescent GloamingTotal
Pilgrim's ShieldAs long as you are dedicated or anointed, you gain an additional rank of endurance.2000000000
Oakheart ShieldYou gain one additional rank of both the fortitude skill and the endurance skill.10005700012
Stormguard BulwarkYou gain one additional rank of the endurance skill and one additional point of personal mana.10730000616
Warcaster's OathYou may spend 2 personal mana (instead of 1 hero point) to use the unstoppable skill as if you know it. You must be able to cast spells to use this power - it will not work if you are wearing armour other than mage armour.17050004016
Burnished RampartYou may repair this shield by expending a hero point and spending at least five seconds of uninterrupted appropriate roleplaying involving handling the item. If the shield is struck with a blow while using this ability, the blow is considered to have struck your arm as usual and you must begin the appropriate roleplaying again. If you are attacked or make an attack while using this ability the attempt fails and you must begin the roleplaying again101400000317
Champion's BastionWhenever you spend a hero point you regain one lost hit immediately afterward.17055000017

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